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Thank you Mama! prejudices & Stereotypes – advertising

Imagine that there are no prejudices. Any girl or boy could do what they want without respecting society. Without having to worry about what other children say about their wishes and hobbies. How great would it be if a child, irrespective of their background, could fulfill their dream?

Imagine, the world sees what a mother sees – love without prejudice. This is the new Procter campaign & Gamble, who made a film that goes to the heart on the occasion of the Winter Olympics.

The article was written in cooperation with P&G.

Umräumaktionen, friends and everyday chaos

What helps with everyday stress? Go out! Therefore, we visited Saturday friends and went on Sunday with grandma and grandpa after all briefly on the playground. It is very busy at the moment and we are partly busy communicating to Gordon: Family Conference.

Review: Gordon Family Conference

Something has to change, I often thought on days when I mocked my kids apparently groundless, where they could do me wrong because I was incredibly annoyed by trifles. No more complaining is my high goal in raising children or the relationship with my children. My friend recommended not only the parenting guide The most desired child of all times drives me crazy, but also a family conference by Thomas Gordon (Werbelink).

Together we realize family conference after Thomas Gorden. A report for good communication with children.

Nursery: Small toy and the baby

With two bigger siblings the danger lurks in the nursery. What sounds nasty, is actually like this: we are constantly picking up small parts like Lego, small pieces of paper, Playmobil and building materials from the floor of the nursery or asking the boys to clean up quickly. More children in the house also mean more danger of swallowing small parts.

Picnic in the living room & Time for hobbies – weekend

The weekend was quiet, because we are not really fit. We are sick and tired, although we sleep a long time. Nevertheless, sports and hobbies are on the program. Hobbies! Finally time for it! And to craft invitation cards. Guess where we were. ;)

There is no tooth fairy here!

I can not remember that I got something because I lost a tooth. The tooth fairy did not exist in our home. Maybe because I was born in the GDR? The tooth fairy is known more in American and English narratives. When my son had a wobble tooth, I drew that tooth metaphorically: the tooth fairy does not exist with us!

About me

I’m Sarah, 32, from Berlin, my Mamablog Mamaskind since 2010. I do SEO for a baby online store. I have three kids (2010, 2014, 2017) and like consoles- & Computer games, books, minimalism & pencils.

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