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Migraines due to stress? Or because of the weather? For some migraine sufferers, this can among other things trigger unilaterally pulsating headache, nausea and vomiting. Migraine triggers are very different individually. You can find out which ones are available here.

What are migraine triggers??

About three quarters of all migraine sufferers describe a connection between certain trigger factors like stress or eating foods and their headache attacks. 1 But be careful: These triggers for migraines are not the causes of the migraines themselves, but rather factors that can "trigger" an attack.

The migraine triggers (migraine triggers) are individually very different. What is suspected of causing a migraine in a patient does not necessarily apply to other sufferers. In addition, several factors often interact, the then ultimately lead to a migraine attack.

Overview of common migraine triggers

Many migraine sufferers get a feel for their personal migraine triggers over time. Can you just avoid them? Unfortunately, this is often not so easy to do, because migraine triggers like stress are not so easy to change and you can only have a limited influence on external stimuli such as a loud background noise.

Those affected often report the following triggers:

  • Weather changes: Migraine sufferers sensitive to the weather sometimes notice changes in temperature or air pressure when a headache attack is announced.
  • Stress: About 80 percent of those affected say that stress is the cause of migraines. 2
  • Hormonal fluctuations: Many patients suffer from a migraine attack during their period. But pregnancy and menopause also lead to drastic changes in the hormonal balance of women – and thereby influence migraines.
  • Change in the usual daily rhythm: Going to bed late at the weekend? Then a headache after sleeping? Or skipped lunch? If the usual sleep rhythm and daily routine are not maintained, some migraine patients also react with severe pain.

To determine whether one of the migraine triggers listed applies to you, you must monitor your symptoms over a longer period of time. A migraine diary can help you with this. However, you should always critically question your observations: For example, you can a headache, that always appear on Saturdays, are not just an indication of an irregular sleep-wake rhythm, but maybe also of a change in coffee consumption. Studies have shown a link between caffeine and migraines, among other things, by the fact that the researchers gave test persons, who normally drink up to six cups of coffee a day, substitute decaffeinated coffee. The number of migraine attacks then increased. 3

Foods that trigger migraines

Around 20 percent of all migraine sufferers identify certain foods as triggers. 4 However, doctors have not yet been able to clearly prove the connection. In the case of food, it must be taken into account that not only the food itself can trigger a migraine, but also that daytime is crucial. For example, some migraine sufferers can drink a glass of sparkling wine in the evening, but in the morning their heads start to pound violently shortly afterwards. In addition, experts do that Skipping meals such as breakfast often responsible as a trigger.

The following foods in particular are listed as migraine triggers: 5

  • Dairy products (such as cheese)
  • seafood
  • citrus fruits
  • Alcohol (especially red wine)
  • Coffee (also when reducing coffee consumption)
  • Aspartame sweetener (included in light products, among others)
  • fried foods
  • Tea (especially black tea and green tea)
  • grain products

Since many sufferers react to a whole range of foods with migraines, certain preservatives are also suspected as triggers. So far, however, there is no evidence of a direct connection. Chocolate is also made by a lot of Those affected are called migraine triggers, but these are more likely to be specific cravings for sweets that are typical before a migraine attack and not a trigger. 6

Other migraine triggers

extreme sensory stimuli are not only uncomfortable during a migraine attack, they are also considered to be possible triggers. These include:

  • certain scents (such as perfume or cigarette smoke)
  • loud noises
  • bright lights (e.g. bright screens)

Maybe you can too drugs May trigger migraines. However, there are doubts here whether these drugs actually trigger a real migraine or whether the action of the substance causes headaches that are similar to those of a migraine. 7


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