Making quick money: 75 serious tips that will work in 2019

75 reputable ways to earn more money in 2019

Making money quickly is a wish of many people.

But few jobs offer this shortcut or are reputable.

Here are 75 ways to earn money for your own business or other needs.

    deliver newspapers

Probably the most classic side job, which is mostly done by students and teenagers. Does not bring the big money, but at least.

You can find more extra jobs especially for students in the following video:

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Donations of blood are needed on an ongoing basis and, depending on the provider, paid around 15 – 50 euros per donation.
Earn money with Facebook

Create a Facebook page on a narrow topic and fill it with content. For example, once you’ve built a community, you can post affiliate links that lead to products or services that your followers use.
Start your own blog

With providers like WordPress, you can start and use your own blog in minutes to sell your own products / services or refer to other products.
Change your checking account

Many providers offer a change of account and you can save any fees from your current provider.

The following table will help you to find a better checking account for you:

Sell ​​photos

On platforms like Fotolia or Shutterstock you can post and sell your own photos.
Programming apps

Even if there seems to be an app for everything, maybe you discover a market gap and can earn money through your own app?
House Sitting

The homeowner is on vacation and looking for someone who takes care of home and pet? That’s where you come into play and can live in the house at a reasonable price. At providers like you’ll find lots of house sitting jobs.
Amazon FBA

Fullfillment by Amazon (FBA) has become increasingly popular lately. You send your own products to Amazon and the mail order company takes care of the shipping to the customer and possible returns.

Further information about Amazon FBA offers the following video by Dirk Kreuter:

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You have extensive knowledge about X and want to help other people? Nowadays, an e-book can be written quickly after a short training period and, with the right strategy, can also be sent to the woman or the man.
Affiliate Marketing

In affiliate marketing, you distribute products or services of others and get a commission for every sale.
Conduct online surveys

You can conduct online polls from virtually anywhere, allowing you to earn a small extra income.

Create a profile on Instagram and pick a topic that should match your posts.

For example, you can earn money quickly through cooperations with other companies or via affiliate links.

Learn more about making money on Instagram with the following video:

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On Youtube you can upload videos and recommend their own or third-party products and link in the video description.
Use credit cards

Some credit card providers will write you a little money when using the card.

Which credit card provider is best for you is shown in the following table:

Personal loans granted

Through special platforms, you can lend to other people loans that pay you interest.
Email Marketing

Build up a newsletter list through a blog or similar and sell through your own or third party products / services.
Use the internet

A very general tip, right. But look at how others make money on the internet and not just consume the offers. You can also find some tips in this list.

More tips on how to make money on the Internet, offers again the following video:

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Do you remember the Pokémon Go Hype some time ago? Take these opportunities and create for example videos or e-books on the subject.
to sell products

You already own a website or play with the idea? On this you can sell articles, so-called sponsored posts, and earn money with the blog. Please note that you must mark these articles as advertising.

Twitch is an online streaming service where viewers can watch you play and help you with donations.

Again, a more unusual tip, but there are people who can play and live poker professionally.
Sell ​​unneeded things

Do you have things in your household that you have not used for some time? Why not turn them into money and sell them on eBay, or on the local flea market?
Create T-shirts

Online shops such as allow you to open your own online shop where you can design and sell your own t-shirts and other products.

Further information can be found in the following video:

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For platforms like Textbroker or, you can accept text orders and earn money according to your qualifications.

Of course, you can also become self-employed as a copywriter and generally earn more money than on text platforms.
Use Etsy

On Etsy you can open your own online shop and sell your own creations.

The subject of e-sports has become increasingly popular lately and tournaments are being carried out with prize money.
real estate

No tip for beginners, but with real estate you can make good money in this day and age.

Also a classic job for students – why not??
give tutoring

Especially if you are an expert in a field, you can pass on your knowledge against payment to students but also to students and adults.
Social Media Management

Your strengths are in social media marketing? You can also use your knowledge for other companies and their social media channels and have them paid accordingly
Online Courses

You have a lot of knowledge about a topic and want to create an online course? Do not let it stop you. For example, you can share the course through your website or social media channels.
Translate texts

If one or more foreign languages ​​are really good for you, you can use this knowledge and translate them as texts.
Rent your apartment

Through providers like Airbnb, you can sublet your own apartment on a daily basis and earn money from it.
Create time deposit

Providers such as Weltsparen allow you to invest money abroad and thus benefit from the higher interest rates than in Germany.

