Meeting of abuse commissioners

Meeting of abuse commissioners

A study published on behalf of the Catholic Church documented more than 3.600 abused children and adolescents. Abuse commissioners from the federal government and the Catholic Church are now meeting for dialogue.

The Federal Government Commissioner for Abuse, Johannes-Wilhelm Rorig, will meet again with the Catholic Bishop of Trier, Stefan Ackermann, in Berlin on Tuesday to discuss how to proceed in dealing with cases of abuse. The office of the abuse commissioner confirmed a corresponding report in the news magazine "Der Spiegel". Afterwards also the processing of sexual assaults in catholic orders is to be topic.

Study shows tip of the iceberg

The Catholic bishops had established such a procedure at their spring plenary meeting in Lingen in March. According to a study presented last year, at least 3.677 children and adolescents from 1.670 Catholic clerics abused. Experts point to a high number of unreported cases, according to which there is talk of around 100.000 victims.

Abolition of power structures

Matthias Katsch, spokesman for the Corner Table, told the magazine that the process of coming to terms with the abuse must now become concrete. Those responsible would have to be named and abuse-facilitating power structures abolished.

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