Media center companies and recyclers

Media center companies and recyclers

Media center companies and recyclers

Our information documents have been created in PDF format and can be downloaded or viewed with the Acrobat Reader. If this is already installed on your computer, it will be started automatically after clicking on the form. The file is loaded into a temporary directory of your computer. If you only want to download the file without looking at it, use the right mouse button when clicking on the form. You will then find browser options that enable specific saving of the file on your computer.

1. Registration documents and registration forms

You log in for the first time? Then the obligation to pay and the amount of the levy must first be checked:

Note: You can fill out this form on the PC and then print it out. You can not save it.

You are already registered as a taxable business and want to report your taxable fees?

You want to correct already submitted fee reports?

Note: These forms can be filled out on the PC and then printed out. You can not save it.


If you have already been informed of a tax audit by a German pension insurance carrier, please refrain from additionally sending us a registration and questionnaire form. Due to the priority test obligation of the institutions of the German pension insurance, the corresponding findings are made in the context of the upcoming tax audit.

2. Forms and forms

3. Information documents

Acrobat Reader, which is used to view PDF files, can display files within the browser (such as Internet Explorer or Firefox). Large files can be subject to errors.

Should you see the message "This file is damaged and can not be repaired" displayed, proceed as follows:

" Open the Acrobat Reader.
" Select Edit / Preferences / Preferences from the menu.
" Click the category "Internet" on.
" Take the hook "Show PDF in browser" out.
" Confirm with the OK button and exit the Acrobat Reader.
If necessary, close all browser windows and log in again. The error should not occur now!

Note for Windows 10 users:

Under Windows 10 Microsoft has introduced a new browser (Microsoft Edge). This requires to fill in PDF forms a so-called addon, which is not yet provided by Microsoft. That’s why you have to use PDF forms that you want to fill out on the PC with another browser, eg. For example, the Internet Explorer, open.

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