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The 6 best bikes from MIFA at a glance.

MIFA bicycles are available in almost all different types of bicycles. All bikes are convincing good quality, robustness and comprehensive accessories, which is already included in the scope of delivery. Besides, they will shipped pre-assembled, so that you can enjoy driving fun with your new MIFA bike quickly and easily.

Which type of bike is the best for you now, find out easily if you look at the View products in our comparison table. Depending on the equipment you need, you will definitely find it here. Choose your favorite now and take your personal MIFA bike test.

The quality management for our test and comparison procedure is TÜV-certified according to ISO 9001

long chain guard
long chain guard
long chain guard

MIFA bike comparison
Illustration * Compare winner
Model * MIFA ladies bike Biria MIFA ladies city bike MIFA ladies bike retro MIFA MTB Cross Speed MIFA MTB Cross MIFA men’s trekking bike
at Amazon *
1 reviews 22 reviews
Bike Type City Bike
mountain bike
mountain bike
Trekking bike
Shift and number of gears 3-speed hub 7-speed hub 3-speed hub 7-speed derailleur 21-speed derailleur 24-speed derailleur
suspension fork seatpost seatpost fork fork fork
brakes Coaster and rim brake drum brake Coaster and rim brake V-brakes hydraulic disc brakes V-brakes, rocker arm brakes
saddle Gel seat City Seat City Seat Mountain bike saddle Mountain bike saddle Trekking saddle
Weight 15.5 kg 19.7 kg 16.9 kg 13.5 kg 16.5 kg 18.8 kg
chain guard
bar ends No No No No No No
included supply
  • lighting
  • mudguard
  • stand
  • bell
  • porter
  • lighting
  • mudguard
  • stand
  • porter
  • bell
  • lighting
  • mudguard
  • stand
  • porter
  • bell
  • basket
  • stand
  • mudguard
  • lighting
  • stand
  • porter
Other product information
frame shape Female frame Female frame Female frame Mr. frame Mr. frame Mr. frame
frame material aluminum
light, stiff
light, stiff
light, stiff
light, stiff
light, stiff
light, stiff
frame height 46 cm 46 cm 52 cm 44 cm 52 cm 55 cm
wheel size 28 inches 28 inches 28 inches 28 inches 28 inches 28 inches
colour gold White turquoise black White black
  • non-slip pedals with reflectors
  • LED lighting with parking light function
  • with resignation
  • Parking light function
  • Holkammer rims with wear indicator
  • non-slip mountain bike pedals
  • non-slip mountain bike pedals
  • non-slip trekking pedals
  • Parking light function
Questions and answers about the product Questions and answers about MIFA Biria women’s bike Questions and answers about MIFA ladies city bike Questions and answers about MIFA ladies bike retro Questions and answers about MIFA MTB Cross Speed Questions and answers about MIFA MTB Cross Questions and answers about MIFA men’s trekking bike
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  • MIFA bicycles are delivered pre-assembled. You do not have to laboriously screw your bike together, you can start driving in a few simple steps.
  • Many MIFA bicycles are equipped with disc brakes that are very durable and, above all, score with their good and reliable braking power.
  • You can easily maintain and maintain your MIFA bike yourself, so that the optimal functionality is maintained for a long time. Oil the chain regularly and check the brakes and tire pressure.

Riding a bike quickly from A to B is very practical, especially in cities where there is no good public transport connection. Often you can just get there faster, If you use the bike,instead of waiting for the train or bus or plunge into traffic by car.

Biking is fun, especially in summer, and you get a good dose of fresh air. Most cities now have them too Bicycle lanes so well developed, that you get to your destination safely and quickly.

It is therefore not surprising that the bicycle component yearly grows. According to a survey by ZIV, there were already 73.5 million bicycles in Germany in 2017. In 2010 there were 69 million.

MIFA bicycles come in a wide variety of variants, so that a model is there according to your needs. What peculiarities bring the different types of bicycles with you and what you should pay attention to when choosing your new MIFA bike, we explain to you in our buying advice.

1. What MIFA bike types are there??

Which one is the best MIFA bike for you depends on how you use the bike use would like. In the following sections we will introduce and explain the different MIFA bike types, for which types of terrain and driving styles these are best suited are.

1.1. MIFA city bikes: safely and comfortably through the city

City bikes arecomfortable everyday bikes, that you can use well for your daily tours of the city.

There are MIFA bikes in the city bike category for both men and women.

