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Maspalomas in the south of the island is very attractive for tourists. The climate here is very warm and dry throughout the year. Even in winter it is very pleasant here. In contrast to Las Palmas, where it is often cloudy, here mostly the sun shines.

In good weather you can enjoy the 15 km long sandy beach all year round. He stretches all the way to Playa del Ingles. Next to the sandy beach are the dunes of Maspalomas. On the big sand dunes you feel fast as in the Sahara. A camel farm on the edge of the dunes reinforces this impression. Besides, the Sahara is just around the corner.

In the dunes, right next to the path to the beach there is a small brackish water lake, which is also called Oasis, or “la Charca”. It’s a magnet for lots and lots of birds. Here even the migratory birds stop on their way to recover. In general, I had the impression that there are a lot of animals in Maspalomas. Everywhere in the palm trees the birds were chirping. Between the stones the lizards ran back and forth. And along the way and between the houses of the city soo many cats ran around.

The Atlantic Ocean is wonderfully blue and quite warm in front of the beach of the island. It is really fun to swim here. Sometimes a strong wind blows here, typical of the Canary Islands.

Sights in Maspalomas

The main attractions of Maspalomas are the beach and the dunes. In good weather you can relax and recharge your batteries. You can actually see the lighthouse from anywhere in the city. It was built in 1889. But if you only stay in Maspalomas you miss the most beautiful thing about Gran Canaria: its diversity. It is very worthwhile to rent a car and explore the island itself. For example, I did two tours of the island: one through the east and one through the west. If you have more time you can take it slower. So you can also make wonderful walks through the island.

Around the houses, near the beach of Maspalomas, grow a lot of palm trees. There is also a small palm grove that has been here before the people. Today you can still see the remains of it.

On a hill in Maspalomas you can see big radar dishes. It is the ground station of the Spanish Space Agency Instituto Nacional de Técnica Aeroespacial (INTA).

There is an empty riverbed. It is probably there to catch the mass of water that comes from the mountains when it rains properly.

The old Faro 2 shopping center.

Everywhere we read something from the shopping center “Faro 2”. In anticipation of a huge shopping center, we made our way there. But when we got there we found something completely different: a small shopping center in which not a single store had opened. Everything was dead. One could get the impression that a zombie apocalypse had broken out. Almost all shops were empty and abandoned. Only the supermarket was open.

Empty shops in the Faro 2 shopping center. Later we discovered at the beige buildings next to the roundabout, near the lighthouse yet another shopping center. Here it was much busier and there were some open shops.

Maspalomas at noon, from our hotel.

In the distance everywhere in Maspalomas you can see the nearby mountains. Often they are cloudy.

One morning, the mountains peeked out of the clouds.

Beautiful panorama of the cloud-covered mountains of Gran Canaria.

The light illuminated the mountains in a beautiful light.

The moon and palms. There comes a holiday feeling.

The evenings were very warm and pleasant. There were no mosquitoes.

The sky glows so beautifully blue in the evening.

This page is part of a trip I made in 2012 to Gran Canaria. Click here for the overview.
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