Materials for teachers and educators, children’s book workshop

ABC puzzle stories for letter introduction

Auer Verlag, 2019, 1st class

A particularly interesting booklet with copy templates: A reading story and a hidden object can be found for all letters of the alphabet and the most common letter combinations. Not only can the corresponding letters be read in the story, but there is also a riddle hidden that can be solved with the hidden object.

Support texts for young people – sports stars, music stars, media stars

Auer Verlag, 2018-19, lower secondary school

In these three booklets with copy templates, teachers will find reading promotion material for eight stars each. For each celebrity there is a star biography in two levels of difficulty as well as six worksheets.

Bible stories easy to read – Old and New Testaments

Auer Verlag, 2019, 1.-4. great

In these two booklets with copy templates, teachers will find 15 of the beautiful stories from the Old and New Testaments retold in easy language. There are worksheets for each story, for example with reading comprehension tasks and creative tasks.

Short easy reading texts to promote reading

Auer Verlag, 2018, from 6 years

In this booklet with copy templates, teachers will find 67 funny texts – from short comics to one-sided stories. They are created according to all rules to make reading easier and are particularly suitable for promoting reading in primary school, for inclusion, LRS and DaZ.

Find the end

SCHUBI Lernmedien AG, 2017, from 5 years

Here comes my third picture box, again with 72 picture cards, this time divided into 14 picture stories. These consist of four to six pictures, but be careful: the end is missing! The children can invent this themselves. The booklet in six languages ​​provides tips and suggestions.

Teachers, speech therapists and educators can practice storytelling with their kids from kindergarten upwards.

Adjective stories

SCHUBI Lernmedien AG, 2016, from 5 years

My second picture box again contains 72 picture cards with 18 picture stories with four pictures each, plus a booklet in six languages. There are two pairs of adjectives in each story, embedded in a picture story from everyday life in children.

Teachers, speech therapists and educators can practice using these adjectives with their kids from kindergarten upwards. The picture box is also ideal for writing picture stories in German lessons and for first language lessons with refugee children!

Verbs stories

SCHUBI Lernmedien AG, 2014, from 4 years

In this colorful box you will find a picture booklet in six languages, 72 picture cards and 18 picture stories with four pictures each. A verb from everyday language usage is shown on each picture.

Teachers, speech therapists and educators can practice using these verbs with their kids from kindergarten to about 2nd grade – and this based on everyday events directly from the lives of the children. The picture box is also great for writing picture stories in German lessons!

Are you curious? There’s a story about it here.

Methods for text work in German classes

Kohl publishing house, 2014

Twelve methods for text work in German lessons, such as group puzzles, picture words and stories-city-country-river are presented here in detail: on each page an introduction to the application of the method and two to three pages of copy templates. The methods cover, among other things, the learning areas of distinguishing types of text, developing texts, playing with language and lively telling. That really makes you want to be independent Read and write!

Explore … the sound

Kohl publishing house, 2013

This book contains 42 master copies on the subject of sound, noises and hearing. Elementary school students from 1st grade learn and describe sounds, work out what sound is and how we hear it.

Teacher = trainer in the class circus

CARE-LINE publishing house, 2013

If you want to give teachers a little joy, you can do so with this gift booklet. In 20 short, funny texts, I answer questions like: How do you survive a class full of hungry white tigers? How do you get the elephants to jump through the burning tire? And how do you encourage the high wire artists to face their difficult balancing act??

The book would not be half as beautiful without Peter Butschkow’s hilarious cartoons.

To browse, please click here.

Small lexicon for teaching and learning. 111 key terms briefly explained

Schulwerkstatt-Verlag, 2012

An informative reference work for everyone involved in teaching and learning. From A for inhibition of similarity to Z for the structure of time in the classroom, 111 important terms are understandable and scientifically correct.

To browse, please click here.

Career orientation in secondary school 1: Find out what you can do!

Schulwerkstatt-Verlag, 2011, with Clemens Muth

These copy templates serve as supplementary teaching material for the informative guide for young people.

Promoting reading for girls
Promoting reading for boys

from the series How girls and boys learn

CARE-LINE publishing house, 2010

These teaching materials are special on the The needs and preferences of boys and girls are matched. In addition to a detailed introductory section that scientifically examines the topic of gender-specific reading promotion, the books contain approx. 50 copy templates and numerous other suggestions for teaching.

The wild West

from the series Around …

Cornelsen Verlag GmbH & Co. OHG, 2009-2010

In the All Around … series, I created two booklets with copy templates for general education. The exciting topics are correct and informative, but also relaxed and implemented with great illustrations.

This is me!
Let’s go out!
Through the year
Let’s play!
Let’s do puzzles and riddles!

from the series First Steps in English

AOL publishing house, 2009-2012

The First Steps in English series enables teachers to complement English teaching in primary school. The three booklets This is me!, Let’s go out! and Through the year offer a step-by-step introduction to the English language, accompanied by a funny pirate crew, led by pirate Paula, and the children Luke and Lisa. The folders Let’s play! and Let’s do puzzles and riddles! additionally contain games, puzzles and puzzle stories.

For browsing in This is me! Please click here.

Do you want Let’s play! to get to know? Then click here .

We discover and explore: professions and the world of work
We discover and explore: water habitat

from the series of subject lessons with method

AOL publishing house, 2010

Two more exciting subject-matter subjects in varied and instructive copy templates.

navi teachers manual 6, 7 and 8

from the series navi German

Bildungsverlag EINS GmbH, 2010-2011, with Sven Erik Hansen and Annette Weber

The teacher manuals make it easier for the teacher to implement the suggestions from the school book and workbook in the classroom.


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