Marketplace optimization – with us you rock the marketplaces

Marketplace optimization - with us you rock the marketplaces

Marketplace optimization

ROCKIT establishes its products in the top positions of online marketplaces

Amazon, real, OTTO, Rakuten … – these are the melodious names of those Internet marketplaces, with which online retailers combine the sound of cash in the coffers. The exciting question is: How to realize sound sales with these e-commerce platforms known to users? The products at the who’s who of the online marketplaces set and already rolls or rings the euro? It’s not that easy.

You are a retailer and want to see your products positioned optimally in the digital marketplaces? Also internationally? So that marketplace visitors can find and perceive what you have to offer and – not least because of the optimal preparation of information about the products – become your customers?

We at ROCKIT-INTERNET optimize the data feed of your offers for each portal with the aim to make the articles appear in the top places of the product rankings. So that your offer is in the focus of potential buyers and the sales opportunity can be used in the best possible way. Let’s sing a whole rock symphony of the sounding cash registers!

Relevant online marketplaces: Marketplace SEO pays off here

We offer you marketplace optimization for:

  • Amazon
  • real
  • Etsy
  • OTTO
  • Rakuten
  • many other (European) platforms enjoying increasing popularity in e-commerce. And we also help you in other, European marketplaces within our international network of national specialists!

For the Marketplace Amazon, which is now product search engine number 1 on the Internet and therefore stands out among the marketplace sizes as a giant, some own rules apply. We therefore recommend a special Amazon marketing strategy: Amazon SEO is an important aspect of marketplace optimization for e-commerce giants, a tool with which the findability of articles, the competitiveness in the marketplace, the increase in sales and revenue and better Placement of offers in the Amazon ranking can be achieved. In addition, Amazon Marketing Services for Vendors, Amazon Sponsored Products, and Headline Search Ads for Sellers, as well as external traffic, are key options for achieving the above results.

If the marketplace optimization on Amazon (Amazon MPO), which is more complex compared to other marketplaces, has been successfully implemented, it is not just about Christmas: “Sweeter never sound the cash registers”.

Goals that you can achieve through marketplace optimization

  • Presence in all online marketplaces where your products should be represented.
  • An optimized placement of the articles within the Marketplaces (at eye level of the customer).
  • Permanent and significantly increasing sales on the marketplaces.
  • Increased visibility of the various marketplace product pages in search engines such as Google and Co. and thus even more traffic to your products.

Our services: You need this to rock the e-commerce platforms

In order for your products to be displayed optimally and found faster and better than the comparable articles of the competition, we take the following steps:

  • We optimize the product data.
    The data feed (product name, article description, pictures, bullet points and much more) of the products is created by us – according to the requirements of the respective online marketplace – on the basis of detailed target group analyzes and keyword researches and completed and improved.
  • Upon request, we will switch to product advertising and generate external traffic.
    We are happy to use the advertising provided by the portals (Amazon Ads and the like) for the articles or place advertisements on external sites, so that interested parties find the way to your marketplace products.
  • We advise on communication with the support of the Marketplaces.
    On request, we provide recommendations for communication with the support of the respective portals. So that an immediate solution can be brought about, for example, with occurring error messages or problems with the upload of the product optimization.
  • We optimize the previous marketplace performance.
    We analyze the past success as well as the buyer behavior regarding your products and with regard to the product data and develop and implement a strategy for optimization measures.

Marketplace optimization pays off – the advantages as a marketplace dealer

It is true that the increased online presence of products – depending on the shopping portal – costs money: usually there is a fee for hiring products, and a commission is usually payable for the successful sale. However, the considerable advantages of presenting articles in high-traffic online marketplaces are worth this effort.

Marketplaces not only offer another way to market and sell your products, they are more than just another alternative on the same level as your own online shop and classic product search engines targeting a specific area such as or Stylight, as well as price comparison portals. Namely, the marketplaces offer a high range and an enormous name recognition. For example, according to a survey published in 2017 by the Hamburg data portal Statista, eBay’s marketplace in Germany is known to 97.7 percent of respondents; 80.7 percent said they had used the platform at least once for purchase or sale.

The tremendous popularity and popularity of the portals is associated with an immense number of visitors, from which you can benefit directly. But it is not just a lot of visitors who are shown the articles. These are customers who have already gained positive experience in buying via Amazon and Co., which gives their products a good portion of advance trust and which allows marketplace retailers to participate in the customer base of the shopping portals.

And last but not least, it should not go unmentioned that online traders who use different distribution channels to minimize the risk: So a descent of its own store in the Google ranking by the additional presence of products in online marketplaces has far less dramatic. It also promotes brand awareness when you’re on different platforms.

You want to benefit from our marketplace optimization, see your products in the most eye-catching shelves of online marketplaces and hear the cash registers sound? Just call us. We are happy to advise you.

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