Maximum age limit? What older car rental drivers need to be aware of

Even though there is no legal regulation for older drivers in germany, some rental companies in germany or even worldwide set maximum age limits for rental cars. These vary greatly. read here which rental companies define a maximum age and what you have to consider then.

unlike young drivers, there is no specific regulation in germany on the subject of older drivers. It is a normal development that sensory abilities decline with age.

For this reason, this sensitive topic has been the subject of much discussion in this country for some years now. Here you will find information on the current state of affairs and how it actually looks with rental cars.

Do older people endanger road traffic?

Should a mandatory health check in germany actually be introduced, the country would join the other european states that have such a driving fitness test for seniors have already implemented. So far, these include spain, the netherlands and Great Britain. However, there is no evidence that this has led to a reduction in the number of accidents in these countries.

It should also be noted that elderly drivers represent only a small proportion of drivers involved in car accidents. It is true that aging includes a gradual loss of vision and hearing, longer reaction times and slower reflexes. In addition, some drivers may no longer be up to date with the road traffic regulations. However, there are of course also many drivers of retirement age who are in top shape and are absolutely up to date on current traffic regulations.

Because many older people prefer to play it safe when it comes to driving, limit yourself to short distances and avoid driving in bad weather or at night. Many drive more careful and slower, however, what often annoys the most hurried road users. In terms of security, however, this annoyance is by no means justified, as the ADAC shows.

ADAC: drivers of advanced age pose no demonstrable safety risk

The ADAC rejects the introduction of the health test for older drivers, because it is not them, but the group of 25- to 39-year-olds with 25.4% the highest accident rate records. Despite the increasing number of elderly drivers, the accident rates of older people aged 65 and over less than 7%.

Apart from the safety issue, such a measure would possibly raise a social problem. Many would consider the driving ability test as discrimination against the older population group. Since some german communities have no or limited public transportation, revoking the driver’s license would severely restrict many people’s freedom of movement.

Rental cars and older drivers

Some car rental companies require an additional payment when the driver reaches a certain age. The maximum age is usually 75 years, in some countries with very strict insurance conditions like z. B. Ireland it is even a little lower. There are also car rental companies that require a medical certificate attesting to the driver’s fitness to drive after a certain age. A letter from the insurance company confirming that the vehicle has not been involved in an accident within the last five years may also be required.

With some car rental companies you have to pay more than the age limit beyond the possibility, to rent a car, but then have to call expect an additional fee. Whether there is a maximum age limit and how this is regulated varies from landlord to landlord and of course it depends mainly on the insurance regulations in the country. Therefore, it is best to inform yourself about the specific conditions of the respective offer before signing the contract.

In case of doubt or if you have any further questions about older car rental drivers, please feel free to call our customer service free of charge on the following number hotline 0221 – 567 999 11 or 0049 221 – 567 999 11. Our staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have and help you book a rental car.

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Good day,
i am 81 years old and i want to rent a car in chania, crete this summer. My son, 39 years old, should be registered as an additional driver. Is my age a problem? Does it make a difference if my son rents the car (main driver) and I am the additional driver??
With friendly greetings
stathi apos

Unfortunately there are some rental companies in greece that have set an upper limit of 75 years for their customers. If you enter your age immediately on our site, only suitable offers will be shown to you.

Alternatively you can call us and we will guide you through the booking process to find the best deal for you including additional driver.

Kind regards
harald from cheap-car-rental.De

Good day,
we want to rent a car at the end of january 2022 in quimper in brittany with europcar. I am 78 my wife 77 years old. Is there a problem because of age?
Europcar is the only car rental company directly at the train station of quimper.
With kind regards
dietmar grossien

In france you should have no problem to find a rental car. Europcar has no upper age limit according to our current status.

Friendly greetings
harald from cheap-car-rental.De

Can you arrange a rental car for tenerife?. Call a car rental company? My husband is 86 years old.

It will not be a problem for your husband to rent a car in tenerife. The majority of the landlords have appropriate landlords in the offer. Just enter the age already in the search on our portal and you will find many offers.

Kind regards
harald from cheap-rental-car.De

I am 81 years old, am still very fit. I have been driving for tens of years. A large motorhome and car. Can I rent a car in faro/portugal for the months of september/october?? And where?

