Miami in the central east of the sunshine state Florida


The metropolis Miami is certainly one of the most famous cities in Florida which lies about 154 miles southeast of Cape Coral. That’s about 247 kilometers and with the car you can reach Miami in just over two hours and 30 minutes. For many vacationers the Florida vacation usually starts in this city as they land on the Miami International Airport. There are direct flights with Lufthansa between Frankfurt and Miami and usually a direct flight is always the best way to get to Florida. The city center has about 410,000 inhabitants and in the metropolitan area live over 5.6 million people making Miami the largest cities in Florida. The metropolis has certainly become known through the television series Miami Vice and now every tourist would like to make a holiday there once. It is important to know for many newcomers who are on vacation there for the first time that this city speaks more Spanish than English. That’s why it makes sense to have some basic Spanish skills that can be very useful, for example in the hotel.

The climate is of course similar to Cape Coral, but a bit warmer as the city is even farther south. Mostly it is a few degrees warmer there and if it is a bit cooler in Cape Coral then you still have pleasant temperatures there. However, the summer months are also often rainy and you always have to expect short rain showers. After an hour but then the sun shines again and you can lay down on the beach. The best travel time are the winter months from November to April for a holiday. This is also a popular time for cruising the Caribbean, and Miami is home to one of the largest cruise ports in the world, and the major US shipping companies Royal Caribbean, Carnival and Norwegian Cruise Lines are based in Miami, bringing passengers from there to the Caribbean Caribbean. The city also offers a very good starting point to discover the Florida Keys.

With a rental car you can explore the city very well, but in Miami Beach you should always take good care of the parking and there is a towed. The parking fees in the hotels are very high there as well as the room rates. The hotels are a bit cheaper if you live a bit outside. Miami is a very interesting area instead of the numerous shopping options such as the open air shopping Mall Bayside Marketplace where you can also make excursions by boat. But there are also big shopping malls like the Aventura Mall or the Dolphin Mall.

Well-known attractions are of course Miami Beach with the Ocean Drive and the Art Deco District where you can stroll in the evening. Very nice is the Lincoln Road with many shops where you will certainly find a souvenir. A great getaway for the whole family would be to visit the Miami Seaquarium, where there are the well known shows with the orcas. The American Airlines Arena also regularly hosts big concerts and sporting events that you can visit. In Downtown you can use the free Metromover where you can move between the skyscrapers. Also known is the Freedown Tower, Jungle Island, Miami Zoo, Villa Vizcaya and much more. Of course, there is a lot of information about Miami with a guide you should get to prepare for the trip.

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