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MBA distance learning: all information + distance learning courses

MBA distance learning wanted? You are right here. In addition to detailed information on study model “distance learning”, you will also find a database of all MBA distance education courses in Germany. We have created an independent and very detailed guide to all questions around this topic.

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With a correspondence course, you can flexibly achieve a further degree in addition to the profession. You can also complete an MBA in Germany at many universities as a distance learning course. In doing so, you develop the contents in self-study from home, by means of online learning material, house and project work. More than 40 universities offer an MBA distance learning course, partly with different specializations, in Germany.

Everything you need to know about MBA distance learning!

MBA Distance Learning – Overview of Degree Programs / Suppliers

If you want to study MBA in Germany, you have many options. However, the selection narrows if you are looking for a distance learning program that specializes in a special field. If you are looking for an MBA distance learning program for a particular subject area, you can use our database to filter for the right MBA program. Here you will find an overview of the providers, divided into distance learning and part-time attendance study:

Colleges and academies

Distance Learning

campus program

Basic information about the MBA distance learning

Not only are you looking for a listing of all colleges but you also want to get basic data & Inform facts of an MBA distance learning? Then you should read on here, we have created a great overview:

What to look for when choosing the provider?

Quite simply: that the degree program fits exactly to your ideas and is carried out by a reputable provider. Would you like to further specialize in an industry? If so, then you should also study a themed MBA and not a General Management program. Would you like to be very flexible in organizing the self-learning phases? Then choose a degree program that focuses on few or no attendance phases.

So that you do not fall for black sheep among the providers in the choice of MBA distance learning, you should note the following points:

    accreditation: If the program has been reviewed and approved by one of the typical accreditation agencies (including FIBAA, AQAS, ACQUIN)?

Recognition: If the university is recognized by the state or if the business school cooperates with such a university?

Reputation: If you Google the provider in connection with the word “MBA”, you will find negative newspaper or blog posts?

  • History: Does the MBA distance learning program exist for a long time or is it offered by an unknown academy, which has only been around for a short time??
  • Do not be blinded by.

    • elaborately programmed websites with photos of lecture halls and students
    • Seriously published study and information books
    • free service hotlines for student advice

    How does an MBA distance learning program work??

    Most MBA distance education programs are divided into modules that build on each other. The content you develop independently from home. The providers provide you with learning material. This includes z. B. Study letters, exercises and educational videos. When you learn for your MBA, you can be flexible. However, you should not underestimate the time you have to spend on it: for distance learning, you should have one Effort of 15 – 20 hours per week, in addition to normal work.

    The modules are completed with home and project work, or exams. For the examinations, as well as for individual seminars, there are also a few class lectures per semester in the MBA distance learning program. An exception is the Online MBA, where you can take exams online at some universities. At the end of the MBA distance learning program you write the master thesis.

    Tip: “Distance learning, evening study & Co. “-
    The ultimate guide to extra-occupational study

    We were often asked if we could pour out our in-depth study expertise in a concentrated way. Now the time has come: Our concentrated knowledge in an e-book!

    Is there a ranking for MBA distance education courses?

    The addition “Ranking” is just below the suggestions on a Google search.

    It is therefore very important for many prospective students to orient themselves on the basis of university assessments. However, this is almost impossible for an MBA distance learning. If you want to select your German MBA distance learning course with the help of a ranking, you will not get very far – there are simply no reasonably objective surveys.

    Nevertheless, there are some indications, e.g. the portal Here students and graduates report on their experiences and rate. An excerpt:

    More detailed information is available in our large guide article:

    How high are the costs?

    The costs of an MBA distance learning range from around 8,200 euros up to almost 20,000 euros. The scope of services is not exactly the same, With the more expensive distance learning courses, the costs for face-to-face appointments are often already included, and one usually has better services. Nevertheless, the MBA program is neither “the more expensive, the better”, nor “high tuition fees = overpriced provider”.

    In the following graphic we have researched some examples of costs from different providers.

    The cost of an MBA distance learning course is certainly a crucial point when it comes to the choice of study and therefore the funding goes, but you should not blindly look only at the five cheapest colleges. Since the expenditure yes u.a. can also deduct tax, even supposedly high-priced study programs can be the right choice if they offer exactly what you are looking for your career.

    In addition to the tuition fees, which are usually the biggest cost factor at the Ferstudium MBA, there may be more expenses for you.

      Presence Dates: The SRH Fernhochschule conducts a five-day compact presentation event at the end of each semester in a hotel. The costs (except the journey) are already included in the tuition. There are also face-to-face appointments with most other providers, as a rule the costs are incurred, such as Hotel accommodation, not included in the tuition.

    Additional fees: We have at the o.g. Cost already enrollment or examination fees included. However, it may well be that some providers still have other fees, e.g. for the thesis, require.

  • Learning material: Obviously you will get many scripts as PDF in the distance learning MBA program, which are usually enough to learn. For some subjects, however, the purchase of additional books is appropriate.
  • Example calculation

    Your MBA distance learning program offers 2 semester weekends each semester with classes on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The venue is located 300km from your residence.

    Example values approximate costs
    path 8x 600km x 9l / 100km 600 €
    Overnight on site 8x 2 nights 1,280 €
    food 8x 2 dinner (possibly + lunch, etc.) 400 €
    learning material flat-rate 400 €
    total 2,680 €

    With 4 semesters of study time would come again more than 2,000 euros in additional expenses together.

    Worth the cost of the MBA distance learning?

    Anyone familiar with economics will inevitably not only ask about the price / performance ratio of the MBAs, but also about the return on investment. In her report, Beate, who completed a part-time MBA (no distance learning) at EBS University, says that it costs around 30,000 euros:

    It was worth every penny for this study, even if it was two really hard years!

    In the course of the research for this study guide, we conducted interviews with more than 150 graduates and gained experience. The overwhelming part states that the study was worthwhile. At about 50% also financially correct, with all those who rate positively, but in any case also from the point of view of personal development.

    Otherwise, as so often in life, the question of the ROI of distance education costs is relative. There are few polls and reliable numbers. After all, some providers have published salaries after the MBA: Who lays down a good start after graduation, can count on approximately 60,000 euros starting salary. For graduates of the GISMA Business School (no distance learning), the five-year average earnings are 61,000 euros. The Handelshochschule Leipzig (HHL) cites an average of 59,600 euros over the past three years. At the University of Düsseldorf, two-thirds of the surveyed graduates said they had implemented a salary increase after completing their studies (an average of 15,000 euros per year), and a good quarter even increased their salary by more than 25%.

    Roughly one can say: 40% of those, whose annual income before the MBA (distance) study was under 50,000 euro, grow into an MBA in the category 50,000 to 75,000 euros.

    And what is ethically possibly not quite astute, but somehow also a factor in addition to the MBA distance learning costs: Finally, one buys with the MBA in a league that recruits each other. Because an MBA graduate will certainly always prefer a different MBA, when it comes to assigning a job.

    Is there also a free MBA distance learning?

    No. And affordable distance learning courses cost at least, as mentioned above, 8,200 euros plus travel and teaching materials. We will discuss this in a detailed article.

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