In portugal you can rent a car from almost any rental company and you don’t have to worry about it. Just enter your age in the search on our portal and you will see all suitable offers.

Friendly greetings
harald from cheap-car-rental.De

My husband 84 years old, my grandson 19 years old and I 84 years old would like to make a trip around sicily with a rental car this summer.My husband has already with special permission the driving license with scarcely 17 years made for passenger car and truck and has an extraordinarily large driving experience. I drive since my19. year accident free,although I still drive my car a lot today.Who of us has a chance to rent a car in sicily?.to get a rental car with a rental agreement from germany?

All three of you have a chance to get a rental car delivered. some rental companies have a minimum age limit of 19 years and many rental companies have no age limit at all.

So you can choose who should be the main driver and search based on these criteria. our infoline advisors will also be happy to help you find a deal that will allow all three of you to get behind the wheel.

Friendly greetings
harald from billiger-mietwagen.De

I had this year a rental car through check 24 to pick up in belfast(N.Ireland)
booked and also confirmed.
The rental company was the company hertz.
In the contract the age limit was 24-85 years old.
I am 81 and I was refused the rental car in belfast.
reason: my age
since i had already paid for the rental car in germany, i immediately informed check 24 of this condition.
In a later phone call, I was also confirmed the receipt of this complaint.
Until today I have not received the refund of the prepaid amount.
Otherwise there is absolute radio silence.
Also in response to my letter to the managing director of check 24
mr dr.Schiffelholz, I have not received any response until today.
In the letter I gave a deadline and indicated that it should be in the interest of check 24 to settle the matter amicably.
What should I do now?

It is of course difficult for us to comment on the complaint procedure of the competition, especially since we do not know all the details and, for example, do not know to what extent the operator of your booking was contacted by check24. It is possible that you have not yet received a message because your operator has not yet processed your request.

We would recommend that you contact check24 customer service directly, preferably by phone, and ask them about the status of your complaint.

Friendly greetings
harald from cheap-car-rental.De

I have been a client of yours for a number of years. – this time, I
plan to rent a car in november from malaga airport to drive into portugal for
about one month and to return in malaga.
Question: which one of the rental agencies does provide a transponder?
for the toll roads in portugal as I pick up the car at malaga airport//

By the way I am 78 years
K philip toronto

Unfortunately no rental agency in malaga will be able to provide you with a transponder for the toll roads in portugal.

But you can purchase a "tollcard" in portugal to pay the toll roads via prepaid credit and you’ll even get notifications on your phone in case your credit runs low.

There are some rental agencies which won’t rent you a car anymore. When using our search, make sure to enter your correct age before starting the search, so only offers which are available for you will be shown.

Best regards
harald from billiger-mietwagen.De

How is it in spain?

Is there a legal age limit for rental cars if z.B. A dt. I don’t know if I want to rent a car from a national, or is it just the terms and conditions of the individual providers that stipulate a maximum age??

I myself am 75 years old

As far as we know there is no legal maximum age to drive a car in spain. All restrictions come from the respective providers themselves.

Kind regards
harald from billiger-mietwagen.De

Hello, I am 78 years old, totally fit and I want to rent a car in catania. Is there an age limit and which car rental company would you recommend??
With kind regards
werner futschik

There is a limit of 75 years in Italy with several car rental companies. If you use our portal, you can specify your age in the beginning. So you will be automatically displayed only offers that are suitable for you.

Alternatively, our infoline will be happy to assist you and find the best deal for you.

Kind regards
harald from billiger-mietwagen.De

First question: I am 75 years old and a foreigner (U.S.A.). Do I have to expect the same age restrictions as if I were settled in germany??
Second question: my german driving license is very old. And although I am with my
U.S. driving license in germany, do i have to renew my german driving license when i return to germany ?
Thank you very much !

In germany you will have no problem with your american driver’s license as well as with your age. In principle, your old, German driver’s license is still valid.

Friendly greetings
harald from cheap-car-rental.De

Do car rental companies in la reunion (france) have an age limit for over 75 year olds??

We are not aware of any age limit for france.

Friendly greetings
harald from billiger-mietwagen.De

Do I have a chance to rent a car in canada at the age of 83??
I am a regular driver, also long distances – to Denmark- the last 20
years no accident, also no buses.
I still have the old driver’s license, would I have to exchange it for canada??
I have never received a request for this from the MFK.
Thank you for your reply.
Kind regards

At 83 years old you can rent a car in canada without any problems. &

We recommend an international driver’s license for rental in canada. If you do not have an international driver’s license, you can apply for one at your local driver’s license office. your old driver’s license will automatically be converted into a new one.