These MIFA bikes are characterized by a robust and stable construction that ensure a long lifespan of the bike. The Bicycle frames are often made of light aluminum manufactured and the comfortable, well sprung saddle promises a comfortable seating feeling, even on longer trips.

Almost all MIFA city bikes are fully equipped for traffic safety. The lighting is permanently installed and is operated via a dynamo. Mudguards, luggage racks and a bell are also included.

MIFA bikes of the category city bike are available in three different frame shapes:

  • Female frame
  • Mr. frame
  • low step

The frame model Low entry enables very easy getting on and off. This frame shape is ideal as a MIFA bike for women and if you want to mount a child seat on the bike. Due to the simplified mounting and dismounting, the bike does not have to be brought into an inclined position the risk of it tipping over is reduced.

1.2. MIFA trekking bikes: for long bike tours, even away from paved roads

Trekking bikes from MIFA are Suitable for long bike tours on bike paths or sometimes on dirt roads.

Enjoy beautiful tours on forest and meadow paths with a MIFA trekking bike made of aluminum.

they are built stable, but have still light weight, through the most frame made of aluminum. MIFA trekking bikes have one comfortable gel saddle and have one Gear shift with up to 30 gears. So can too Mastered climbs perfectly and you can vary the weight of the kick well depending on the surface.

The trekking bikes are also equipped from the outset with the most important MIFA bike accessories. This includes mudguards, lighting, bell and the luggage rack.

You can find MIFA trekking bikes in almost all frame shapes:

  • Mr. frame
  • Female frame
  • Diamond frame
  • diamond frame
  • Low step frame

1.3. MIFA mountain bikes: driving fun on uneven roads

MIFA mountain bikes are suitable for mountainous terrain and forest trails.

A special feature of this MIFA bike type is the good suspension. This makes it easy to compensate for any unevenness and obstacles on forest paths.

Which bikes are most often bought??

According to Stiftung Warentest, 32% of the bikes sold in 2016 were trekking bikes. This is followed by 20% city bikes and 16.9% mountain bikes. Electric bicycles are now also represented with a share of 15%. The remaining 16.1% are shared between the other bike models.

The Tire of a mountain bike are between 56 and 67 mm wide and are characterized by a deep profile. Both the width and the profile ensure that you Holds even on slippery surfaces to have.

For are common MIFA mountain bikes available with a men’s frame, there are but now also some women’s models. In these, the upper bar is slanted backwards to the saddle to make it easier to get on and off.

Because MIFA mountain bikes are designed for off-road riding, don’t bring much equipment for a ride through the city. They usually have no lighting, no mudguards and no luggage rack. If you also want to use your mountain bike in the city, you will need to get additional lighting, especially if you are riding in the dark.

1.4. MIFA folding bicycles: practical, small and easy to store

MIFA folding bicycles can be folded up particularly small.

MIFA folding bikes, as the name suggests, can be folded up. They can easily be taken along by train, bus and car are therefore particularly suitable for commuters. Routes between train stations or the train station and the workplace can be covered quickly and easily.

The folding bicycles can either be folded in the middle or pushed together. Important isfor her, if you decide to buy a folding bike, this is fold up quickly and easily leaves.

What is striking about this type of MIFA bike are small frames as well as the small wheels. But saddle and handlebars are longer. This design helps to fold the bike as small as possible. The weight of a MIFA folding bike is kept as low as possible so that you can easily carry the bike up or down the stairs to the platform.

MIFA folding bikes are usually equipped with mudguards and luggage racks. Illumination and bell are not included from the start on all models, so you may have to retrofit them here. Gear shifting is not standard on every folding bike.

1.5. MIFA Dutch bikes: retro bikes for relaxed city tours

Dutch bikes initially fall through it Retro design and the rear wheel fairing on and are designed for comfortable driving in the city. In terms of their shape, they are built so that you can sit upright on the bike.

A MIFA Dutch bike often has a coaster brake, which may take some getting used to for one or the other. In newer models, the brakes are often installed on the handlebars as normal.

Mostly, such a retro bike has only 3 to 8 gears, which is absolutely sufficient for leisurely city tours. Mudguards, lighting and a luggage rack are also included.

2. Purchase criteria for MIFA bikes: You have to pay attention to this

If you have decided on a MIFA bike type, then please note that you also choose the correct frame size choose. Also pull as additional purchase criteria the gear shift and the brakes before you buy a MIFA bike. In the following sections, we will explain what special features need to be taken into account.

In our MIFA bike comparison 2019/2020, we checked and evaluated all selected products based on these criteria. Please have a look at the table at the top of this page.

