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A bit like Bullerbüe

For 30 years, Bambino Tours has specialized in family holidays with “handmade” child care and exciting youth programs.

Heinz Bender – Managing Director

Founder of Bambino-Tours (1988) – After years of study in Italy and France, the convinced non-aviator lives happily with his wife, children, donkeys, sheep, chickens, dogs and cats in the Hessian forests.

Julian Hensel – assistant to the management

The Bambino Tours newcomer from Lower Saxony is a convinced camper and our specialist for campfires, bread and guitar music.

We support you with a lot of joy in finding your own personal holiday. The central part of our philosophy is that the whole family can finally find enough time for each other and enjoy the holiday together according to their own ideas. With varied and “handmade” children’s offers and an exciting youth program Bambino Tours offers the perfect setting. Giant slides or anonymous bed castles can not be found here. But for individual country-typical houses and hotels, a family atmosphere, nice hosts, always sympathetic guest groups and many friends for your big and small children.

The result is wonderful:
balanced, happy children and teenagers, as well as relaxed and well-rested parents, who not only enjoy the moments of togetherness, but also a harmonious family life.

Holidays for the whole family – holidays for young and old!

D a s B a m b i n o -T o u r s – T a m

Regina Nebel – advice, sales & office organization

When she is free, she prefers to travel with her family to more southern regions and is also looking for new destinations for Bambino Tours.

Julia Reimers – paedag. Personnel management u. consultation

As a great football fan she often goes to Munich to support her team. On their holidays, the destinations may like to be on other continents.

Marie Bostroem – Educator. personal care

As a long-time carer, she knows many Bambino Tours goals and as an educationalist, she loves adventure education.

Renate Bostroem – Backoffice and image design

Long-standing commercial soul, now creative co-designer of our offers. As a passionate photographer, she knows many of our goals.

Daniela Gontidis – Backoffice, Consulting and Sales

Our Lady of the Numbers spends most of her free time with husband and little son in the new home and likes to travel to Greece.

Selina Fischer – advice and sales

In her spare time, she likes to decorate cakes and cupcakes or likes to travel with her family to the warm south. At the moment she enjoys parental leave.

Katharina Feike – advice and sales

Our Frohnatur and 1. FC Cologne fan has again got offspring and enjoys with husband and now three small children their parental leave.

Frieda – Responsible for animal good mood

Frieda looks after the right, enjoys petting and watches over the feedback from our customers.

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