Friendly greetings
harald from cheap-car-rental.De

Hello, we still drive 30 – 40.000 km a year with my own car across europe. Since we now want to move completely to spain we need occasionally a rental car in germany and the netherlands. I am 78 and my husband 82 years old. Is it possible to rent a car at our age and if so how and where?.
Kind regards elke

According to the information we have, there is no age limit with any rental company, with the exception of alamo, where there is sometimes a limit of 80 years old.

So you can search for a rental car in germany with the provider that suits you the most.

Kind regards
harald from cheap-car-rental.De

I have seen in a car rental contract for thailand that only up to the age of 71 can be rented. This year I got a car in thailand up to 8 days before my 71 years of age without any problems and drove over 5000 km accident free. Are there any international rental companies that rent over the age 71 and also without additional age surcharge?

In thailand you will be able to rent a car from the following rental companies without any problems, even in 20 years:

Alamo/national, avis, europcar, hertz, sixt and thai rent a car.

Friendly greetings
harald from cheap-car-rental.De

Good day
for the vacation stay in portugal from 2. Until 12. April 2019 I have a car rental planned.
I just wanted to make a reservation online through your platform.
Your information about age limit is not clear if my 78 years is a problem for renting a car.
A year ago in madeira it was not an issue.

Thank you for your reply as soon as possible.

There are some rental companies where you will not be able to rent a car or you will have to pay a fee to get a car. These are:

Benerent, centauro, drive on holidays, insular cars, rent A star, surprice car rental and turisprime.

With all other rental companies you should be able to book your vehicle without any problems. To be on the safe side, please check the terms and conditions before you finalize your booking.

alternatively, our infoline will be happy to help you find the best offer for you.

Friendly greetings
harald from cheap-car-rental.De

next year in may i would like to rent a car for a round trip in the peloponnese. Since I am now 79 years old, enterprise wanted to refuse me a rental car last year because I exceeded the age limit of 75 years. After a long negotiation I finally got a car.
Which rental company has no age limit or can I solve the problem also with an additional amount?
Kind regards

Every rental company has its own rules for each country, so that it cannot be said globally. If, however, you would like to travel in greece again, you can access the following rentals according to our current status:

Our infoline will be happy to help you with a call to find the right offer for you. &

Kind regards
harald from billiger-mietwagen.De

Good day, is there an age limit for australia?. Providers who would offer insurance to my father (82 years old)?

most rental companies in australia do not have a maximum age limit. So you should be able to find an offer for him without any problems.

If you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to call us.

Friendly greetings
harald from billiger-mietwagen.De

my father wants to go to south tyrol in september. He is 84 years old and drives here every day. He is considering traveling by train/plane and then taking a rental car. Is there a provider for this?
Thank you.
VG ute

Hello ute,
many rental companies in italy have an age limit of 99 years, often there is no maximum age either. So there are definitely offers for your 84 year old father.
We would be happy to find a non-binding offer for you. Please contact us by phone or e-mail with the exact rental dates and the desired vehicle size.
Many greetings,
nicole from billiger-mietwagen.De

Hello all
my father is a little more than 77 years old and still drives daily and is skilled and fit in road traffic. Which rental station at heraklion airport would you recommend me? ? Thank you and greetings

Except for a few exceptions, he can rent in heraklion with almost all rental companies, sometimes an age surcharge may apply. Unfortunately we do not have a listing for this, since the regulations change constantly. We are looking for an offer for your father, preferably without surcharges. Just send us a short mail with the exact rental dates to: [email protected] or call our infoline: 0221 567 999 11.

Annika from billiger-mietwagen.De

Hello , I am 84 , physically and mentally fit , drive every year with my own car across europe , both right and left hand traffic , intend to travel in the summer again times to the USA and looking for me a car company without age restrictions . I ask for your experience .

Thank you for your request. According to our information, the suppliers in the USA do not have any restrictions regarding a maximum age. In the rental conditions of the individual offers are the restrictions listed. If you have any questions in detail, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to advise you.

