Many new year’s eve games for children

Reading time: 4 minutes These fun New Year’s Eve games provide lots of fun and action for children. Our game ideas are simple, do not require a lot of preparation and put the whole family in a good mood.

Entertaining New Year’s Eve games for children

New Year’s games for children: family decathlon

In the course of the evening, all family members face different tasks. It is noted on a piece of paper who wins how often. The decathlon winner will receive a small gift.

  1. Throw a peanut flip in the air and catch it with your mouth. Who needs the fewest attempts.
  2. Put a salt stick in your mouth and eat it without using your hands. Who will be the first to make it?.
  3. Thread small pretzels on a long string. This cord is held at the player’s head height. Everyone gets a minute. Who can get the most pretzels?.
  4. Everyone gets a button with four holes and sewing thread. Who will be the first to thread the thread through the holes?.
  5. The fastest way to knot a wool thread around a bottle without using your thumb and index finger. Alternatively: tie a scarf to the other with only one hand.
  6. Gargle one or two stanzas of a song with water without laughing.
  7. Put one or more books upside down and walk around the room.
  8. Only pick up a cube with your feet.
  9. Grab a pen with your toes and write your own name. Who writes most clearly. Alternatively, the players write with the left hand.
  10. Transport a potato on a spoon, possibly holding the spoon with your mouth. Who creates an obstacle course (climbing on a chair, kneeling, jumping on one leg) without the potato falling.

New Year’s Eve games for children: Skill games, heavy transport

Everyone gets the same number of coasters, alternatively you can use Lego bricks or building blocks. The coasters must be transported a predetermined distance. The player may put it on the body, but not hold it. The more coasters, the more difficult it becomes to transport.

rags Parade

Find a sack of old or funny clothes. Now you roll the dice in turn. If you roll a 6, you must blindly reach into the sack and put on the garment. This is great fun even for small children.

spoon fight

Each player gets 2 tablespoons. A potato lies on a spoon. The players are now trying to steal the potato from each other’s spoons.

fashion designer

You need a stack of newspapers, scissors, and tape. Who can design the most beautiful evening dress and wear it within a specified period of time?.

Hold the balloon

Blow up a balloon. Two players pinch the balloon between their foreheads. Now you have to try to pick up a coin from the floor without losing the balloon.

orange rolls

Everyone puts an orange on the floor. It has to be rolled a certain distance, but only with the nose.

blind Grab

All players blindfold and try to catch each other. Stopping or hiding is not allowed.

Cut the flour

Pile flour on the table, ideally place the newspaper underneath. Put a potato on the flour tower. You still need a knife or a spoon. One by one everyone takes some flour from the pile. If the potato falls, the game is lost.

New Year’s Eve games for children: old classics

Trip to Alaska

The game master thinks up what he wants to take with him on his trip to Alaska. He chooses a generic term, for example animals or birds or everything with the letter A, or everything made of paper or everything with four legs. The others are now guessing and giving what they can think of. Whenever a proposal meets the secret requirement, there is a yes. By combining, the children finally find out what is allowed in Alaska. Whoever names the solution will become the new game master.

Yes or no

This game is very simple and yet incredibly difficult. One asks colorful questions for a minute or two, the other answers, but may not say yes or no. Of course, the roles can also be exchanged.

Little fish in the dark

Playing hide and seek in the dark is not just fun for children. Darken a room. One player is waiting in front of the door, the others are hiding.

Trip to Jerusalem

How about a little competition? she put Chairs in a circle, one less than a participant. As long as you let music play, all children wander around the chairs. If the music stops, everyone has to sit in an empty chair. If you don’t make it, you’re out. Now a chair is removed and the game starts again.

silent post

You need at least 4 players to play this game. One comes up with a funny sentence and whispers it into his companion’s ear. The latter, in turn, whispers what he has understood into his companion’s ear. The last in the chain can say the sentence out loud. Since some words have been misunderstood, funny nonsense often arises.

Subject memory

You can play this fun memory game anywhere. Find about 10-15 simple items from the kitchen, bathroom or study: cutlery, bottle opener, hand cream, pens, eraser, ruler, etc. These are placed on a table. Everyone can memorize things. Now someone leaves the room and an object is removed. The person is allowed in again and has to guess which item is missing.

I see something you don’t see

An old classic that never goes out of style. The youngest can start. He chooses an object and says: "I see something that you do not see and that is …" The color of the object is called, alternatively another property can be mentioned. The others now look around the room and try to guess the right object. If you guess correctly, you can make the next announcement.

celebrities rates

You can do this guessing game by age change the teammate. It is entertaining even for adults. The youngest begins and thinks up a famous person. The others have to guess the person through clever questions. The answer may only be yes or no. If you guess the answer, you can think of your next personality.
For preschool children, guessing animals is recommended. It is easier.


One says a word consisting of two compound nouns. The next one has to form a new word with the last word. How long will the word chain be: table leg, greaves, rail, train station, courtyard.

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