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Anyone who is ill needs the right treatment to get well again. However, there is not only one “right one“Treatment or just a person or professional group that contributes to recovery.

Rather, the patient has an ever-increasing variety of options available to be treated.

Classically, the family doctor diagnoses a disease and then refers to appropriate medical specialists, if necessary.

Internists, rheumatologists, proctologists, gynecologists, radiologists, urologists, orthopedic surgeons and many other disciplines are available to choose from, the experience and qualifications of which the patient can rely on.

In addition to the doctors, alternative medicine has always been offered to the patient as a consultation. Naturopaths, chiropractors, osteopaths or homeopaths offer gentle health care based on herbal remedies, laying on of hands, energy pathways, homeopathic remedies or restoring.

Other alternative healings are made by shamans, “healers“, Speakers or Spirit Healers. However, the scientific data on these “occupational groups” is relatively thin …

We introduce you to our category “treatment“All these health professions and their fields of activity, as well as their areas of specialization, before and in addition to interesting medicines and medicinal plants. It is also important to us to give you tips on how to differentiate reputable treatment methods from dubious ones and how to protect yourself from charlatanry.

We hope you enjoy reading our pages. To bring you much benefit and health.

Medical treatments & Alternative Cure A-Z

An ever-growing number of people are increasingly looking for alternative treatment options for diseases and other conditions. These would like to renounce as far as possible on chemical medicines and a treatment after the classical medicine.

On the following pages you will find a lot of information about alternative healing methods.

You can also order the healing procedures according to the following criteria:

What is a treatment?

The treatment or therapy is the basic measure for the cure of complaints, illnesses and symptoms in the medicine. The cornerstones of modern medicine are competent therapists and doctors. The goal of any treatment is the restoration of health, which includes physical as well as mental and psychological recovery. Today modern equipment is used. Therapeutic approaches can take place both in conservative form, ie treatments with drugs, as well as operations on the body and organs. Furthermore, there are many natural remedies. These include, for example, acupuncture, homeopathy, Bach flower therapy, Schüssler salts or traditional Chinese medicine.

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