2.1. Determine the correct frame height

The choice of correct frame size is extremely important in order to be able to ride your bike in a relaxed manner. This depends on your height.

Tip: If you are looking for a bike that you can ride in a sporty and agile way, choose a smaller frame size. Larger frames are suitable for relaxed long bike tours.

In the table below find the recommended sizes according to your height for MIFA bike frames in the category city and trekking bikes as well as mountain bikes.

height Recommended frame height
City bike Trekking bike mountain bike
150-160 cm 42 – 48 cm 42 – 47 cm 33 – 38 cm
160-170 cm 48 – 52 cm 47-52 cm 38-43 cm
170-175 cm 52 – 55 cm 52 – 54 cm 42 – 45 cm
175-180 cm 55-58 cm 54-56 cm 44 – 47 cm
180 – 185 cm 58-61 cm 56 – 58 cm 46-49 cm
185-190 cm 61-63 cm 58 – 60 cm 49 – 52 cm
190-195 cm 63 – 66 cm 60 – 63 cm 51-56 cm
from 195 cm from 66 cm from 63 cm from 56 cm

at Folding bikes are primarily the saddle height and the length of the seat post the crucial criterion. The frames are relatively small in themselves and have hardly any size differences.

When buying a MIFA bike, pay attention to the appropriate frame height.

With a MIFA Dutch bike there are only two different sizes for the women’s frames and three different sizes for the men’s frames.

The frame heights of the women’s bikes are 50/51 cm and 56/57 cm. The former is suitable for Women who are smaller than 166 cm. The larger frame is recommended for taller women.

The frame heights of the men’s bikes are 57/58 cm, 60/61 cm and 66 cm. The former is suitable for one Height up to 180 cm. Second for men between 180 and 190 cm and for even taller people, the frames with a height of 66 cm are the best choice.

2.2. The gear shift: Choose between chain and hub gear

MIFA bicycles are equipped with either a chain or a hub gear. The Special features as well as advantages and disadvantages We explain the two variants in the following table.

light weight

derailleur hub
particularities The chainrings, which are called pinions, are clearly visible on the rear wheel. The Switch mechanism is open and is so exposed to all weather conditions. The switching mechanism is located on the hub of the rear wheel. It’s about a closed system, so the gear shift hardly exposed to weather conditions is.

cheaper to buy very robust

less maintenance required

Switching also possible when stationary


Maintenance required more often

Shifting higher weight possible only when pedaling

more expensive to buy

2.3. The brakes: disc brakes are very reliable

Coaster brakes: you should know that

Coaster brakes are hardly ever installed. They are usually only found on children’s or Dutch bicycles. The brake sits on the rear wheel and can be actuated by moving it backwards, but its braking power is not as strong as rim or hub brakes.

A distinction is made between rim brakes and hub brakes for bicycle brakes.

Rim brakes brake by pressing the brake pads onto the rim flanks of the wheel. Their coating consists of a rubber mixture and they are used very often. The Hub brakes are characterized by the braking mechanism near the hub out. The disc brakes are common here, which should be installed in order to have MIFA bike comparison winner potential.

Brake benefits disadvantage

light weight

easy maintenance less braking effect when wet

high wear

hub brake

very reliable

Braking force can be metered well

hardly any friction loss complex system

difficult maintenance

3. Bike care: you should know that

To have as long as possible fun with your MIFA bike and also to be safe on the road, should you Maintain and maintain your bike regularly. We give you an overview of the main bike parts that should be treated and how to do it best.

If you rest, you rust – According to the ADFC, this also applies to bicycles. If you have given your bike a longer break, you should check it out thoroughly before using it again – because something does not work properly, disturbs you while riding and can even be dangerous.

3.1. The bicycle chain: regular oiling prevents rust

Oil your bicycle chain regularly so that it does not rust.

The bike chain is mostly freely accessible and accordingly not protected from weather conditions. So you should see this clean and oil regularly.

Use an old cloth and free the chain from coarse dirt. Then type Chain oil on the individual plates. Turn the pedals so that the Distribute oil evenly can.

Tip: It is best to put old newspaper under the bike, so the excess oil can simply drip down without leaving any unpleasant dirt.

3.2. The circuit: Check the cable tension

For an optimal driving experience, the Gear shift checked regularly and readjusted if necessary become.

The gear shift of a bicycle should always work properly.

The Cable pulls and outer sleeves the circuit should no kinks have and the Shift levers should operate slightly to let. If you chop them, you can add some oil to the cables. If that is not enough, they have to be exchanged.

