Mcdonald’s and burger king: advantages – disadvantages of fast food

Fast Food Five reasons for McDonald’s and Burger King

Fast food from Burger King: opinions differ when it comes to fast food.

1. It’s quick
Fast food lives up to its name: in ten minutes you have a reasonably warm meal in your paper bag that lasts for at least two hours. Instead of standing in the kitchen for hours or waiting for unfriendly waiters in the restaurant, the food at McDonalds is at best eaten in 20 minutes.

2. It is everywhere
At the train station, on the motorway or while shopping – there is a branch of the fast food giants almost everywhere. So you get full quickly when you are in transit.

SSP Germany

The operator of restaurants and shops in train stations and airports had to cope with a slight drop in sales in 2013 by almost eight million to 174 million euros.


The restaurants in the 46 Ikea furniture stores recorded sales of 180 million euros in 2013, a minimal increase compared to 2012.


The number of branches in the sandwich chain fell slightly by 10 to 590 in 2013. However, sales rose by an estimated seven to 192 million euros.


The petrol station chain generated sales of 192.2 million euros in 2013 with its “Petit Bistro” sales outlets in 1,096 petrol stations: a significant increase compared to the previous year.

Yum restaurants

The Yum group also owns Kentucky Fried Chicken and the Pizza Hut chain. In Germany, Yum increased the number of branches by 6 to 163 in 2013 and increased sales by more than 15 percent to 233 million euros.

North Sea

The North Sea fish restaurants had a total turnover of 291.6 million euros in 2013, stagnating compared to the previous year. The number of branches decreased by two to 334 restaurants.

Highway tank & rest

The company operates a total of 393 service areas on motorways. Sales in 2013 were estimated at 600 million euros – stagnation year-on-year.

LSG Lufthansa Service

The caterer of the airline Lufthansa increases sales by a little more than three percent to 753 million euros.

Burger King

The fast food chain has 696 restaurants and, in 2013, sales rose slightly more than five percent to 833 million euros.

MC Donalds

The US burger chain is the undisputed number one. With 1,468 restaurants, McDonald’s put an estimated 3.1 billion euros.

3. No surprises
If grievances become known to a fast food giant, negative headlines hail, see recent reports of some Burger-King stores. The companies know this – and therefore set controlled supply chains, standardized production processes and hygiene regulations. If they are followed. Allergy sufferers therefore also appreciate the chains: the products always contain the same ingredients.

Whether in Wanne-Eickel, Warsaw or Windhoek. A whopper is a whopper is a whopper.

4. Children love it
Please listen to all educators and parents in Prenzlauer Berg briefly. children love McDonald’s – and sometimes it’s all right to buy a happy meal for the little whining child, including a character (which will certainly break after a few weeks). It doesn’t have to be the child’s birthday with Ronald McDonald.

5. It tastes good
Of course everyone knows, that a burger is not healthy. But let’s be honest: Such a greasy menu with chips and Big Mac simply tastes good. Over the years, the groups have completely adapted their recipes to suit the mass taste. They taste just after a few beers, as nocturnal snakes at the counters show.


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