Many easter stories and fairy tales

Easter stories and fairy tales – Many links

  • Uromas Easter cake recipe – When Uroma no longer found the precious sheet with the cake recipe, the old writing and the great drawings
  • The rabbit pips and the rainbow – When Bunny Pips knocked over the bucket with the Easter egg color
  • The old oak, the goddess Ostara and Easter – Of ancient trees and a spring goddess
  • The chocolate bunny – Little Easter bunny poem
  • Easter according to plan B – Easter in our big family
  • Easter gift for you – Tiny little Easter poem for children
  • Egg egg egg – Easter eggs. Everywhere and colorful: Easter eggs!
  • Easter stories – Books, links to Easter stories and a tiny Easter poem
  • In the chicken yard at Easter time – The Easter bunny needs a lot of eggs. It gets stressful in the chicken yard
  • Easter Books
  • A party every day – There is something to celebrate every day
  • Does Easter water really make you beautiful? – About Easter, siblings and an old Easter custom
  • Easter eggs for Tino? – Dogs also love Easter eggs
  • Easter puzzle guesswork – Easter puzzles for children
  • The Easter egg on the windowsill – Grandma Weber’s day begins with one redden egg
  • The headstrong hare – The rabbit who always thought and acted differently from the other rabbits
  • Spring fun in the chicken yard – When the Easter bunny made a visit to the chicken yard
  • In the chicken yard at Easter time – The Easter bunny needs a lot of eggs. It gets stressful in the chicken yard
  • Jules Easter Flower Dream – When Jule dreamed of the blossom children on Easter night
  • The easteregg – There is a lot going on on the spring meadow on this Easter day
  • A great Easter surprise – The search for real Easter lambs in their pasture
  • Easter lambs are cute – The great aunt baked Easter lambs. Sweet.
  • Easter puzzle time – Tiny puzzles for kids
  • Jule paints the Easter bunny – Jule only paints what she can see and she has never seen the Easter Bunny
  • Easter quark – A real pasha can be different, for example at Easter. delicious and sweet
  • The bear egg – which is this most beautiful egg and how is it with Easter bunny and Easter eggs?
  • Easter bunny or Easter roe? – When Lou almost confused the Easter bunny with an "Easter" deer
  • An Easter surprise for Grandma Klug – Help for the sick neighbor Grandma Klug, so that she can have a nice Easter
  • Spring laugh – Happy spring and Easter poem or song to join in
  • Waiting for the Easter Bunny – Does the Easter Bunny really exist??
  • Easter holiday adventures in the country – It is exciting for Nico to visit relatives in the country during the holidays
  • Many eggs just for you – Easter Poem / Osterlied
  • The Easter bunny and the color ‘purple’ – The Easter bunny sees LILA!
  • Franz, the Easter Bunny Man – Easter Poem / Osterlied
  • The Easter Llama – An exciting Easter trip and Easter lambs and a llama
  • The "Easter" grandma – Like everyone, it helped that sick Grandma Klug was happy at Easter
  • The donkey egg – Whether donkeys lay eggs?
  • We decorate an Easter egg shrub– poem
  • The Glitter Easter Bunny – Once a year there are the glittering rabbits
  • Mia and Max are waiting for the Easter bunny – Does the Easter Bunny exist or does it not exist??
  • Louise visits the Easter bunny – Louise doesn’t want an Easter basket, no, she wants to see the Easter bunny, the real one
  • The donkey egg – There are not only chicken eggs, the city children Mara and Max have long learned that
  • The Easter kitten – Chocolate Easter bunnies in the Easter basket … or a real kitten?
  • When the Easter Bunny overslept – Once the Easter Bunny had slept through, but there were wonderful representatives
  • We decorate an Easter egg shrub
  • The real Easter joy – Mara and Max spend Easter morning quite differently than planned
  • How about the Easter bunny? – Once Mia and Max want to see the Easter bunny. They lie in wait
  • The "Easter" dog – Bärli is an "Easter" dog, well, more of an Easter nest predator
  • The Glitter Easter Bunny – Of real and fake and glittering Easter bunnies
  • Help for pips, the rabbit – Once Pips, the rabbit, was looking for new Easter egg colors
  • The travel-loving Easter egg – Once the Easter egg got too boring in the nest. Adventure wanted to experience it
  • The lucky egg – Eggs, Easter, beauty and happiness

On the Easter meadow – An Easter story for children
New edition of the book "The magic meadow"

Easter is an exciting time in Bärsdorf, where Jan spends his Easter holidays. Here he experiences an Easter week, in which he gets to know old customs and traditions around Easter and Easter, historical details and the spring world in rural nature. Some things put him in a magical world of wonder. Strange things happen, especially on the Heidwiese. Or is everything just a dream?
Recommended for children, family, kindergarten, preschool, primary school

More books for spring


Fridolin, the butterfly,
floats to every flower,
is happy about the colorful spring
everywhere on his round.
He wants to laugh, laugh, laugh,
do a lot of nice things.
He wants to float, slide, swing
and sing a spring song.

NEW: This book will be available in all bookstores from October 2017

Grandma’s spring stories

Grandma’s stories throughout the year

Minute stories spring

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Life is full of Stories. Every moment of life is able to hide a story within itself or to call it out loud or to cry quietly or to draw colorfully, to sing, to dream…
In this blog you will find children’s stories, fairy tales and poems all through the day and year with all seasons, celebrations, events, thoughts and feelings.
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