Medizinio: all services related to medical technology

All services of Medizinio – an overview

Medizinio is a platform for physicians and medical institutions looking for medical or medical supplies and wanting to compare the cost of a new acquisition.

We have a large network of specialist retailers throughout Germany and, upon request, can arrange for you to find a suitable partner for your department completely free of charge and without obligation. Find your new medical device today or take advantage of other services from Medizinio.

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Consulting and mediation

Medizinio advises on questions relating to the field of medical technology | © Andrei_R /

At Medizinio you can find out about medical devices and new trends in medical technology. This helps, for example, in deciding whether you would rather buy a new digital x-ray machine or have your old one retrofitted.

If there is then concrete interest in a device of your choice, we arrange for free and without obligation a specialist dealer, who carries out an intensive consultation on site once again and creates a first offer.

You can then accept or reject it if it does not meet your expectations. Medizinio acts as a facilitator in this entire process so that you can quickly find a suitable medical technology dealer for your needs without much research and telephone calls. We also do a lot of work for the dealers because all requests are sorted and pre-qualified by us. The brokerage service is here.

At Medizinio all offers are free and without obligation. With an offer request you commit yourself to nothing. Also, not all technical parameters need to be known – just enter the data you know. At the on-the-spot advice everything else is clarified.

Medical devices, financing and more

purchase & used medical equipment

Purchase and sale of medical technology directly via Medizinio | © sfam_photo /

At Medizinio you will not only find new medical devices. The market also offers many used models, which were used only a few months and are thus considerably cheaper than a new purchase. Especially in the x-ray range, many older devices can be easily equipped with digital technology, which is highly recommended for a small budget.

We also like to buy your old devices or take them in a new purchase in payment. Specialized partners then prepare them and either sell them abroad or smaller practices that only have a small budget. Further information about our marketplace can be found here.

Find the right financing

Find the right financing with Medizinio | © Elvira Koneva /

Large medical devices are difficult to finance without external help. But that’s no problem at all, that’s why Medizinio has the right partner for you.

Often these are even specialized in the medical technology market and can therefore offer just the right terms and terms for your loan. With modern technology and efficient processes, the payback time is reduced again. Everything about the right financing can be found here.

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