Master of psychology (

Master of Psychology (

Master of Psychology

Normal period: 4 semesters
Including the master thesis are total 120 credit points (CP) to acquire.
Enrollment: each in the winter semester
Graduation: Master of Science (M.Sc.)

In the master’s program in psychology at the Berlin Psychological University, both Basics the "science psychology" treated as well psychological areas of application deepened. It is particularly important to us that our students get a broad and practical insight into different fields of work in order to prepare them for their professional life. For this reason, our studies have some special features.

  • Individual course design: Based on their own interests and later career aspirations, students can choose between the following areas: clinical psychology, work and organizational psychology, clinical work psychology, family psychology, and legal psychology. There is also the possibility, additional certificates to acquire.
  • Equal placement of everyonescientifically recognized psychotherapy procedures: In our Master of Psychology, students gain in-depth knowledge of both cognitive behavioral therapy and psychodynamic procedures (depth psychology, psychoanalysis), conversation psychotherapy and systemic therapy.
  • Optimal care: Individual support for our students is particularly important to us. That is why we rely on small seminar groups, personal support from the lecturers and a high practical relevance in teaching.
  • Study in "House of Psychology": Not only the university is on site, but also several established psychological institutions. In addition, the PHB is very well networked within the psychological landscape. This enables us to invite lecturers to a wide variety of fields of application (e.g. traffic psychology, school psychology, intercultural communication, coaching) and to enable our students to “think outside the box”.
  • Approval in the house: After completing the master’s degree, there is an opportunity to complete psychotherapy training at the PHB in cognitive behavioral therapy, depth psychology or child and adolescent psychology. The content of the Master’s program in Psychology is directly tailored to psychotherapy training, which results in further synergy effects.
  • Regardless of the choice of major, the basic module Clinical Psychology (10 CP) in the Master’s program in Psychology is the subsequent one Access to psychotherapy training guaranteed (also for students who did not have any courses in clinical psychology in their bachelor’s degree, for example graduates from the Fernuniversität Hagen).
  • There is one at the PHB University psychotherapeutic outpatient clinic. Therapists from the university outpatient clinic are involved in the teaching of clinical psychology, and there is also the possibility of being directly in-house student internships to be completed.
  • We are chasing one Scientist-Practitioner Approach: Our lecturers have extensive scientific and practical experience in their field and are therefore able to give the students a realistic insight into the work as a psychologist.
  • Ours especially flexible schedule design enables you to combine your studies with a part-time job. Our central campus in the heart of Berlin is easy to reach by public transport – another plus point for your flexibility.

A detailed description of the Modules of the Master Psychology can be found under course contents as well as in the module handbook and in the study schedule. If you have any questions, please contact our Student advice or speak to us on one of our information evenings personally. We look forward to you!

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