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Extend your horizon of understanding Microbiology

Professor of Microbiology and Virology Vincent Racaniello will clearly explain the most important and learned concepts for your USMLE exam. Clinical presentations that are key to your understanding of microbiology will be provided by Dr. Sean Elliot, to strengthen your theoretical knowledge about bacteria, fungi, and parasites.

Moreover, the educators will detail the methods for distinguishing between different microbes and reveal how their associated diseases emerge. Within a short period of time, you will excel at questions on these issues for your USMLE exam.

With this course, you will gain a general understanding and strong foundation of microorganisms, their diagnoses, and treatments. In addition to viewing our high-quality video lectures, you can access quiz questions and download study materials. Start learning today!

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Your Educators of course Microbiology

Vincent Racaniello, PhD

Sean Elliott, MD

Dr. Sean Elliott earned his MD from Columbia University’s 1993 College of Physicians and Surgeons, followed by a Pediatric Residency at Children’s Memorial Hospital, Northwestern University School of Medicine, and a fellowship in Pediatric Infectious Diseases at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, Washington University School of Medicine. Recruited in 1999 at the University of Arizona College of Medicine, he is now the Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Chair of the Department of Pediatrics, serving as the Pediatrics Residency Program Director from 2011 to the end of 2017 and as the interim associate Dean of Curriculum from 2017 through 2019.

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4,4 of 5 stars

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4 stars 15
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The issues are basically complete and pretty fluent lectures

Really clear explanation with real life example, thank you so much. I have trouble to learn the cycle of this parasite but thank you for this professor. Even for the prevalence of the world, it’s easy for me to remember it now thanks to this lecture.

Clear explanation, most of the time very detailed and easy to understand

sir, the way you talk about microbes, inspire me to learn more.

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4,4 of 5 stars

5 stars 100
4 stars 15
3 stars 7
2 stars 9
1 star

The issues are basically complete and pretty fluent lectures

Really clear explanation with real life example, thank you so much. I have trouble to learn the cycle of this parasite but thank you for this professor. Even for the prevalence of the world, it’s easy for me to remember it now thanks to this lecture.

Clear explanation, most of the time very detailed and easy to understand

sir, the way you talk about microbes, inspire me to learn more.

It’s explained in a very understandable way and slow for non native speackers

Really clear explanation, and really easy to understand! I’m lovin ‘it

I like Lecturio very much because the videos are simple, short, and hit the high notes. I got a A on my first exams in microbiology where the majority of the students got 60% and under.

I really love how it matters on the important details needed.

This lecture really helped me a lot, it’s so well explained and dynamic that makes it easier to understand. Thank you doctor.

The lecturer touches on the most important points with clarity and conciseness.

He is energetic and I like that very much about him.

It would be nice to have an extra chapter or add a lab identification for bacterias. Like techniques to identify them. Oxidase positive o catalase negative like that. So is very useful in enterobactereceaa microorganisms to add the biochemistry scale o battery examples like TSI LIA MIO Citrate Urea. I’m from Chile and i am in formation to become a medical technologist

absolutely wasting of time for who needs to study for step 1

Dr.Vincent Racaniello, with all the respect he has read, is is wasteful of time. Hopefully you guys want to fix this issue

Excellent! All the lectures of dr. Sean Elliot are amazing! A+++

I love the lectures so much. I never drink consumed lol. However. I think it would be great if they had the second mark or arrow so that it would rewind or fast forward the lecture. It would be just like you tube videos and stuff. Thank you kindly

Great but insufficient. The second part has no subtitles for foreign speakers

A calm and organized lecture made in a way that is easy to recollect with the start and end saying what we are going to learn and what we have learned.

Faltan aspectos microbiologicos como factores de virulencia y patogenia, pruebas de laboratorio, y enfermedades que produce.

The professor’s way of teaching is accurate and neat approach to the lectures.

Thank you, this is helping me so much. I love these videos.

The Pro. The informations paint any medical relevance, are more directed towards biological knowledge, Sings and symptoms are needed

Not a great virus review course for Usle step one students

well most know that shigella destroys gis mucosa. but the pathophysiology is now clear. thanx lecturio

It is very audible, good sound system, analyzed with pictures and really more defined

Staphicides have been previously recognized as being common in STEP 1 (i.e., saprophyticus and epidermidis). This seems to be a common topic in the paper for STEP 1.