Many greetings
osman from cheap-car-rental.De

My father is 81 years old, fit and able to drive. Would like to rent a car in march in tenerife for 1 week. Which provider can you recommend us here?

Hello christian,
thank you for your inquiry.

there are many rental companies that allow rentals even at 81 years old. However, it is quite difficult to make a generalized statement here. After a detailed search for the desired period, we first look for the providers who offer a rental car and can research on the basis of the rental conditions, whether the acceptance is also possible at 81 years old. Our infoline will be happy to help you on +49 221 567 999 11.

Best regards
osman from cheap-car-rental.De

I am 76 years old and I would like to rent a car in Cyprus in march. Can you recommend a car rental company that does not have an age restriction?? About opodo I have booked with rentalcars.Com booked and see in the printed conditions the age limit of 75. Should I contact this company and ask them??
Thanks a lot,
robert mandl

We recommend you to take a look at the offers with the landlord avis. According to our last status you should find there offers without additional fees.

You can also call our infoline. We will be happy to help you find something suitable and you can rely on the experience of our customer advisors.

Friendly greetings
harald from cheap-car-rental.De

I am 77 and would like to take a car tour in ireland.
I have now read that there is an age restriction on renting a car in Ireland. Does this apply to all rental companies? If a medical certificate is required, what should it look like?? (my daughter, whom i visit regularly, lives in australia, i have not had any difficulties there so far)

We recommend you to rent a car from the rental company enterprise. There is currently no age limit in ireland, so you can rent the car without any problems.

Friendly greetings
harald from billiger-mietwagen.De

i would like to fly with my parents (81 and 84 year) next year to malaga and rent a car there. I would like my father as 2. Register the driver. Is there an age limit for driving a car in spain??

The vast majority of car rental companies are very flexible in Spain. of course you should have a quick look at the rental conditions after you have decided on an offer, but we would not expect any major problems here.

Kind regards
harald from billiger-mietwagen.De

Can you rent a rental car in spain at the age of 20 if you have had a class B license for more than 2 years? ?

Yes, but most rental companies set a minimum age limit of 21 years. Therefore, please be sure to check the rental conditions or call our infoline for detailed advice!

Friendly greetings
harald from billiger-mietwagen.De

hello, how is portugal? Friends from HH want to rent a car in faro/algarve, the fsehr routiniert, has lived here for years. Accident free.

thank you for your answer, elfriede

Hello dear elfriede,
as a rule, drivers over 69 may be subject to fees and other additional documentation (e.g.B. medical certificate) may be required.
Please always check the rental terms and conditions for each offer or contact our service line directly on 0221 567 999 11. We will be happy to help you with your request.
Kind regards, stella from billiger-mietwagen.De

Re: canada – east
am a good-fitter – accident-free driver for ages – next summer 77 J.

Are there any problems when renting a car in canada-east?

You can rent a car from the following rental companies: avis, budget, dollar, hertz and thrifty. please note that, depending on the organizer, there may be fees or the request for further documents such as a medical certificate.

We recommend you to contact us by phone after your booking in order to clarify any questions as soon as possible.

Kind regards
harald from cheap rental cars.De

Why is no one fighting this blanket discrimination against people based on age alone?.
of course as a single person you don’t want to have a years long legal battle because you either have to pay unjustified extra charges during a urlsubs trip or you can’t rent a car on vacation at all.Such a lawsuit would possibly be a precedent.
In my opinion, however, it would also be the task of an intermediary organization such as billiger-mietwagen.De to make sure that this unequal treatment stops.After all, it is increasingly older customers who travel at all times of the year and also have the necessary money to buy a plane, hotel, rental car, etc. To pay.Just because it is an important customer base, it would make commercial sense to only rent a car companies that do not follow this practice, which devalues the human dignity of the elderly.

Thank you for your feedback, gudrun.

age related fees are charged by many rental companies not only for older drivers but also for young drivers. Whether a rental company charges such fees or not, he decides himself according to his own rules.

Unfortunately, we cannot prevent these fees, but we do of course try to mediate with the rental companies to ensure that the fees are not too high.

And of course we are happy to help you to find the cheapest landlord or in case of doubt the landlord who does not charge any fees, so that you can set a sign.

