Mega man 9 – player guide nrw

Mega man 9 - player guide nrw

Mega Man 9

Game description:
The "Mega Man"-Series by the developer Capcom is considered to be one of the most successful games of all time with about 28 million copies sold worldwide. Since the release of the first offshoot (in Japan the game appears under the pseudonym "Rocket man"In 1987, they remained true to a relatively simple gameplay principle: The player takes on the role of the android Mega Man and must fight through linear levels, at the end of each of which a final boss waits. If this is defeated, he bequeathed to the player his characteristic main weapon. At the end of the adventure you will see the evil Dr. Opposite to Wily, in order to thwart his dark plans. As in classic Jump&Run titles usually the player follows the action from a two-dimensional perspective. In order to defeat the opponents appearing in the game the player is at the beginning of the adventure of the so-called. "Mega Blaster" to disposal. This weapon can be thought of as a kind of right-arm prosthesis, giving Mega Man its characteristic look. While there is infinite ammunition for this weapon, the weapons obtained later in the game have limited shot. During the level, different surprise packs can be collected which, for example, recharge the energy of the android or replenish the stock of screws that can be exchanged for useful tools in a store. On tricky parts of the adventure, Mega Man can rely on the help of his robot dog Rush, who offers his faithful services either as a sort of trampoline or as a jet to accomplish the tricky tasks.

Educational Assessment:
What can one expect from a game which is offered on the internet at a download price of just under € 10? High-sounding HD graphics with massively perfectly staged explosions? A soundscape that bombards your ears with ochestral background music? A nested background story that captivates the player with their unexpected twists? Beforehand, it should be said that these delicacies must be waived as expected. What the player expects is a frugal graphics in the good old 8-bit style, a soundtrack set with MIDI instruments alone, as well as a story that runs as straight as the A555 from Cologne to Bonn.
To stamp this approach however as deficient and no longer up-to-date would not do justice to the play in any way. "Mega Man 9" offers long-lasting a varied fun. Especially players who have dealt in the past with the previous parts of the series, should shed a few tears of joy.
The controls are kept very simple, which means that the player can use the directional pad to move the android, and two buttons on the gamepad, one for jumping and one for shooting. The character responds very precisely to the key commands. However, this is sorely needed, as the game has an extremely high level of difficulty. In order to pass the levels, not a few attempts are often enough, as almost outrageously common opponents alternate with ridiculously difficult skill passages. This circumstance causes a lot of frustration moments in the game, which is why beginners are just the fingers of "Mega Man 9" should let. The adventure is only suitable for absolute professionals, who bring along a great deal of experience in dealing with computer games and a certain affinity to older titles in the series. If the latter is not there, it will be hard to succumb to the retrocharmes of the game. Those who find the level of difficulty that is already too easy to start with can either try the additional challenges integrated in the download version or download two additional difficulty levels via the Internet for a small fee. Negatively, one could chalk the title to the fact that beginners completely stay on the track. A lower level of difficulty could have brought newcomers closer to the still-present fascination of the title.
That the graphics are based more on older semesters of video game history, is already clear when looking at the intro sequence. The story is explained on a handful of still images with the appropriate subtitles. Connoisseurs of the series should be the main protagonists Mega Man and its creator Dr. Light, as well as the cunning Dr. Wily already be a concept. The fact that there is no voice output is not negative, since the event is not suitable for children due to the high degree of difficulty mentioned and the story has no influence on the progress in the game. The level design is thematically oriented to the respective end bosses, which is expressed for example in the section of "Hornet Man" (in German: Hornetsman) excellent detain opponents who bombard Mega Man with hornets or other insects. The levels are very varied, so that no boredom should arise. Again, a reference to older games in the series is conducive, otherwise the charm of non-existent graphical "Aha"-Moments could be lost relatively quickly.
The soundscape is also very lovingly composed. The songs quickly become earwigs, which is not least because of the constant repetitions of the levels, the melodies after some time in and out knows – with which they have a high recognition value. The fact that no elaborate sound effects were used here fits in well with the economical graphics style and rounds off the well thought out presentation of the game.

Who counts himself to an older generation of video players and with earlier "Mega Man"-Titles have already spent days between desperation due to the high level of difficulty and admiration caused by the creative and demanding level design, for that is "Mega Man 9" an absolute compulsory purchase. The download price of 10 € is negligible compared to the game space and leads to an excellent price-performance ratio. The game combines all the strengths of the series and gives the likeable android an impressive comeback. However, the title is only suitable for absolute professionals who can not be deterred by numerous frustrating moments. Beginners can quickly feel overwhelmed and set aside the gamepad before completing the first level. If enough experience with video games, a good dose of patience, as well as a certain tendency to retro games exist, the game is suitable for young people over 14 years.

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