10% of what we need to know for USMLE. Various bacteria ranging from gram positive cocci all the way to mycobacteria were all missing. And even with the bacteria taught (streptococci, staphyloccci, vibrio, e.coli, shigella, salmonella) painted a tremendous amount of depth. Very disappointing that I paid for this. Hoping virology lectures wants to be better.

nothing could be better, I liked your way and simplicity with fully clear explanations.

clear helpful illustrations. Although history took a long time, but I liked the way you went through it, your slides were simple, not crowded and well organized.

it’s very clear course with direct points and simple explanations.Also the notes and slides are well done.

It tells the information is not really close to the USMLE questions.

Simple and easy to understand, he really likes the subject. I wish the videos were longer with more information. Maybe an advance lecture? Thank you!

Mr Racaniello explained that viral genetics were very well in this course, however clinical diseases (measles, mumps, hepatitis viruses, etc.) were not mentioned. Most importantly, HIV was not discussed.

Mr Racaniello presents all the material and I believe he is an excellent lecturer. However, there are many important types of bacteria missing from this course. Pseudomonas, Treponema pallidum, zoonoses, Clostridium, Tetanus, Helicobacter pylori, Neisseria, Bordetella, etc. USMLE’s step out of this course.

So many sub topics are missing. Please add new lectures to cover those topics. Bacteriology portion is incomplete

yes, very good! Very rethorical and good lecture. I love lecturio

Nice one, well described, nice talker, I enjoyed a lot. Keep it up!

Me encanta, todo bien conciso, de manera muy explicada y digerible de combrender

not detailed and for an introductory vedio should be more explanatory

very nice and efficient lectures, you have to write some notes to your book from these lectures!

I think this course is an incredible tool for medical students. I belive that it’s important to have the Microbiology for doctors and it’s great that we have access to it’s information

I would like to give you a higher rating but many important pathogens are not covered

So, during my first two years, I thought this course was a little on the light side, and it feels like a little bit better than explaining and linking ideas. I know they tend to keep the videos short, but I think this course could have benefited from more and more. As a video series for learning, you might just want to be left alone. As a learning source, 3 out of 5. So, now on to why you should really give this guy a watch. I was looking for a quick microbiology review during my dedicated study. I had watched sketchy, and read the textbooks, but wanted a quick, solid review series to watch during lunch and dinner during my assignment, something a little bit more to the point than sketchy. This lecture series is about to be read by all students looking for a great microbiology. It is short, to the point, and highlights what you need to read on the UWORLD questionnaire. 5 out of 5. So, overall, I would give this series a 4 out of 5. If your first or second year, this might not be the best choice for microbiology would rank these microbiology videos second to none.

5/5 because of the simplified explanation of the human microbiome. I like the approach used because it sets the stage for acquiring important information.

Great lecturer. Keeps the lecture interesting and easy to remember. I had him as my professor.

I liked the course. Informative, easy to follow, to understand and to memorize, However, they have not been addressed (TB, N. gonorrhea, T. pallidum, Leprosy, Mycoplasma, clostridium.). Although they might be touched in other topics such as infectious diseases, they should be highlighted in a microbiology course. Would recommend the entire Lecturio to my daughter who just started her first year of medical school. Microbiology is probably to be studied during the 2nd year though

Great course! Check the MCAT: Microbiology Course for the pre-cursors of these USMLE Step 1 lectures (overview of gram staining, cell wall structure, etc).

i liked it very much

This course is informative and professional. I look forward to learning more!

Very calming, understandable, and professor knows what information is right to share

Assalam-o-Alikum! You are reading a lot of lecture due to internet problem plz try to understand and give us access to downloading

A very good lecturer of microbiology. Thank you and I looking forward to learning more.

i feel that teaching better than other professors we as a student understanding better as step by step

I liked how strep was broken down between group A and B but the video did not mention the different types of strep in each group ie s. pyogenes. The quiz asked about catalases but did not mention it in the video.

things made quite easy with interactive lectures and slides and tables

By my opinion, very interesting and informative lectures. Thank you very much!

