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Roadtrip Michigan – by ferry through ice and snow

Drummond Island – a small island in Lake Huron high in the north of Michigan on the Upper Peninsula. Even if she is one of the biggest in the lake. For those who live here, the wilderness is everyday life. Next to a post office, one

Road trip through Michigan – first losses, brute impressions and frozen fingers

On Day 2 of my road trip through the ice desert of Michigan, I had to record first losses: my right glove seems to have fallen out of the car and thereby pulled my cap with it. Even my iPhone comes with these blatant temperatures thanks Windchillfaktor even

In the blizzard through Michigan – a road trip into the ice desert

A great wish for my road trip through the US state of Michigan was to be able to drive extensively in the snow. This wish was to come true yesterday after I left Detroit after 2 days and set off

Detroit with Kids – Tips for a Motorcity Vacation

Detroit with children. For a week, the boys and I spent our road trip along the Great Lakes vacationing in Detroit – enjoying every second! Not only many Americans explain this to us on our trip to the United States

Instagram to Detroit – a journey through Motorcity (with V > April 3, 2014 · 8 Comments ·

Minus 15 degrees, plus a wind, the warm fingers within minutes to icicles let. But a steel-blue sky that compensated for all these adverse photo weather conditions: that was Detroit, Michigan, in February. My short stay at the Motorcity in early January

Travelogue Detroit – Day 5 and why the city does not need a bookmarking

Travel Report Detroit. All of Detroit was snowed in overnight. I was not sure how much that would affect my day when I released my car from the ice and snow layer. But I learned the first lesson very quickly: come on a snow plow, look

Travelogue Detroit Day 3 – of character heads and the coldest part of the city

“Where do you live?” “In Corktown.” “Ah, at the Inn, eh?” That’s exactly what most of my conversation in Detroit is like. I like that. Detroit is small. Half of the city knows where I live. Travel Report Detroit, Day 3. In The Big D was

The weather in Detroit – Arschkalt but beautiful

The weather in Detroit fascinates me. Just like the whole city. Many ask me what I’m doing here and if it would not be boring. NO. It is not boring at all here. Not being alone here is boring yet

Looking for Eminem’s Parenthood – Day 1 in Detroit

One day after my somewhat more complicated entry into the US, the story of the tourism threat has become a little token that I tell anyone who asks me what I’m doing here. She always makes for laughs. I sit

As I failed in Detroit because of tourism suspicion almost at the entry

“You say you stay alone in Detroit for a week? What exactly do you intend to do? How do you get from the airport to the city? Who do you meet? “My details while entering the US on Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County

Packard Plant Detroit – a look into Detroit’s most famous factory ruin

The Packard Plant Detroit is considered the most famous and most notorious factory ruin of Motor City. The situation was lost. I was standing somewhere in a “High Red District” in Detroit, in front of me the pick-up of the security officer with running

The two faces of the Motorcity – on the move in the suburbs of Detroit

When my alarm clock rings at 6:30, I had just slept for an hour. The TV is blaring, the light on the bed is still burning. In ‘Destroit’ as some locals call the Motorcity, it’s still quiet.

The Two Faces of the Motorcity – Downtown Detroit

Who does not have a car in Detroit is in a fix,’ they say. Luckily we bring our own. Because Detroit is the goal of our road trip, which we started in Houston, Texas. A city tour in, The D ‘was so nothing in the

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