Kind regards
harald from billiger-mietwagen.De

I am 77 years old,live in switzerland and have to have a medical examination every 2 years to confirm my fitness to drive.(obligatory from 70 years in switzerland).
I have difficulties with the age limit in germany and I am looking for one
rental car from bremerhaven to konstanz,ship my own vehicle
overseas. Can you help here or give advice.Do not like to use the
train . best regards

We did a test search for offers for your route and found only offers from sunny cars. Sunny cars as an operator has no upper age limit, so that you can comfortably book an offer from this operator without having to worry.

For a more detailed advice our infoline is at your disposal.

Friendly greetings
harald from cheap-car-rental.De

I find it absolutely discriminatory to use age as the sole criterion for renting a car. There should be a universally recognized fitness to drive check (analogous to the existing fitness to fly check), with which everyone concerned can prove their ability to drive (their) car safely in road traffic. I (76) would have no objection to such a voluntary test with a limited period of validity, especially if it were also recognized by the car insurance companies, which also practice tacit age discrimination through age-related increases in insurance premiums, which most policyholders are probably not even aware of.

This is a very interesting suggestion, gunter. Maybe the rental companies will change their way of doing things in the future?

Friendly greetings
harald from cheap rental cars.De

I have reserved a car at billiger mietwagen for 72 euro a week. Nowhere did it say of an age limit still above. Now I get a mail that I can drive this car with 72 years only with a surcharge of 8 euro per day. It is a small car fiat panda for 2 erw. And 1 child so no luxury car am not a Sunday driver we drive a lot on vacation abroad and still without accident. It is a proven fact that older drivers have fewer accidents than younger drivers because they are much more careful.
They made me an offer for a more expensive car where is the difference.
I find that one would have to be informed of this clause before booking so I would be spared the additional cancellations and rebookings.
With kind regards
rosmarie M.

you could find a note about the age limit in your offer in the rental conditions, which you have to read in order to complete your booking. but we will check to communicate this even more clearly in another place.

Thank you for this advice.

Kind regards
harald from cheap-car-rental.De

Good day!
In september we will go to montenegro by boat and train. We would like to rent a car there. My husband will be 76 years old at the end of november. Can he drive a vehicle?

Thank you very much for your answer.
Friendly greetings,

This is handled very differently by the landlords in montenegro. some rental companies will give you a vehicle without any problems, others require a medical certificate. We therefore recommend you to look for a vehicle at alamo/national, enterprise or hertz if possible.

If you have any questions, we will of course be happy to advise you personally.

Friendly greetings
harald from cheap-rental-car.De

Hello, I would like to rent a car in malaga for two weeks in april or may 2017 and visit the white villages of spain, although I will have reached the "biblical age of 75 years". Should I better do without a rental car and travel with my own car and caravan from austria, or is vehicle rental possible without problems?

Good day rudolf,
this will surely be a wonderful trip. There are still some rental companies that have no age limit, so that you can still drive the car at 75 years of age. We will gladly send you some sample offers by e-mail and are at your disposal for any questions you may have by phone.
Many greetings, pia from cheap-car-rental.De

Dear billiger-mietwagen team,

my parents 76 and 75 are flying to hawaii in october and want to rent a car on each of the islands there. Both are physically and mentally still super fit. What to consider? Are there any age restrictions? If yes, with which rental companies is it possible to rent a vehicle without any problems?? Thank you very much!

Thank you for your request. Most rental companies do not have any restrictions on the driving age for the USA and give the max. driving age. Driver age with 99 years on. The normal German driver’s license is also sufficient for the rental of the vehicle. It is however recommended to carry the international driver’s license in addition. This is not an obligation for the rental.
If your parents still have an "old German driver’s license", this must first be exchanged for a new EU driver’s license before the international driver’s license can be applied for.
We will be happy to make you an appropriate offer if you contact us briefly with the rental data (by phone or also by e-mail).

Many greetings, pia from billiger-mietwagen.De

I am american, 87 years old, living in france and have a german driver’s license from 1960 (born in berlin). Have international insurance. No accidents in the last 15 years. I have some relatives around dusseldorf that I would like to visit at the end of the year. For this I need a rental car for a few days from/to airport dusseldorf. What are the possibilities .
Thank you in advance for your reply.

offers, where driving with 87 years is allowed, we can offer for germany in principle.

Please use the following link to send us a car rental request so that we can send you a suitable offer.

