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Does running underwear from Merino absorb moisture particularly well? What makes good running socks? And how does a sweatpants fit perfectly for men? We have answers to the questions around functional running clothes for men!

Pure vitality: jogging keeps you fit (© Asics)

Functional jogging clothes for men

In the second part of our treadmill guide you will learn everything you about high quality running clothes to know for men. We’ll take a look at the different types of functional clothing that will help you get the most out of your daily running sessions.

Maybe you also ask yourself: "Why buy extra running clothes for men when your wardrobe is full of T-shirts??" On the first page of our guide we give you answers to the question why it pays to invest in good running clothes.

From the socks to the rain jacket

  • Everything you need to know about jogging pants
  • Running jackets and what you should consider when buying
  • The basics: men’s running shirts and their function
  • Underrated Companion: Men’s running vests
  • Valuable accessories: headgear for running
  • Nothing works without them: running socks
  • Without it runs badly: running underwear

Running in casual fashion? D rather not

Quickly jump into the old sweatpants, pull the top T-shirt out of the wardrobe, put sneakers on your feet and off you go. Anyone who manages to cover several kilometers in this way will quickly understand why regular runners value so much, functional equipment which goes far beyond running shoes.

Casual wear does not meet the requirements by far, which one puts on high-quality sports clothing today. It all starts with the material: shirts and trousers for a cozy evening on the couch usually consist of cotton or a cotton mixture. That makes them particularly comfortable and skin-friendly. Cotton can absorb moisture well and quickly. However, she does not blow her up. When you go jogging in pure cotton shirts, you run fast in damp clothes. Muscle tension or even "a train" are pre-programmed, if then a cool wind blows.

Casual wear is also not designed to withstand the demands of sportswear: high levels of perspiration and moisture and frequent washing at high temperatures. Functional clothing scores here with a much greater durability and durability. What applies to shirts and pants, also applies to running underwear. Running underwear is more breathable than standard underwear – its seat is designed for movement, so it does not strangle or become uncomfortable even on longer runs.

Running pants, running tights & Shorts for men

It is one of the basics of jogging clothing for men: the running pants. There are several differences in practice here. Pants, tights, shorts, leggings – all models come with their own advantages.

The material of men’s running pants

Length and fit

The seat of the running pants

Men’s running pants / jogging pants

Men’s jogging clothes

Running pants vs. jogging pants: Caution!

Running pants for the winter

Men’s running pants for training or competition

Between game, hunting & Escape: Men become a child again while running! (© Adidas)

Functional running jackets for men

Wind, cold and rain: running jackets protect your upper body against outside influences. It cools faster than the legs, which are in constant motion – so you should choose a jacket that is tailored to your needs.

For example, if you sweat fast, you should choose a particularly breathable model that is not too thick. A soft, roughened material on the other hand keeps air between the fibers and creates a heat pad, which meets those runners who tend to freeze.

Requirement for a good running jacket



Men’s running jackets

Men’s jogging clothes

The types of men’s business jackets

Practical extras on running jackets

With the right jogging clothes there is no stopping for men (© ON)

Men’s Running Tops (Long Sleeve and Short Sleeve)

running Shirts belong like running pants to the basic equipment of a runner. Short T-shirts are great on warm summer days, long sleeve tops keep the body and muscles warm on colder days or during the transitional period, preventing heat loss. The brand manufacturers equip their products with others comfort-enhancing features out: Ventilation zones under the arms provide optimal moisture transport, flat seams do not wear and prevent nasty pressure points.

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