Medical technology for surgery: equipment and prices

Medical technology in surgery – an overview

Surgery is a very important part of medicine and describes the surgical procedure on humans. This area requires a lot of sensitivity and a long training from the doctor. Accordingly, surgery is often referred to as the supreme discipline of medicine.

Learn more about the profession of surgery below and get to know the various medical devices related to surgery. Find out about the areas of application and find the right device for your surgery practice on request.

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About the Department of Surgery

Surgery is a branch of medicine and deals with surgical and invasive procedures on humans. The scope of application extends from surgical diseases, injuries and injuries to the correction of congenital or acquired malformations.

Basically, one distinguishes between four types of surgical technique: The conventional surgery (open surgical field), the minimally invasive surgery (Access via orifices with endoscopes and instruments), the computer assisted surgery (Support operation by computer) and the Robotic Surgery (Operation with surgical robots).

The focus of the surgery is on vascular, cardiac and pediatric surgery, orthopedics, aesthetic surgery and accident surgery. The equipment of the practice is based on the focus of the attending physician. The task field for surgeons is therefore large and the goal of the treatment is described quickly: If an operation is on schedule, then the cure of the patient is usually not much in the way.

Surgical interventions are not only in the domain of surgeons, but also in other medical specialties, it comes to surgical procedures (ENT doctor, gynecologist, etc.). Of about 385000 According to statistics of the German Medical Association, doctors in Germany are about 40,000 Doctors work as surgeons.

Looking for medical devices for surgery?

Medical technology for surgery

An ECG device monitors vital signs | © nimon /

Since the surgeon’s group is very inhomogeneous, it is generally very difficult to list all the equipment of a surgical practice. Approximately 60 to 70 Percent of practicing surgeons practice in a one-to-one practice, with the remainder being majority members of a Vocational Training Association (FOPH).

In doing so, established surgeons are far more likely to take over an existing individual practice than to re-establish a doctor’s practice. In practice, the medical technology is usually taken over, so that the practical equipment differs depending on the individual case. The resident surgeon is usually helped by the regional professional association.

When refurbishing a practice for surgery, there is no avoidance of an ultrasound device, anesthesia device, ventilation device and various instrument reprocessing devices (thermodisinfector / autoclave). In addition, the purchase of an ECG device and other special devices is also recommended. For a better overview, we have compiled the required medical equipment for surgery in the following.

Medical device applications Costs (guide value) *
ECG ECG (with ergometry) Control of cardiac function during surgery from 1.000 €
sonography Ultrasound device Processing of bone and tissue from 15,000 €
Shockwave therapy device Pain reduction (analgesia) of different body zones from 1.000 €
surgery High-frequency surgical device Alteration or destruction of tissue cells for the purpose of hemostasis (hemostasis), tissue disruption or sealing from 2,900 €
Operations laser Use as a scalpel from 799 €
CO2 laser Non-contact use on tissue K.A..
instrument preparation thermodisinfector Cleaning, disinfecting and sterilizing medical instruments from 3,500 €
autoclave Reliable, fast and safe method of sterilization from 2,000 €
Other specializations Ventilation device (mobile) Pumps oxygen-enriched air into the lungs from 6,600 €
Anesthesia device (mobile) Adopts the patient’s respiratory function during surgery from 16.600 €
Cold light source Very high intensity light in the visible spectral range from 1.000 €
Heat therapy device Healing and regeneration through heat therapy from 150 €
Electro-therapy device Use in pain relief, the treatment of neuralgia, circulatory disorders or orthopedic diseases from 100 €

* All prices exclude VAT.

ECG devices for functional monitoring

The ECG device is primarily used before surgery. Not infrequently, in addition to a general examination, preparation for surgery requires control of cardiac function using an ECG device. This is especially true for patients over 40 years. The prices start at about 1,000 euros net. Further information about the ECG device can be found here.

The ECG device provides information about possible cardiac arrhythmias or other heart defects and prevents unwanted complications during the operation. The body function of a patient during the operation is monitored by a monitor, so-called “monitoring”. A 5-channel ECG is part of the standard of the monitor unit and helps, for example. in the detection of oxygen deficiency.

Sonography equipment as an all-round aid

Sonography devices are not only needed in surgery during the pre- and post-examination, but can also be used directly in the surgery. For this, an ultrasound device is equipped with a special probe and allows the exact location of the tumor during a tumor treatment. In addition, the ultrasound device (from 15,000 euros net) can also be used in determining the incision of many other operations.