Emma from billiger-mietwagen.De

there is NO BADER provider on mallorca than the company GOLDCAR. Very , very unfriendly and very long waiting times. The rudest spanish people i have met in over 40 years !!

Hello Mr. labriola,

Thank you for your comment.

We would like to take this opportunity to explain our role as an intermediary travel agency. As a rental car price comparison portal, we offer customers an overview of all offers on the market.
Thus you will find on our website offers of different price – and performance levels. From cheap low budget rental to high quality premium offer with extensive scope of services and international landlord. We always recommend our customers a consultation by phone, so that together we can create a suitable offer. So we can prepare the customers for the rental in the best possible way.

Kind regards
osman from cheap rental cars.De

comment, actually more a question. I am 71 years old and have also booked a car for january 2017 at "billiger-mietwagen" on tenerife. Do I have to be afraid that I will be refused a rental car??
I have driven until spring 2016 a 4.5 ton (camper) accident-free in all herren countries, annually so about 6 000km. At home I drive a honda ciwic, if it must be the rover 75 of my husband. I also live in the greater Stuttgart area, where is often driven quite aggressively. I can say that I am an alert and attentive driver and I am wondering if it is possible that I am not allowed to drive a rental car on Tenerife at the age of 71? I would find this very humiliating. you can’t lump all drivers together. One must distinguish between "sunday drivers" and safe frequent drivers. Of course something can always happen to anyone
happen, even to the younger people. I think, if you don’t have the confidence to drive a car in a foreign country, you don’t want to do it in the first place.

All bookings made with us by drivers under 26 years of age and drivers over 70 years of age, we check for any additional costs on the spot. If a rental company charges an insurance surcharge based on age, or refuses to rent the car, we will write to you personally and inform you of the charges or offer an alternative. In the booking you mentioned, the maximum age is 75 years and there is nothing to prevent the rental.

During my vacation in may of this year I was refused a car at the counter of enterprise bari airport because I am over 74 years old. I had a valid contract from alamo (enterprise is the handling agent), a valid driver’s license and a valid credit card. I had asked for a possible age limit when I rented the car in Germany. This was laughingly denied: "but not with us". Since I had booked with alamo in cincinnati last year I could not imagine this either. in germany i drive a ford mustang that i bought in miami and shipped to germany, i have been driving for 42 years without an accident, the car is insured with ADAC, insurance rate: 25%. I am totally fit, not overweight, and I look like it. Has anyone heard from frau heidi hetzer before? At the latest now it should be disproved that older drivers can’t drive. By the way, I do not drive accident-free for 42 years, because others have paid attention. We are supposed to work until 67, 3 years later we are not allowed to drive a car anymore? This is discriminatory and absolutely outrageous.

We are very sorry that you have not received the vehicle from the landlord. The landlord enterprise/alamo has in Italy actually deposited the maximum age of 73 years in the rental conditions. But, the maximum age can vary, depending on the rental company and the country. In the USA, for example, alamo has no maximum age limit.

In order to avoid any inconvenience for our customers, we check bookings made by drivers over 70 years old or under 26 years old. If there are additional charges or the rental is not possible, we will inform you by e-mail and offer an alternative, if available.

If we have missed it in your booking, please send us an e-mail to info@billiger-mietwagen with the booking number.De, so that we can check this.

Hello, I do not write a comment.I only have one question : I will be 75 in april and I wanted to rent a small car for 3 weeks in june. Driving experience since I was 18. age, last 7 years in cyprus driving on the left side of the road. Is there a chance for me to get a car ? Thank you for your answer. Kind regards ingrid F.

Hello mrs. fritzsche,
thank you for your request. In principle this is not a problem. But it depends on the provider and the country. If you do a search on cheap-car-rental.De start, you can then view the rental conditions for each offer. There is a maximum age limit, if any. If there is no indication of this, there is also no limit. Alternative: tell me your exact travel period and rental and return location and we will send you an offer by e-mail.
Many greetings

Above they write at alamo 75 years and further below in the answers 99 years
for rentals in USA? Which is now applicable?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to make a general statement. The landlords change their rental conditions in regular intervals, so that it can come to such apparent contradictions like the one you pointed out. This is admittedly a little confusing.

At alamo we can currently find no age limit upwards, so our statement from june 2016 still applies.

Friendly greetings
harald from cheap rental cars.De

we rent a car every year in south africa. Is there an age limit? I am 73 years old.

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