Milk powder test – comparison 2019 – the best models in comparison

Milk powder test & Comparison – The latest models 2018

Why exactly you do not want to breastfeed your child, but a supply of milk powder Prefer, can have very different causes. On the one hand, your baby simply can not accept the breast or there is the option that you have too little milk to care for your baby. You may also have decided that you just do not want to breastfeed, because even this situation is conceivable. Regardless of the fact that you want to treat a diet with milk powder, a guilty conscience is out of place here. In fact, finished baby milk can be almost as good as right breast milk, because, as well as breast milk, it is able to deliver all the essential components of the diet to ensure a healthy development for the child. Only in the selection of baby milk are a few aspects to consider, such as the right baby bottle, the right drinking cups, which are set out in the following article. The selection options in this area are quite complex.

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Our milk powder recommendations

# preview product price
1 HiPP children’s milk ComBiotik, from 2+ year, pack of 4 (4 x 600 g) look at
2 Aptamil Children’s Milk 2+, pack of 5 (5 x 600 g) look at
3 HiPP organic children’s milk, from the 12th month, pack of 4 (4 x 800 g) – organic look at
4 HiPP Pre Bio ComBiotik, starting milk from birth, pack of 4 (4 x 600 g) look at
5 HiPP Children’s Milk Combi, from 1+ year, pack of 4 (4 x 600 g) look at
6 Aptamil Children’s Milk 1+, pack of 5 (5 x 600 g) look at
7 HiPP milk formula 1 organic, starting milk from birth, pack of 4 (4 x 600 g) look at
8th Aptamil Pronutra-ADVANCE PRE starting milk from birth, 800 g look at
9 Humana starter PRE, baby food for feeding and as a sole pre-food, with important. look at
10 Aptamil Pronutra-ADVANCE 2 Follow-on milk after the 6th month, 800 g look at

Milk powder test – reviews summarized

Below we have one Milk powder test wanted for you. There are some dubious providers on the Internet who suggest an alleged test, but this has never happened. Accordingly, it is important for us to receive reviews from reputable providers Stiftung Warentest and Eco test summarize and present for you.

consumer magazine Stiftung Warentest Eco test
Milk powder test found? To the test "17 breast milk substitute products in the test"
To the test
Review report issue 07/2016 01/2018

Milk powder in the form of pre-food

Milk powder in the form of pre-nourishment is in sum the best starter milk that you can give your child. This powder is most closely resembling natural breast milk in its complete composition. It is structurally thin and even has almost the same amount of protein as breast milk and most importantly, it has almost no carbohydrates except lactose. At the same time, almost all the nutrients and minerals that the baby needs for a healthy diet and above all development are given. In addition, it also seems convenient that there are no rules on the number of vials a day or a specific interval between meals per day. This is very helpful for daily meals because it promises the highest level of flexibility. Because of these conditions, you can breastfeed your child as needed. The typical pre-nourishment powder should only be used until the sixth week of life. Of course you can also administer this nutritional component for longer. Basically, this is in your understanding.

Milk powder in the form of 1er baby milk

Also the milk powder in the form of the 1er baby milk is a product for the beginning milk. According to manufacturers, this powder can be used in the first four to six months of life. However, the individual composition of the 1 baby milk differs slightly compared to pre-food. As a result, paediatricians advise caution in this regard with regard to the award of individual meals. The milk powder for 1er baby milk contains much more carbohydrates and is thus more satiating than is the case with the milk powder of pre-nourishment. The actual reason here is that the 1er baby milk is already much creamier and therefore as a result, a longer time in the gastrointestinal tract remains in the context of digestion. If you find that your child’s diet is not quite as full, you can start to feed the powder of the 1 baby milk. For the daily doses, use the package leaflet in the form of the vial meals to avoid over- or under-feeding.

The milk powder in the form of 2 and 3 baby milk

The products of this series are also declared as follow-on milk in this area. You should note that you should not give the 2-milk before the 5th month and only in connection with the start of the baby to the baby. This milk has hardly any resemblance to the actual breast milk. Also note that the protein content that is present in the kidneys can also put a strain on the babies. The special 3-milk is to be used in this segment until the 10th month of life, since the average proportion of carbohydrates in this area is very high. Since the general protein load of the 2 and 3 baby milk are very high, experts also advise to completely renounce the products here, when it comes to the feeding to complementary foods. It should also be noted that there is a danger of overweight training. The use of this baby milk is therefore to be treated with caution and, above all, not to exaggerate.

Milk powder in the form of HA food

This is a so-called hypoallergenic baby food. You can also get this baby food in the gradations described above. This milk is always recommended when babies have a predisposition to allergies. Whether in detail the milk powder in the form of HA food is the better alternative or at least the classic milk powder must be discussed with the attending pediatrician.

Our milk powder purchase recommendations

There is now a wide variety of milk powder manufacturers for the child. The choice proves to be particularly difficult for parents who have no knowledge about the allocation of the powder. Be urgently advised in this area and pay attention to the individual manufacturer’s information.

Milk Powder – Aptamil Pronutra Pre Starter Milk

Aptamil is one of the traditional suppliers in the baby sector. The Aptamil milk powder series products are based on extensive research and more than 30 years of research. Aptamil provides a range of special and complementary products.

Milk Powder – Humana Initial Milk Pre with LCP and GOS

Humana is a company that has been on the market for more than 60 years. Like breast milk, this product contains lactose as the only usable carbohydrate.

Milk Powder – HiPP milk formula Pre Bio, starting milk from birth

This HIPP formula is tailored to your child’s specific nutritional needs. It can be from birth to the feeding phase.

The choice of how exactly you feed your child, you have to decide for yourself. Many mothers either do not have enough or too little breast milk to feed the newborn. Here is the milk powder as a nutrition for the baby. In this context, you should be advised by the pediatrician and also by the midwife, because there are different manufacturers of milk powder and also different types of milk powder.

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