Market research: finding new employees

Market research: finding new employees

publish a job advertisement

Long range in the target group "market research"
In the job market of you can reach your target group directly without wastage. Our site statistics show not only a high range, but also a very low bounce rate: anyone who visits the job market is in good hands and quickly finds what they are looking for.

running time 6 weeks 8 weeks 10 weeks
Company Logo
Individual content text
Prominent placement on the homepage
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multiple publication in the newsletter (> 9,000 subscribers) PLUS highlight option (ad will be highlighted in overview list) bookable * 150 €
NEW: job matching – targeting suitable candidates from our participant database bookable * 199 € bookable * 99 €
Refresh option (display is again at the top of the overview list PLUS again in the newsletter) bookable * 95 € ✅ (1 time) ✅ (2 times)
VÖ as a top job advertisement in the mtl. Career Special Newsletter (> 9,000 subscribers)
price 450.- EUR 650.- EUR 950.- EUR
* These options can be booked immediately (see above) as well as later during the term.

Book a job advertisement

Hereby I book the following option:

Traineeships, internships and working students

The Publication of free training places costs 190,00 EUR plus VAT at a term of 6 weeks: To book single ad training place.

The Publication of internships such as Positions for student employees costs 90.00 EUR plus VAT at a term of six weeks: To book single ad internship / student assistant. Internships and applications for student employees are not published in marktforschung.depesche.

All ads are published with company logo.

Please send the advertisement to be published by mail as Word.doc or PDF to service (at)

We are happy to answer any questions by phone. You can reach us under the phone number +49 (0) 2233 71 004 0.

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