I’m a foreign medial I just felt lost but when I found this tool my life just changed! I already suggest this to other physicians here in USA. I hope I can handle all the steps I want you guys!

short and sweet concepts. nice tables. easy to understand. Thank you.

I like it because it is really going to be perfect for my learning and I liked everything from it! It was really taught by the Educator.

This guy is the best lecturer on this platform, knows the subject matter, knows how to capture your attention. However, I would have appreciated if he is more test oriented. Thank you.

This guy is the best lecturer on this platform, knows the subject matter, knows how to capture your attention and thus has a short summary

This guy is the best lecturer on this platform, knows the subject matter, knows how to capture your attention and thus has a short summary

A very difficult topic which is highly volatile to forget

Like it very much. If you can add more bacterias and viruses on the course.

Very good presentations, accurate and to the point lectures. Love to study with you.

The professor makes the subject matter interesting and understandable for the layperson.

Hello! I have not finished all the course so I can not give you a proper feedback. but so far I really liked it and it has been quite useful. Thanks.

Lectures very good. But I wish you had some themes like giardiasis, amebiasis and others.

very bad .. they dont have mycobacterium .. dont buy the subscription .. these people have fooled us. they dont have anything on mycobacterium tuberculosis

In this a pedagogical way. many thanks!

the explanation is very clear, the scientific names are pronounced.

very well explain and illustrate! The information match the pictures and the speed of the expositor is flawless.

Thank you very much. I learned a lot. He presents the lectures in a very understandable way. I appreciate him a lot. I became so excited while listening to his presentation. Thank you, thank you, and thank you. God bless you.

MBBS student can not benefit from this lecture. The clear concept needed for a future Doctor about Microbiology.

It’s really helping me get the basic understanding. And the tips for surviving medical school is worth to try.

he talks very clearly, coherent, easy to follow, i read only the free sections what so nice and clear.

Lectures are good but not enough information. How about genetic replication, metabolism,. MISSING!

I really enjoyed learning something that I would not have enjoyed otherwise. Thanks a lot for such a great lecturer.

I thoroughly enjoyed all the videos. So by listening to these lectures, my lectures are making sense to me now. Thank you so much Dr Vincent. You made my life so much easier now.

Sometimes the lecturer reads some information without explaining what is meant by it. If you can improve that I would be glad.

The individual viruses, pathogenesis and the diseases caused by the individual viruses.

Doctor Racaniello gives us great explanations about the different topics of bacterial biology. One of the things that I appreciate is the lecture, which is the appropiate speed and use of clear language.

Amazing stuff but doesnt differ the exotoxins into the four forms of them.

I liked the lecture I gave it a letter idea of ​​the concept

I think each lecture is great, but the contents are not enough for USMLE. More precisely, the contents of the general guidelines are helpful, but those of detailed exposure should be improved. For example, you need to know more about many types of bacteria. The number of types of bacteria addressed in this course is small. It’s far from enough for USMLE step 1. The same same goes for viruses. The others are favorable.

Great teacher !! I am so pleased with your way of teaching

First time I get to understand the various confusing genomes. wonderful

very brief and only touches the superficial parts of ssDNA genomes

I love his courses! Really interesting and informative! Thank you for this awesome lecture.

I really like the detailed lectures and how they break it down so it can be easily understood.

the lecturer is very good in lecturing, i understand very well morethan in the class hall

Estudié medicina hace muchos años y las cosas han cambiado enormemente desde entonces. La aproximación a la clínica se me hace cada vez más difícil sin una vuelta a las bases y en eso el dr. Racaniello ha sido extraordinariamente clasificador.

Very up to date information about prions. Professor Racaniello makes every lecture interesting.

Thank you so much It was really useful and helpful

Very precise and concise, highly recommended to all my friends and colleagues

i want to recommend this lecture on this topic

I had no background in microbiology and this lecture helped a lot with closing the gap. Thank you

Very passionate lectures. I learned a lot about the basics of virus

He is very passionate lecturer. His lecture is very engaging and interesting. Thanks for your lecture

The course is not sufficient in clinical settings. Very theory into research, yet less in diagnosing. Good for a Ph.D. Student, Ph.D..

