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Definition of measles

also known as: Morbilli

measles The infection with measles – the virus is a virus – takes place almost exclusively from person to person by droplet infection, so by coughing or Anniesen, but never about utensils. Anyone who has ever undergone measles is immune, d. he is protected from a second illness all his life. The duration between infection and onset of the disease, the incubation period, is about 10-14 days. But a few days before the typical symptoms of the disease, the patient is considered to be infectious and it remains until about a week after the onset of the rash. Before this rash occurs, the characteristic precursors are often fever, cough and conjunctivitis. As the first symptoms typical of measles, small whitish spots the size of grains of grain, the so-called Koplik spots, appear on the inside of the cheeks, opposite the upper and lower molars, and remain visible for about 2-3 days. The actual measles rash begins on the face, on the hairy scalp and behind the ears, and then quickly changes to the neck, trunk and limbs. It’s made up of small red patches and looks like someone’s been brushing a red paintbrush over the skin. On the 2nd or 3rd day of the fever, the rash reaches its peak and then begins to fade again. After about a week, the disease is generally over; Recovery is associated with a characteristic, skin-shingling, skin-like pattern. The uncomplicated measles have a good prognosis: After the kidnapping, the children usually recover surprisingly quickly.

On average, measles are more severe in adults than in children. Possible complications, which are based on the fact that diseased bacteria take advantage of the weakened immune system, are laryngeal, lung and middle ear inflammation; In rare, particularly severe cases also a brain inflammation, which is noticeable by the recent occurrence of high fever, headache, vomiting and convulsions. In addition, measles lead to a reduction in resistance to tuberculosis.

As far as possible, all children should be vaccinated as far as possible, and ideally in the form of the combined measles-mumps-rubella vaccination.

For treatment, the doctor usually prescribed antipyretic drugs, antitussive drugs and plenty of fluid intake (fruit juices, tea). To prevent pneumonia, the hospital room should be well ventilated. Due to the often accompanying conjunctivitis bright light is to be shielded. If the mentioned bacterial comorbidities occur, they are combated with antibiotics.


Rachenenanthem (mucosal redness) in measles disease

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