If the chain does not run smoothly when shifting or some gears feel choppy, then that can be done on one insufficient cable tension lie.

With derailleurs can you at the Adjust the screw on the shift lever to adjust the tension. If this does not help, you may need a new cable.

With hub gears there are various mechanisms to increase the tension again. To it is best to read the instructions for use and get suitable MIFA bicycle spare parts if necessary.

3.3. The tires: Always check the jacket and tube

If the tire is flat, you have to mend the tube or insert a new one.

Flat tires are not very comfortable and the tires break faster. How much pressure should in your bicycle tires, you can read on the side of the tire.

With the tire casing you should keep an eye on, what the profile looks like. If this is hardly recognizable or if the coat has cracks, then you should get a new one.

Do you have a flat tire, then that’s mostly because of one Hole in the hose or the valve has opened slightly. To test whether there is a hole in the tire or whether the air has escaped through the valve, inflate the tire fully and close the valve properly. Observe for air over the next 24 hours to see if it comes out of the tire. If your tire has lost air, you should insert a new tube or patch the old one.

3.4. The wheels: Prevent a spoke break

The Spokes should be checked regularly for cracks and strength become. You can easily do this by placing two side by side Press the spokes together with your index finger and thumb. These may not move. If a spoke has some play, you should go to a bike shop and have it repaired.

Also check regularly that your bike has an eight. To do this, lift the wheel and turn it. If the rim grinds on the brake block, then you should have the wheel centered again by a specialist.

3.5. The lighting: Check that it is working properly

Especially in the dark it is important to have working lights on the bike.

Especially when you are out in the dark, you should always be sure that your bike lights work. Check regularly whether the cables are still firmly attached to the headlights and dynamo.

It is best to do a lap now and then in the dark and let another person assess whether both the front and rear lights are still fully functional.

Regularly clean the reflectors, which are attached to the front, rear and in the spokes. If these are dirty, the effect is limited.

4. Questions and answers about MIFA bikes

There are many questions when buying a new MIFA bike. We have selected the most common ones for you and answered them in the next sections. If you do not find an answer to your question, please write it to us as a comment under this post and we will help you.

4.1. What’s the deal with the customs information??

Customs information related to bicycles usually refer to the tire size. The following table shows the most common customs values ​​and the corresponding tire diameter in centimeters. You will also find information on which body size and which tire size is recommended.

Wheel Size Tire diameter suitable height
12 inches 30 cm 70 – 90 cm
16 inches 41 cm 90-120 cm
20 inch 51 cm 120-140 cm
24 inches 61 cm 140-160 cm
26 inch 66 cm 160-180 cm
28 inches 71 cm from 180 cm

There are MIFA bicycles for men and women with different tire sizes. In our comparison table above you will also find the corresponding customs size for each bike. MIFA bicycles with 28 or 26 inches are the most common. But there are also 20 inches that are typically found on MIFA folding bikes. You can usually find 12 or 16 inch tires on MIFA bicycles for children.

4.3. What equipment makes a MIFA bike completely roadworthy??

In order to be suitable for road traffic, your MIFA bike should have certain features.

Your MIFA bike should Bring the following features, in order to be safe under the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO):

  • Front and rear lights
  • Front and rear reflectors
  • non-slip pedals with reflectors
  • two spoke reflectors per wheel
  • a ringing bell
  • two independently working brakes

4.4. Which well-known bicycle manufacturers are there besides MIFA?

Other well-known brands in the bicycle segment are Hercules, Scott, Bergamont, Cube, Diamant and many more. There are countless manufacturers, especially in the field of bicycles, but MIFA offers very good quality and, above all, extensive MIFA bicycle accessories for its bicycles.

4.5. What is the MIFA bike and the GDR all about??

At the time of the GDR, the brand was MIFA known for her folding bike. At that time, it was ridiculed, so that the production of MIFA folding bikes was even discontinued in 1990 meanwhile developed into a cult object and the folding bikes from MIFA are manufactured again.

4.6. There are also MIFA e-bikes?

Yes, there are. MIFA e-bikes, like all e-bikes, are equipped with a battery that drives the electric motor. The battery is either attached to the hub or to the bike frame and can usually be removed for charging.

The motor can only be switched on if the pedals are also depressed. So you can not rest completely and do nothing more, but always have to pedal a little. At a speed of 25 km / h, however, the engine regulates, so that the bike can still be classified as a bike on the road and remains free of insurance and registration.


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