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Mary Ross made a guest appearance in Bremen last Friday Metropol

As part of her "Unreasonable Adventure" tour, Mary Roos celebrated a glamorous concert in front of a full audience in the Metropol. She seems to easily conquer the often reserved Hanseatic audience. Already at the premiere of her tour in Berlin in November 2018, she succeeded in doing so.

The range of their vocal quality is still outstanding. little one Breakdowns in the program are played over with charm. Her moderation texts are not written, that would not suit her at all. It is authentic with what it does. The housewife in the audience recognizes herself just like a lawyer. It is a pity that she has now announced her retreat from the stage, her fans make that clear again this evening by shouting. For her chanson "Ms. Roos, how long are you going to do this" she reaps unexpectedly standing and minute long ovations. Of course, she sang hits that made her famous, but with the cover versions of Judith Holofernes "Just a Word" or by gunslinger "Spinner" sets new accents.

Even after sixty years on stage, Mary Roos has nothing to remind you of retirement. She comes across the ramp in a lively and energy-packed manner, repeatedly targeting herself. The singer sets the quiet accents this evening with songs like "Mein Sohn" or "Stein auf Stein".

Without three encores, the Bremen team will not let their star off the stage, after which she will be available for two hours in the foyer for autographs and short talks. Really a shame that you want to stop … Ms. Roos!

At last.

Mary Roos celebrates the celebrated premiere of her German tour "Adventure Unreason" in the Berlin Admiralspalast

Many music connoisseurs have known for decades that she is a jewel, yet she still sees the masses as the established and likeable pop singer who is always one on one. At the premiere of her first tour of Germany last Saturday in the Berlin Admiralspalast, however, she proves that she does not deliver ready-made clothing, but is an avant-garde artist who knows how to make works of art from simple hits – Mary Roos!

The atmosphere when entering the hall gives you the feeling of entering a jazz bar. The intro of the seven-piece band, led by Nick Flader, is like a moody swing session. No, a hit concert cannot take place here. This is noticed by each of the almost 1,300 spectators, in which many prominent colleagues such as Dieter Hallervorden (!), Cindy Berger or Kim Fisher are also present. You can already guess that the next two hours will be something special. And then the star of the evening enters the stage in elegant black and swings "I would have stayed with me". Frenetic applause arises, the artist shines and that from the deep inside. No, she doesn’t matter, she is an entertainer and you can tell that she is really happy about the warm welcome.

With Hitmedleys she refines Schlager to great songs. Newer songs in particular are very well received by the audience. The lighting control is optimal and does not hit her face with 100,000 watts, but is extremely sensitive to the entire ensemble. Framed by two female choral singers, every step of the choreography sits this evening. It’s hard to believe that Mary Roos only had three days to prepare the show, but that’s what makes her professional. She sings her hits in a medley, good thing! For someone who has recorded over 600 tracks, the selection of songs for the evening must have been a pain. She interprets classics such as "dog, cat, mouse" almost a cappella sitting surrounded by her musicians. The song “stone on stone”, with which she thanks the rubble women in the post-war period, is strong and makes the artist appear on stage as an absolute solitaire. In the background on the video wall are original shots of the toil women. Mary Roos proves how multifaceted her voice is with her successful title "Only love lets us live". A video message from Mark Forster is first recorded, who then interprets the song in his own way. The actor then simply gets in and accompanies him vocally, a highlight of the evening. Naturally expected the audience also the party hit "Once around the world" and the wish is fulfilled in a new arrangement at the end of the first part, again the entire team is involved in this staging. Mary Roos becomes the queen of the evening through her medley "Consideration", "Go upright" and "So live your life". One has the impression that she can hold the final tone for minutes without effort … she can! Well-known things like the "Dieter-Bohlen-Medley" and leaving the ramp to find a stage partner to dance with in the audience or to sing a 1960s medley by colleagues seem almost superfluous. This woman has such a rich repertoire and this does not require cover versions. Mary Roos’ French career is also touched upon. "Amour toujours" she sings half French and half German. As an encore she delivers the song "Spinner" by the group Revolverheld.

It took a long time for this exceptional artist to finally start a solo project. On the waves of success carried by the TV series "Sing my song" and the musical cabaret program "Hookers, coke and fresh strawberries", she now benefits from the harvest of decades of seed. She chats casually and fuzzy about her concerns and fears, brimming with personality and self-assurance that is second to none. Here is a real star on stage, who finally has the opportunity to jump out of this drawer. It works and Mary Roos wins across the board! At last!

More than an encore

Mary Roos releases her album "Adventure Unreason"

When Mary Roos released her album "From now on only encores" a year ago, she said goodbye to her record label and signed a contract with Electrola. Her numerous fans feared that this could be the end of their unique career – far from it! The production "Adventure Unreason" was created in record time. Ten new songs join five classics that have been rearranged. A procedure that has already paid off for some of her singing colleagues.

The doctorate is in full swing: TV advertising, radio and TV appearances without end, finally a big tour of Germany from autumn and finally the entry into the sales charts are high awards that Mary Roos finally get after a sixty-year career. She may have been in good hands with DA for twenty-five years. The advertising for her music was always sluggish.

