Mesobar treatment for even, full beard growth

Mesobart treatment to improve beard growth

The Mesobart treatment is the right step for you, if you do not want to settle for a sparse or uneven beard growth. Fulfill the desire of a lush beard that you can care for, trim and style individually.

Trends are constantly changing and so our understanding of aesthetics continues to evolve. A full, well-groomed beard is increasingly establishing itself as a beauty symbol of the masses. Once smiled at as a hipster trend, the triumphal march of the beard is barely stopping at the moment. But what makes the perfect beard? Whether full or three-day beard, it comes in both cases on the quality of hair growth and proper care. With irregular, less full beard growth, the Mesobart treatment can realize targeted successes. The gentle process is intended to stimulate hair growth in the hair roots and thus support a fuller beard growth. In addition, the treatment can sustainably build up the skin and the surrounding tissue.

Mesotherapy for full beard hair

Mesotherapy is a gentle procedure that combines the effects of medicinal and herbal ingredients and is therefore particularly effective. The fabrics are injected into the skin tissue, revitalizing the hair roots.

The contents of the injection include a selection of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and trace elements, such as dexpanthenol, biotin or coenzyme Q10. The ingredients distribute themselves independently in the injection area and stimulate the blood circulation. The responsible for the beard growth hair follicles are decisively stimulated by the active ingredients and thereby stimulated growth. The skin tissue affected by the injections is also revitalized by the vitamins and cell regeneration is activated. Due to the effect of the ingredients, an additional anti-aging effect can be achieved.

The gentle Mesobart treatment

The Mesobartbehandlung is considered very gentle. This is due on the one hand to the good compatibility of the active ingredients used, on the other hand also on our treatment method. The active ingredients are injected only a few millimeters below the skin surface for a successful treatment, so that little skin and body irritations occur.

To ensure the long-term success of this treatment, we recommend six sessions, seven days apart. A constant course of treatment at weekly intervals makes initial results visible in as little as six to eight weeks. The effect of the injected substances builds steadily during the treatment period. Therefore, it is important that you have the treatment done regularly to increase your chances of success.

We are happy to assist you in an individual consultation for further questions. In the Praxisklinik Nilius, a comprehensive, personal discussion awaits you, which prepares you in the best possible way for a possible procedure.

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