But even in the follow-up of many surgeries, the ultrasound examination is a common method and is standard in many clinics. Before the surgery, in addition to ultrasound applications, X-ray images can also provide a detailed analysis of the findings region. Accordingly, X-ray devices are often an integral part of surgery, even if they are not needed directly during surgery. A conventional X-ray device starts in the price from about 50,000 euros net.

Instruments for the operation

Surgery requires different instruments for a variety of procedures. In addition to numerous surgical knives, scissors and tweezers, modern laser devices are also receiving increasing attention in surgery. In particular, the surgical laser is increasingly used as a novel scalpel, the CO2 laser also helps with non-contact use at various tissue sites. Further information about medical lasers can be found here.

In high-frequency surgery (HF surgery), high-frequency alternating current is used for medical purposes. With the help of an electric cautery, the alternating current is passed through the human body and thus the targeted damage of the tissue is achieved. This allows a targeted cut of the desired tissue site and ensures rapid hemostasis. The devices from HF surgery are colloquially referred to as an electric scalpel. In addition to dermatology, HF surgery is mainly used in brain surgery and prices are in between 1,200 and 5,500 euros net.

Instruments for instrument reprocessing

Instrument preparation for the surgical instruments

The storage and cleaning of the surgical instruments used is an important issue for any practice and clinic. Non-sterile or improperly cleaned surgical equipment carries the risk of infections and sequelae. In this area, accordingly, should not be saved in the practice or clinic equipment. Essentially two devices are used in connection with surgery – a thermodisinfector and an autoclave device.

You will usually get a Thermodisinfector (RDG) between 3,500 to 9,500 euros net. The device has the task to disinfect the medical instruments before sterilization. Subsequently, the disinfected instruments are sterilized with an autoclave and all microorganisms are removed. The device works with the heat from water vapor and also allows the treatment of plastic due to lower temperatures. The price starts from about 2,000 euros net.

Other specializations for surgery

For surgery, there are many devices that can not be classified in a unique category. The ventilator and anesthesia device is an integral part of patient care in every surgical department. These devices are important for maintaining the vital functions and perform e.g. during surgery the respiratory function of the patients. The lighting also plays an important role in surgery.

Good lighting ensures that the attending physician has a good view of the area to be treated and enables a safe cut. Accordingly, probably no surgery practice, a cold light source may be missing. For the follow-up, almost every practice has a stimulation current therapy device, which z. B. is used for pain relief. Also for the follow-up the heat therapy device is used, which, however, is present only in about every third practice. The prices are at 3,500 euros net.

General practice equipment

Also in a surgery practice you need a reception area | © Suteren /

In a practiced surgery practice, you will find other furnishing items in addition to medical technology. First of all, the practice requires a reception area and a waiting room. In this case, a pleasant atmosphere and a pleasant lighting should be taken into account. After all, these places are the first contact between patient and practice.

With regard to the required premises, there are some special features in a surgery practice. In addition to the reception and waiting area, which is indispensable in all established practices, further treatment rooms are needed. This applies in particular to doctors who also operate on an outpatient and on-site basis. In this context, you need an operating room and also a wake-up area for the patient after the anesthesia. Depending on the equipment you should be using at least 7,500 euros net count on the equipment of these rooms.

Also for the follow-up of the surgical instruments a separate area is needed. And last but not least, think about their employees. A break room allows the practice team to find a little rest and to recover from the strenuous work. Here is also the possibility to integrate a kitchen or kitchenette in the room. Further information about general practice equipment can be found here.

Practice facilities particularities Cost (new, with installation) *
lighting Affects mood and atmosphere of the practice from 500 € + Monthly charges
Workplace policies are to be observed
operating rooms For outpatient interventions in practice from 5,000 €
Guaranteed sterile treatment of patients
Aufwachbetten Monitors the waking up of the patient after surgery from 2,500 €
Lounge for the patient
Pre and Post Treatment Rooms (e.g., Sterilization Area) Preparation of the surgical instruments from 10.000 € (with instruments)
Can be customized
Assistant room Rest and recreation room for the employees from 1.000 €
Tea kitchen or kitchenette recommended
Waiting room and reception First place of contact of the patients with the practice from 8,000 €
Employment opportunities make sense

* All prices exclude VAT.

Further advice desired?

Are you looking for new surgery devices? | © idutko /

With the multitude of offers around medical technology devices for the surgery one can lose the overview fast. If this first list of conventional devices was not enough for the surgeon, you will find useful information in our medical technology category.

We are also happy to help from Medizinio on request in the placement of new or used equipment for surgery. We are supported by a large partner network, which helps us to find a new device on the fastest way.

Used devices are in many cases about 30 percent cheaper than new equipment and a possible alternative to the expensive new purchase. If we want to help you with the product search, then contact us via e-mail or ask a simple request in our application form.

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