Of the new songs, the Mark Forster song “Belly and Head” is particularly pleasant. It seems that the song was written for her at the time. Even the original interpreter was enraptured by Mary’s interpretation. Her proven composer and producer is also used again on this album. The song "Stone Age Children" is a very big cinema, to which Max Lessmann contributes an extremely authentic text. Schlagerfreunde will especially like the brisk number "Secretary Rita", in whose words many women will recognize themselves. The entire production is a good mix of large ballads and brisk rhythms. It’s amazing how clear and strong the artist’s voice is. She is simply a full professional who knows what nuances her potential has.

The newly arranged titles like "Aufrecht geh’nn" and "Only love lets us live" are stronger and more present in the original versions. They sound too soft on this album. The exception is "Once around the world", a party hit that has a lot more power and strength here than in the 1999 version. "Arizona Man" also becomes immortal in the new and unfortunately shortened version. "Thank you for life" sounds thoughtful and looks like a summary of the artist.

It is only thanks to the high professionalism of Mary Roos that after strong productions such as "What my songs are made of" (1972) and "Think what you want" (2013) they can look back on such a long career and it always goes without saying to increase still.

Many encores please, Ms. Roos!

Mary Roos releases her album "From now on only encores" on March 31, 2017

She is never mainstream – even if she is often referred to as a pop singer in Germany – only because of commercial success did she never make music. So also with the now released album "From now on only encores".

Admittedly, the listener needs a little patience. It is not background or elevator music that the artist presents. They are everyday stories of a very high level, both in terms of composition and text. With the number "disco time machine" Mary Roos behaves pleasantly counter-cyclical. The music style of the 1980s is wonderfully placed here and now. If many fans have already believed that these melodies have long since faded away, they will now be pleasantly touched. “Stone on stone” is a heart song for the singer, she always wanted to memorialize the women who, after the war, put a lot of effort into the reconstruction with great physical exertion. They were almost never thanked and Mary Roos is now doing this with this ballad, which was written so gorgeous by Pe Werner.

You just notice the album that there is an interpreter who exudes calmness, lives from the gut mainly with the song "I have time". "The title" C’est la vie "also takes up the topic, light country sounds combine in the chorus with a slow waltz. "Your world is not an island" is a encouraging song and can be understood as a call for more tolerance in our time, which is very important. The listener experiences an almost completely new Mary Roos with the chanson “She can wear it”, the interpretation couldn’t have been better by Juliette Greco. “Parking lot” comes across suddenly, but it is through the Collaboration between Johannes Oerding, Tom Albrecht and Sven Bünger not to be underestimated. The little painters of everyday life are taken up here, which always hinder us with the big things.

"No Farewell Tour" is a synonym for the title of the album. Mary Roos is not one of the colleagues who repeatedly advertise her absolutely last concert. With the composition, Sven Bünger has managed to pack any farewell pain musically fluffy. Also the song "Not necessary" comes partly from his pen with which Mary Roos calmly looks at partly tactless admirers.

It remains to be seen whether from now on there will really only be encores. It would be a shame if such an exceptional artist leaves the show landscape and withdraws into the private sphere. It doesn’t look like that at the moment. In 2018 she is still on the road with "hookers, coke and fresh strawberries", the television seems to be without it. In April, she went on a tour with colleagues.

Please continue, Ms. Roos! There is still a lot to discover.

DA Music order no. 877053-2 from March 31, 2017

Pictures of my life

Mary Roos released her new album on January 16, 2015

Not an easy task for Mary Roos. After the album of her life, as she says herself, Think what you want, that appeared in 2013 now follows Pictures of my life. The title sounds like a summary, which seems quite intentional. The singer was always versatile, which unfortunately was often not recognized in Germany. Already in the 1970s she had success in France. In Germany, the artist was happily put in the pop singer’s drawer, which never matched her potential. Her spectrum is large, her voice volume gigantic and no one can fool her when she is on stage.

It is good to know that the production team for the new CD names like Pe Werner, Jovanka von Wilsdorf, Sven Bünger, Johannes Oerding, Frank Ramond and last but not least Stephan Piez – THE POLAR – find again. It shows that Mary Roos gathers the elite among musicians.

Already the opener of the album Relax yourself urges the listener to sit back and listen, the song makes you curious about more. About the title Unmanned, Pe Werner is responsible for, a music connoisseur recently said was the best thing Mary has done in a long time. Granted, a hit but at a high level. You still do it was composed by Johannes Oerding, the text was written by Frank Ramond. This song should split minds. On the one hand, it is absolutely successful how people talk about sex here, so it works! On the other hand, the mixture of ballad and shanty takes some getting used to in the refrain. Nevertheless, the song should be suitable for radio. An experience that Mary Roos should not have the first time. The song Unique It was also difficult to book television and radio broadcasts for himself, but then developed continuously into an airplay success. Good things take time.

Big cinema and the highlight of the new album is the duet THE POLAR, Stephan Piez, You. It’s hard to believe that both artists recorded the song separately. The weight of this ballad extremely increases the overall quality of the CD. The text written by Piez allows many interpretations such as death, memory and love. Even if the chanson will not have an easy time of it, you want a club concert with both artists and this kind of music.

The theme song Pictures of my life is a beautiful ballad related to the late summer of life, here Mary Roos looks absolutely authentic. Schlager’s friends come with the songs Remember yourself and The little things on your costs. The song No plan impresses with the delicately inserted voice.

The cover of the CD is designed in rich warm colors, which fits very well with the overall production. In general, you can tell from the entire album that time was taken and the atmosphere in the studio must have been relaxed.

Doubters who were afraid of that Think what you want only mediocrity comes, can lean back. I recommend to them: Relax yourself!


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