The following table offers you a comparison of different deposit offers:

Sell ​​old paper

By selling old newspapers and advertising supplements you can build up a small extra income.
Work as a cashier

Supermarkets are always looking for cashiers and usually offers flexible working hours in the evening and on weekends.
Become Uber / Clevershuttle driver

Through these providers, you can earn some money besides your normal job.
wait on tables

Especially in the summer there are many open jobs in the catering industry, which can be worthwhile especially by the tips of the guests.
Become lifeguard

With the right training you can take care of bathers in the summer or outdoors in indoor swimming pools and intervene in an emergency.
Become an assistant

Go shopping for other people, take care of the laundry or take phone calls – there are many tasks for assistants that can help you in your future professional life.
Sell ​​books

Your bookcase no longer has room or you have already read all the books? Why do not you sell these and earn a little money so fast?
Work overtime

If you are already in a job and get overtime paid: why not do more and pay for the service accordingly?
Question about a salary increase

Depending on your professional field and experience, salary increases are quite possible and increase your salary for the same working time.
Create overnight money

Most banks offer not only checking and business accounts but also money market accounts, where you get interest on your invested money. The advantage is the daily availability of your invested amount.

The following table will help you compare daily allowances:

Advertising on your car

By advertising on your car, you can virtually earn money along the way.
Work as a competitor

Extras are searched in many films and usually booked for several days in a row.
Sell ​​breast milk

An unusual tip, but if you produce too much, you can sell breast milk to appropriate suppliers.
Use cashback

With Cashback you get a little money back with every purchase and can use the saved money for other things.
Become a Mystery Shopper

When shopping for mystery shopping, go shopping in pre-determined stores and evaluate your purchase afterwards.
Work as an au pair

As an au pair you are usually paid as well and you can also get to know a new country and new people.
Make tax return

Often you get a tax refund after filing your tax return, which can be worthwhile, depending on the case.
Transcribe interviews

Transcribing interviews and other audio files makes it easy to make money.
Moderate forums

Internet forums need people to monitor them and remove inappropriate comments or users or intervene in conflicts.
Collect returnable bottles

Certainly not the best job, but especially at concerts or festivals you will find plenty of returnable bottles.
Become youth coach

After an appropriate course, you can, for example, as a football coach for youth teams, but also in many other sports incidentally earn money.

In our detail article you will find all the information if you want to become youth coach.
stock trading

You can also earn money through shares. But beware: Not suitable for beginners, please read before comprehensively on the subject.

The following table shows you the best deposit providers for stock trading:

Test websites

The testing of websites by real users is very valuable for many operators and is therefore often used.
Build PCs together

You know yourself well with technology? Use your knowledge and build individual PCs from items that you can order normally on the Internet.
Work as a relocation helper

Especially with small moves often one to two helping hands are sought, which help with the move.
Dogs sitten

Even dog owners have to work during the day – so why not mate the dog and go play and go with him?
Work as a cleaning aid

Suppliers like Book a Tiger offer cleaning aids. If you’re lucky, you’ll also get a small tip from your customers.
Use classifieds portals or the bulletin board

There you often find many jobs that can be started at short notice.
promotion Jobs

You make passers-by aware of special promotions and attract new customers to the company.
Model Jobs

Often also “normal” people are sought, which do not correspond to the usual model dimensions.
Medical studies

People are regularly being searched for new medicines or treatment methods.
assemble furniture

Not everyone is as skilled as you or does not have the time to build your own furniture or drill a hole in the wall.
Use local events

Often there are many jobs that you could occupy at a city festival or the Christmas market.
Work in customer service

You help customers with questions and problems by e-mail or phone.
Deliver food

The options here range from classic pizza delivery, delivering food for the elderly or as a bicycle courier at Foodora or Deliveroo.
Jobs at trade fairs

Many jobs are offered at trade fairs: security, stand personnel, entry personnel, restaurant staff – just to name a few.
Edit texts

Check finished texts for spelling and grammatical errors and prepare them for publication.
Virtual assistant

Help your clients with recurring tasks such as bookkeeping or other tasks that they want to do.

Especially with large plots, every helping hand will be welcome.
Live healthy

Some health insurances give bonuses for a particularly healthy way of life
Bonus Tip

Be creative! Look around your area where and how you can make money or ask friends and acquaintances if they have any tips for you.

Bonus 2: 10.000 Euro per month: These are the best jobs without study

The following Galileo report shows you the best jobs where you can earn up to $ 10,000 a month:

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Making money fast is not always easy or serious.

The above tips are not complete either – have a look around in your personal environment, maybe you can think of even more possibilities.

Please note that you have to pay tax on your income and at least register a trade license with your local trade office.

Here are more tips to help you make more money online.

If you have any questions or comments, you can use the comments box at the end of the article.

These books help you make more money:

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