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Michael Burat’s rip-off with prams and toys

To the various rip-off portals of the Frankfurt roundabout around Michael Burat we have to get used to it over time. Including those for many surprising bills and reminders for downloading free software. That members of society are looking for lifestyle products such as Goods should be ripped off by Adidas was then also just a logical continuation. Just like rip off with advent calendars or recipes. But what we discovered recently is just going too far. In a nutshell, it’s just shabby.

Young parents are people who want to save and often also have to in order to provide their offspring with what they need. And it is precisely this group of people that is the company’s empire Michael Burat like a bush thief in wait. Namely when looking for a stroller.

We’ll look at the paid ads on the right, of which the third from above with the Strollers – Discount is already quite suspicious.

By clicking on the suspicious result we get to the landing page minekinderwagensale.com.

There is a big promise that you can save up to 50% on pram factory sales! Who doesn’t want to save there? So the button is lively "SAVE NOW" clicked and you will be redirected to a rip-off page we know – outlets.de by Michael Burat’s company IContent GmbH.

Of course, the “stroller” pass-through in question is to be found in the first place. Sure, if you’re looking for prams, you also need toys. Also at Toy outlets savings are promised again. Even up to 80 percent on Michael Burat’s registration page from outlets.de.

At the Toys – factory outlet still save up to 80%? Still promised Mr. Burat? Hardly likely. Let’s scroll down to the bottom of the registration page.

Anyone who is only concerned with the registration, as it is intended, is no longer able to see the already delicate price indication. So. how was that Strollers save up to 50%, toys save up to 80%?

How is that supposed to work for a stroller in the upper price range for around EUR 289 to save 50%, if for this brazen rip-off a total of EUR 192 to the IContent GmbH to be paid. In the case of teddy bear model Steiff for around 140 EUR, a dealer would even have to give us some money so that we could save the promised 80%.

In our view, this is not only misleading but even fraudulent.


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