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"Fritz Thoenes Memorial Award"

With the "Fritz Thoenes Memorial Award" Nadine Grützmacher was awarded this year. The prize for special services in health and children’s nursing was awarded for the fourth time by the sponsoring association of the university children’s clinic "Karl Nissler" and the founder Gunther Thoenes, whose father was the director of the Magdeburg Children’s Clinic from 1934-1953. The award was presented at the graduation ceremony for the graduates of the training center for health care professions (AZG) at the university hospital.

Nadine Grützmacher completed her three-year apprenticeship as a health and children’s nurse with top performances. Her grade point average at the end of the apprenticeship was 1.56 and in her state examination she was rated "very good" with an average of 1.3. The reason for the award states: “Nadine showed very good empathy towards the patients of different age groups. Through targeted observation and well-founded theoretical knowledge, she recognized relevant nursing problems for children and adolescents and acted consequently and independently. Even in stressful situations in the areas of pediatric surgery, child and adolescent psychiatry and ENT, she showed empathy and demonstrated professional competence. Nadine Grützmacher consistently reflected on the development of her personal and professional skills during her training. The professionalism thus acquired as a nurse for children and nurses clearly demonstrated it during the state examination ”. Nadine Grützmacher was also involved during the teddy hospital and of the day the open door at AZG in public for health and children’s nursing as a worthy representative of the profession. After completing her professional qualification, she will start working in children’s oncology at the university hospital.

Another high point of the event was the farewell to the subject teacher Renate Schulz, who has since more than 40 years has played a major role in shaping the theoretical and practical training of medical and technical laboratory assistants and other areas of the AZG.

Together with Nadine Grützmacher, 52 graduates from the fields of health and nursing, nursing aid, health and pediatric nursing as well as medical-technical laboratory and medical-technical radiology assistance were able to look forward to the successful completion of their exams and proudly received their certificates on July 15th Take receipt. Many of them will start working in the university hospital.

In her speech, the managing director of the training center Cordula Ahrendt thanked all teachers, practice instructors, mentors, lecturers and school assistants for their commitment to vocational training: "These successful vocational qualifications are due above all to the continuous cooperation between the training center staff and the practice facilities of the university hospital and the cooperation institutions possible become. "

On the initiative of Prof. Gunther Thoenes, the founder of the "Fritz Thoenes Memorial Prize", a meeting of all previous winners took place this year. Between the teachers and practice managers for health and pediatric nursing, the award winners and the pediatrician Prof. Wilhelm Thal from the sponsoring association of the university children’s clinic "Karl Nissler" and the Thoenes couple had an intensive exchange. The focus of the discussions was on maintaining the profession of health and children’s nursing.

Meeting of the laureates of the “Fritz Thoenes Memorial Prize” (from left): Lena Kreibich (2010), Christina Lüning (2009), Nadine Grützmacher (2011) and the teachers of health and children’s nursing

Photo: Cordula Ahrendt / University Hospital

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