Manduca sling �� the right baby sling for you and your baby

Manduca sling

Choose a sling sling and take a closer look at the manduca sling. If you want to be close to your baby but still want to stay flexible, then this is the product for you. In the first months after birth, being close to the father and mother is especially important. Realize yourself that this ancient tradition of wearing has many benefits and let yourself be inspired. The modern interpretation of the manduca sling sling will convince you promptly.

Have you seen how much style the baby sling by manduca has? Combine practicality with good looks, always keeping your baby close to the heart. This is easily possible with the manduca sling. You are also welcome to order a manduca stretcher online if you have found a desired model. The material is very supple, so that your baby feels well all around. Jersey is especially light and you can choose your favorite color from different colors. The manduca sling is 100% organic cotton. The knit fabric is elastically woven. So your baby enjoys the highest wearing comfort at all. The sling is made especially breathable, so you have guaranteed your absolute favorite companion on the go with your baby found. With the manduca sling you are well advised.

Suitable for newborns

Take a closer look at the manduca neonatal baby sling. You will realize that there is a very special contrasting seam. From a support school something is always recommended. This makes binding easier and makes it easier to see if the sling is tied correctly. So you can always use the manduca sling optimally. Because the label is right in the middle, it’s also a good way to control that everything is in place.

High quality and comfortable material

Recommended by doctors and midwives

Doctors and midwives always recommend the M-Position® for infants. By this one understands the so-called squat-spreading attitude. You can implement these perfectly with the sling of manduca. Now you know why the manduca sling is a great choice for your baby. If necessary, you can download the instructions for the baby sling by manduca. So you are guaranteed to make no mistake while tying and can make everyday life much easier.

Flexible and uncomplicated

The weight of this manduca sling is about 540 g. Properly bound you relieve both your back and your two arms. The weight is well distributed and your baby feels good because it is close to your heart. The manduca sling is recommended by many support schools, of which you can convince yourself. Did you see that the manduca stretcher is even made extra wide? You have by the 60 cm width a lot of scope to use the fabric as a neck support. This also ensures a good M position.

Already from the first day use

Easy cleaning

If necessary, you can also wash the manduca sling, after that it still looks like new. Likewise, the sling can be dried in a dryer. You quickly realize that the baby sling feels like a second skin and that your baby can sleep soundly with you. That makes you and your child happy. Incidentally, easily handle your household or other activities.

Correct binding is required

The most important thing to remember is to tie the sling correctly. Therefore, you should heed a good support instructions. Not only in winter, but also in the hot summer, it is recommended to use the manduca Sling sling. Because the manduca sling does not have to be tied again and again, if the child is taken out in between, that’s also a huge advantage for you. The knot can be opened at any time to re-tighten the cloth. The manduca sling is especially light at only 540 g and offers maximum comfort.

The optimal carrying possibility

You are looking for a carrying possibility for your child, which also fits into the diaper bag? Then you will definitely have found your favorite with this sling. Thanks to the binding technique, the baby always remains secure and firm in the spreading posture. You can tie the towel first before using the baby. So you easily know how to do it right.

The child calms down automatically

There are children who just do not want to lie in the stroller. In order for the babies to come to rest anyway, a sling is the ideal choice. Make the comparison yourself to see how calm the baby is in the manduca sling. Especially if it is a crying baby, you will have the best experience with it. Sometimes you may feel that the fabric gives way too much. In this case, it is easy to follow and tie the knot again at any time.

    Optimal feel-good factor for the baby Better sleeping habits Easier to cope with everyday tasks Simple binding First bind, then use the baby Beautiful color selection Cheap alternative


Convince yourself of the excellent workmanship of the manduca sling and order the manduca sling online today. You will experience how comfortable this elastic fabric feels and your baby will love it too. Although the baby sling is very simple woven and relatively unobtrusive, it looks very nice and the material is well made. Shipping is fast and direct to the front door. The handling is very simple and uncomplicated. In the beginning, it could take some getting used to, that the manduca stretcher gives way to something elastic. However, it provides enough support for a correct position.

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