Miniaturmuseum hamburg – to the miniature wonderland with children

Miniature Museum Hamburg

That’s how Hamburg’s miniature museum is

Miniaturwunderwelt Hamburg with children – really worth it
The children have wanted to go to the miniature museum in Hamburg for a long time. And now we are creating the famous family excursion destination on family vacation in Germany. The Miniatur Wunderland is located in the center of Hamburg in the red brick houses of the Speicherstadt (by the way, the UNESCO World Heritage Site makes the family tour in the Speicherstadt Hamburg worthwhile).

Miniaturwunderwelt Hamburg – the largest model railway in the world

A dream became reality
What started as Frederik Braun’s dream is now a full-blown company and a dream land for all children and many adults. The exhibition area is constantly being expanded. Construction has been underway since December 2000 based on cities, towns and sights in Europe. The 10th anniversary was celebrated in mid-August 2011. The miniature museum has become a tourist attraction. Hundreds of thousands of hours of work are involved, which you don’t see at first glance – but at second glance. But from the beginning …

Miniaturmuseum Hamburg with children

We experienced this in the Miniaturmuseum Hamburg
During our family vacation on the Baltic Sea we visit the Miniatur Wunderland as a family and the children find it exciting immediately. Already in the first room the eyes are glued to the many model trains that run in a detailed landscape. There are also cars, houses and a cable car. Suddenly it gets dark.

The shutters to the workshop, where the employees of the Miniatur Wunderland build new buildings, close. The lights go out all around, the street lights come on – it is night in the world modeled on reality. Even the small model cars have lights and continue to whiz. At the station, it continues as before.

Dream destination in Hamburg with children

Different countries and sights in the Miniatur Wunderland
In different rooms there are different landscapes to be admired, which are arranged thematically according to countries. Of course, the Alps with Austria and Switzerland are an issue. But Germany, with Neuschwanstein Castle and the Nordic countries of Scandinavia can also be admired in miniature. Even parts of America are e.g. represented with the Grand Canyon.

What can children do in the Hamburg Museum?
In addition to the many details worth seeing, the interactive elements are particularly nice for children: at many stations there are buttons that can be used to start various additional actions after pressing a button. In America, for example, a space shuttle can actually be sent to the sky – or a diver is chased by a shark. In Germany there is a balloon that blows up at the push of a button. A highlight: the big fire in a residential building with the fire brigade.

In addition to the countries, a huge airport has been added as a new element. In addition to the real-looking buildings and the hustle and bustle, there are always take-offs and landings of model aircraft. Thanks to loudspeakers almost like at the real airport. The development of the miniature wonderland continues. We are already working on new countries and topics. The area of ​​around 7,000 square meters is now even larger.

Not a real airport, but the model of Hamburg Airport in the miniature wonder world

Rating Miniatur Wunderwelt Hamburg

Our children enjoyed the Miniatur Wunderwelt Hamburg
The miniature wonder world cast a spell on everyone during our visit. As the saying goes on the packs of a large game manufacturer: Recommended at the age of 0-99 years – this rating can also be given here. Miniature wonder world, miniature wonder world Hamburg, Hamburg with children, model railroad Hamburg – all this applies here.

While the little ones and the little ones marvel and look, it is the big ones who primarily take pictures, which, incidentally, is absolutely permitted and desirable. For us it was an absolutely recommendable trip to Hamburg on this day on a family vacation, here you can spend the whole day and still haven’t seen all the details. If you like it here, you can also visit the toy museum with the railway world of Hans Peter Porsche in Bavaria, we were already there.
-> This is how it looks in the dream work.

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