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Marshall Smartphones – the phone of the guitar amp legend

Marshall is not a classic manufacturer for Smparthones. In fact, there is not a large selection of Marshall phones, just a model so far. It is hardly surprising that the focus here on the Audio Features lies. But otherwise, the Marshall Phone can certainly be seen. It may be worthwhile to think outside the box and to give a company a chance to work in the technical area already have a lot of experience.

Marshall Smartphone Test 2019

The company Marshall in detail

Marshall is a company primarily for its guitar amp has become known. Meanwhile, there are the Marshall phones, but so far only one model on the market. If you would like to know more about the manufacturer, then you will probably primarily find products from the following ranges:

  • combos
  • boxing
  • Miniamps
  • foot switch
  • effects
  • headphone
  • Hi-Fi
  • fridge

With a Marshall mobile phone test, you can not expect a big Marshall smartphone comparison. That’s not bad, because the only one Model at the market, London has some highlights to offer.

company Marshall Amplification
Headquarters Milton Keynes, United Kingdom
founding 1962 by Jim Marshall
Products Smartphones, speakers, headphones, refrigerators and more.

Smartphones from Marshall – you can expect that

The focus of Marshall’s smartphones is primarily on the Audio-Functions. This is directly noticeable when you have the phone in your hand. In a Marshall Smartphone test, it would probably mean that the manufacturer was a device for music lovers has developed. The model has two phone jacks as well as a volume wheel and an audio button. The information should be very interesting, too Sound chip from Wolfson is included. In most cases, a Marshall smartphone test is not necessarily focused on the audio sector. However, since this is the unique selling point, the properties play a big role.

It makes sense to look at other features as it would generally be the case with a Marshall mobile phone test.

Tip: The Marshall phones look very appealing in design, but are not waterproof and therefore less suitable when you are out in the field outdoor and run the risk that your smartphone comes into contact with the water.

Since there are no other Marshall smartphone models, it is not possible to review various versions.

More information about the Marshall smartphone models

When looking for a suitable smartphone, it is important to know if one slot for memory cards is present so that the storage space can be expanded. Of course, you can get a look at providers, such as Saturn or Media Markt, and make a personal Marshall smartphone comparison. But that is even easier over the Online shop. If you want to buy a smartphone and have the model of Marshall in view, you will find here the best deals. You will also learn interesting details, such as whether one Dual Sim is present. You have an insight into the test reports and experiences of other customers online. This is also an important point that can help you, one To make a decision, whether the Marshall smartphone models may be suitable for you. Since there are not many series so far and you therefore can not fall back on the Marshall smartphones in the overview.

Marshall smartphones cheap without a contract – find good deals

A Marshall smartphone without a contract is a good idea if you already have an existing contract or want to use a prepaid option. Both have their own advantages. The purchase of a Marshall smartphone without a contract can be easily done online. Here you also have the opportunity for a price comparison of the individual offers. The prices of a smartphone are quite volatile. Since Marshall’s model has been on the market for several years, you have good chances, Here also good prices can use. In the online shop, the overview of the prices is shown particularly well. Here you can also take a look several times a day and may even be lucky that you can get a very good deal.

Pros and cons of a Marshall smartphone

  • The manufacturer Marshall advertises with a very good sound experience in the model London.
  • Due to the low weight and dimensions, the smartphone fits well in the hand.
  • According to customer statements on Amazon, the battery can last up to a day when intensive music was heard.
  • The device has a special button that allows direct access to the music.
  • The delivery includes a large selection of beautiful ringing and notification tones on the smartphone.
  • The British company has so far only one model in the range.

The Marshall Smartphone as a companion for audio lovers

Of course, the Marshall brand’s smartphone is of course especially suitable for lovers of audio gimmicks. Due to the special equipment of the equipment, you have here a model at hand, in which the music can be in the foreground. The smartphones have long thrown too much more than just phones and also offer one good basis for optimal entertainment. Especially if you like to listen to music or watch movies, a good audio equipment is absolutely necessary. Maybe you are looking for another one Mobile as a gift and know exactly that the recipient is also a music lover. Especially young people appreciate good music and actually always have music in their ears when they have the opportunity. Why not support this passion with a smartphone that works so well fitted is, how the variant from the house Marshall? This is sure to make you happy.

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