Marital crisis, recognize signs and overcome marriage crisis

Marital crisis: questions and answers

Sometimes it is too late to realize that a marriage is over. In retrospect, you can suddenly realize that it actually did not vote much earlier. Then maybe even annoying occurs that you have not already sought the conversation with the partner. If you are currently married and have a bad feeling in you, it pays to think about whether there are already signs of a marriage crisis. Quite possibly that makes you a small fire already delete in the beginning, before it grows into a conflagration, and thus manage a marriage crisis.

The most important

  • The sooner you realize that you are in a marriage crisis, the sooner you can prevent your marriage from breaking up.
  • If the interest in the partner has diminished so much that little is done together, anything in your marriage seems to be out of order.
  • Anyone who loses himself in daydreams about how the partner separates should quickly consider the state of marriage.
  • Constant criticizing and nagging are poison for the marriage. Go inside and find the reason for your dissatisfaction and the marriage crisis.
  • Constant quarrels or complete ignoring of conflicts are unhealthy for a harmonious coexistence.
  • A marriage is characterized by regular sex. If this is missing, something clearly is not right and you have to think about whether your marriage is not already in a marriage crisis.
  • The answer to the question of whether you still love the partner may not be that easy. If you ponder here, maybe a healthy gap will help to recapture the feelings.

Table of Contents

They hardly do things together anymore

If you ask when, the last time you qualitative time With the partner spent, nothing comes to mind, it seems in your marriage to give a few sticking points. Could it be that you no longer involve the partner in planning? Or do you no longer feel asked by your partner when it comes to business ventures? If the interest in the other party wears off and the future is planned almost independently of the partner, you should have the alarm bells sound. While it is possible that you are currently only going through a phase where you focus on your own needs, but this has been going on for more than half a year, you should go in and see if you are in a marriage crisis.

They fantasize about reasons of separation

If you often have daydreams and play through all sorts of separation options here, a marriage crisis is more than tangible. Maybe you imagine that your partner is a stranger and secretly enjoy it? No matter what extent these thoughts and the marriage crisis has with you: It is important that you get to the bottom of it. There may be fears behind it, but it is equally possible that you may not feel well in marriage.

Controversy without end

Dissatisfaction and a marriage crisis can manifest themselves in different ways. Most often it happens that you start criticizing the partner for trifles and only see the negative side of the other person. Even normal habits can then lead to white heat, such as the sounds that the partner makes while eating. Conversations are then no longer normal, but always include a share of sharp comments. This can go so far that family and friends no longer feel well in your presence. A clear sign of a marriage crisis. Pull the hand brake. Try to find out the true reason for your dissatisfaction. What is going on? In which areas is it no longer true?

Couples who are argue productively, are demonstrably happier in marriages than those who never open conflicts. But if the quarrel does not stop and you feel that you are in a state of war from dawn to dusk, that is a sign of a marriage crisis. It’s just as bad if you do not argue anymore. That could mean that your counterpart has almost become indifferent. In both cases: time for a cut. Something seems to get out of hand in your marriage. You are in the middle of a marriage crisis.

In case of emergency, go to couple therapy / marriage counseling if you want to manage your marriage crisis.

No more sex

Another indication that not everything is rosy and that you are in a marriage crisis is when you are no longer attracted to your partner. Although it is normal that in a long-standing marriage not quite as regularly sexual is active: No sex for a long period of time is not good! It may even be that by reintroducing regular sex you can manage your marriage crisis. Physical closeness often brings much more than a thousand words can. The exchange of tenderness is essential and will lighten the mood in your marriage very clearly. Of course, sex is not a panacea and you can live happily ever after without sex. But if no more caresses are exchanged, your sex life is clearly an area that should be at the top of the edit list in coping with the marriage crisis.

Is love gone??

One of the most important questions you should ask yourself in a marriage crisis is whether you still love the other person. If the answer to this question is difficult for you, then on the one hand, you may need to reconsider your concept of love, or, on the other hand, it may just be that you no longer feel anything for your partner. Or at least not enough anymore. If you can: create space for a few days. So you can calm down about your feelings and the reason for the marriage crisis clear. Often emotions are so buried under a mountain of everyday life and little quarrels that you are no longer clear. That can be through distance to change. With yourself and with your partner.

Coping with the marriage crisis

If you have rediscovered reading the above, it is clearly time to talk to your partner about your marriage crisis. That does not mean that you should start a fight or blame the partner for the marriage crisis. Before the interview, consider which points are important to you and what you want to discuss. It is best to note these so that you do not forget anything. Then try to talk about your own feelings and about the fact that you are currently dissatisfied and feel that you are both in a serious marriage crisis. It is more than possible that the partner has also noticed the sticking points. From here you can think together, how you can handle the marriage crisis.

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