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Bottle with money fly

With this money gift idea, all bottle gifts can be upgraded enormously. The money fly, made of 2 banknotes + a suitable packaging, gives a bottle gift an original touch. The DIY gift is suitable for many occasions and is quickly made &# 128521;

Birthday money gifts cards: Star Wars

money Gifts to the birthday are hip! Especially these Star Wars birthday cards to make yourself &# 128521; The templates for Print there is with and without text.

So the money gift cards z. B. also be given away as a cinema invitation or with an individual text &# 128578;

Tinker money bringers – money gift

Pipe cleaners and a little accessories can be used to make cool money-bred males super quickly and easily as a gift.

You can put the money bringers on gifts or attach them to bottle gifts. They can be used flexibly and decorate gifts in a simple manner – they are also sure to conjure up a smile &# 128578;

Tinker money gift boat

A monetary gift idea for a boat trip or for vacation. All types of banknotes can be given away as sails for the boat. The boat can stand alone or be folded up and put in a gift card.

Free travel for the upcoming vacation &# 128521;

Money gift for children

This children’s surprise is bound to bring joy &# 128521; Pack money with surprise eggs in an egg box. You can close the box and wrap it nicely to increase the tension, or wrap the money gift open with transparent gift paper. Either way, the money gift will be a surprise, even for adult children &# 128521;

Money gift for Easter

This money bunny is a great one gift of money For Easter. It is made very quickly and makes a great additional gift in the Easter basket. Thanks to the special adhesive, the bill can be easily removed and there are no adhesive residues left on the bill.

The Easter egg can of course also be consumed as normal &# 128521;

Money gift for Christmas – cone gnome

You can make a sweet one out of a pine cone and some handicraft gift of money For Christmas handcraft.

The Zapf Imp is crafted fairly quickly and this idea is a great Christmas present for the Christmas tree &# 128521;

Pack the money gift in the DIY secret compartment

Who hasn’t always wanted to have a super ingenious secret compartment? And who would not be happy about an unexpected blessing as a gift? Right – everyone! With this DIY Idea you kill 2 birds with one stone. You can pack your money gift in a book &# 128521;

Make money gift cards

These original DIY money gift cards are made very quickly and are suitable for many different occasions!

Whether to birthdays, Christmas, Easter or other solemn circumstances, the wallets will certainly go down well &# 128521;

Tinker money gift crab

This crabs are a great idea as gift of money for a holiday. They fit great in a gift card and are also ideal for other monetary gifts because they are one Embassy can convey as lettering.
Thanks to the template, you can easily make the money gift crabs &# 128521;

Tinker monetary gift

Everyone is happy about toads &# 128578; This money toad as gift of money are quickly made thanks to the template and make a great gift in a greeting card.

They can also be provided with a suitable saying (see tips).

Money gift male

With this handicraft template you can make cool money gift males yourself. The bending of the males is not for small children, but every experienced hobbyist should succeed quite well and quickly.

Tinker monetary gift

Everyone will be happy about a few beeps &# 128521;

Here is a craft idea for money beeping as gift of money. You can put them on a gift or put them folded on a greeting card. Children will be particularly happy with these money beeps &# 128578;

Tinker money gift cubes

With a dice as an encore for a Gift you will give great pleasure! With this DIY guide and a bit of skill you can make a great money gift. The cube can be folded with all banknotes and you can attach it to all kinds of gifts.

Money gifts for children – bees

A really great one Money gift for children – The Bee Maja and the Bee Willi with a package of money as freight. With the clothes peg, the little bees can be attached to greeting cards of all kinds or to gifts in any other way. Thanks to the template you can Money gifts ideas tinker easily. Not only children will be thrilled &# 128521;


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