Make children’s room colorful – great ideas – tips for the walls

Children love bright colors. Not only toys, furniture and clothing can often not be colorful enough. The walls in the children’s room also tolerate strong colors. So that parents are not limited to one color, there is this idea: leave the walls white and simply prepare them with colorful and colorful accents.

Children love it colorful, but parents want to remain flexible. With a few simple tricks, that’s not a problem.

If the taste changes, simply exchange it for other elements. Colorful pennants like in our picture of ideas can be made together with the child, but there are also comparable ones to buy online.

Trendy: trendy owls as wall stickers

Owls are awesome! Especially in the children’s room. The trend animal of recent years has even gone a step further in terms of popularity. The colorful wall stickers owls with their tree are practical and beautiful to look at. The owls and their tree are self-adhesive, which means that they can simply be glued to walls or doors and adapt well to the surface. They do not take up any storage space and stay on the wall for as long as parents and child want. The colors of the stem and leaves are not fixed, they can be made out of many different Colors can be freely chosen and combined.

It’s very simple: cut out colorful circles from paper

For harmony addicts there is this round thing: Colorful dots! The dots look good and, above all, are loose and easy to manufacture. How it works: Get colored paper (depending on the desired thickness either solid cardboard or colored printer paper). Find a container (e.g. cereal bowl) with the desired diameter. Use it to draw a circle on paper. Cutting out. Glue (e.g. with glue dots). Finished. Colorful!

Be careful with the color concept: not too many different colors

Walls and other decoration can of course also be coordinated. Here the colorful sticky flowers on the wall take up the color idea of ​​the decoration. A color concept for the children’s room can consist of several colors that are combined. However, the basis for this is the white wall or the white furniture, otherwise the room would quickly appear too colorful and restless.

If you design a colorful children’s room, you stay in a color family. Exceptions of course allowed.

When you combine several colors together, respect, think highly of That a large part of it comes from a color family. On our idea picture these are: violet, lilac and pink. The yellow accents, which loosen up the overall arrangement, differ.

Curtains with a difference: fabrics and curtains as decoration even without a window

Colorful accents can also appear on the wall in the form of textiles. Curtains do not always have to be placed on the window, but can simply be attached to a desired place in the room as a banner on the wall or ceiling. This takes away the direct benefit of the curtain or the curtain, but who needs that? In this way, fabrics that come in many colors and patterns can be put in a whole new light and for Provide mood at the children’s table.

Brighten up: loosen up colored walls with white accents

Of course, if you want to use paint and a brush, you can. Colorful walls in the children’s room should never be too dominant. If you choose a strong color, you should not design all walls in this color, but limit yourself to one wall.

Bright accents loosen up a colored wall in the children’s room.

Even bright accents like the white clouds can loosen up flat-colored walls in the children’s room. Basically, there is nothing against strong colors on the children’s room wall.


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