Dr Racaniello, is good. Easy to understand, good content. This course is hugging all topics in my med school course.

The concept of this course is easily understood. Really lecturio is place where medical student gets his needed resources. So thanks and keep going that great work for medical

Very well done job. Dr. Vincent is excellent. If someone does not have a better understanding of basic and clinical microbiology is not his fault. He has done all his best to facilitate the concept in a very clear manner. Good job Vincent.

Dr. Vincent Racantello is a wonderful facilitator. His teaching is very connected to the concepts of the topics. His explanations are very clear. He even takes time to recap when it is necessary. I wish I had more time to invest in his teaching. He really inspires me to push myself a little bit more. Thanks again

Dr. Racaniello is a very good professor. He takes all his time to ensure that he understands the concepts of the topics. All his feedback and examples are very relevant.

He is a very good lecturer and great facilitator of microbiology.

He is a great professor. He takes all his time to explain the topics.

That’s so great! The lecture is so simple to understand. Thanks PhD!

By them like you did with fungi, parassites and bacteria

great and well made, I’d like to add some quiz even in this section!

Very well made, all the important things to say are dealt.

Great but I’d like to see more types of bacteria and how to treat them

Perfect, easy to follow and understand. I would have been more concerned about treatment.

The clarity of the message is delivered! I enjoyed watching this lecture.

Very effective. All money spent is worth it. Highly recommended.

Lecture was well organized and covered the appropriate level for this topic.

Very good teacher! Funny! Great job. I can spend all of your time listening to him.

I like too much, plz make more yelid questions with each topics, i appreciate it.

I would like to recommend all the USMLE and other medical exam candidates to go through the lecture because the lectures are concise and easy to understand.

This lectures goes through the important prion diseases. It makes a lot of statistics. Overall a good lecture if you’re not too busy in your studying

This lecture is very well organized by introducing and then going into detail. Made it easy to approach and easy to jump back and forth in lecture

Videos were superb able to knot the concept very well.please upload more videos of individual parasites bacteria & fungus

Very good course!!

It was very informative, I mean too much statistics about the history. Its really good for a class. But its bit TIME CONSUMING for some one running against time. One should be ready to hit the key points for revision. I’m sorry, but this is my honest opinion.

covers everything essential, good overview, easy to follow, relevant info

Professor Racaniello is engaging. He really made the study of microbiology enjoyable. This is the best lecture course I’ve taken to date. He has captured my interest. I’m looking forward to the more advanced microbiology course that I’ll take in a couple of weeks. I would therefore like to read a lecture course on the microbiome, which I feel deserves a program of its own. This alone could be a 12 hour course.

It does not have any material about bacterial classification, bacteriophage, antibiotics, bacterial resistance to chemotherapy .

It cleared my mind about bacteria and it’s morphological properties & distinctions etc. Awesome! Thank you!

Lectures are well presented. however, this does not completely cover medical microbiolgy syllabus necessary to sit examinations for medical students

I really love his lectures. Profesor Racaniello is so funny and explains everything so carefully that I get so interested in every single video. Thank you.

Super clear lectures, covering all the basics you need for the mcat. Speaks a little slowly, but nothing that the 1.5x button can not fix.

I’m currently taking Microbiology and Lab. It’s nice to be able to catch another lecture. The lecture lectures are actually more informative than the classroom. I am pleased with what I have learned and I want to get the better grade.

Everything is explained and it makes it easy to learn.

Well organized. Unlike some other courses the quiz questions come after the instructor has mentioned the subject.

Never thought I would enjoy listening to and learning about microbes so much that I do when I’m listening to and taking note of these lectures..

Very detailed professionally and covers all the bases including pathogenesis and epidemiology

I enjoy watching these lectures .. it does not bore me as a class lecture: P

I was going to cancel my subscription as I felt the material did not relate to whats high yield for USMLE step one exam. Watching this lecture renew my interest in the lecture series.

Excellent explanation! The graphics are great and the professor is amazing.

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