Missing children

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In camp room (zimmer) 3 houses full of children were missing last night on July 1st, 1988. The authorities are still investigating the whole country in shock after this scandalous case

Don’t take it seriously It’s a joke.


Shock – Trump confirms the existence of extraterrestrials As a major American newspaper reports today, President Trump officially confirmed the existence of extraterrestrials in a secret press conference yesterday. "Yes, there is life on other planets and some of these life forms have found their way to us." To avoid overreaction on the part of the population, he immediately adds: "Attention, these are not little green males from space, but rather animal-like beings, best to compare with our horses." More details are not yet known, but should soon follow. The president promises photos, videos and detailed reports on the extraterrestrial life forms between us move on this planet.

Bull shark spotted in the Ems near Lingen Anglers could not believe their eyes what they saw. It was a 1.50 m tall bull shark. Several attempts to catch him failed. Now a shark researcher is supposed to try to catch the animal, to examine it and also to clarify how it came about in our latitudes.

EU bans German driving licenses Do you still have a driving license? It is generally invalid, according to the report from Brussels. Is it [called "Driving license", Permis de conduire" or "Prawo jazdy", So it is valid – even if our neighbors call their driving license in the national language. The EU transport ministers see the problem in the word "leader" and see a subliminal glorification of the world wars, as "the leader" Distributed / distributed privileges – including the privilege of driving a vehicle. This is only possible through an EU-wide minimum requirement in the respective classification classes. This is the only way to obtain permission to move certain vehicles across the EU. The "driver’s license" therefore becomes invalid. What now? The proposal from Brussels is very simple: Germany must all by February 30, 2019 "driving licenses" move in and against "Driving licenses for motor vehicles" change. So you keep them all "old rights", because it’s not shaken. The only new thing will be that instead "driver’s license" then "driving licence" will be read on the map – of course for a fee of € 83.50 administration costs. Who from March 1st 2019 with one "driver’s license" is checked, he will then have to give it up and it will be like "Driving without a license" rated, because then they don’t have exactly that. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what date also because the law has changed and the vehicle itself is confiscated for auction according to the Swedish model.

Donald Trump is vegan Washington – Republicans at the first press conference of the next President of the United States were confused, and the cold buffet lacked the obligatory turkey roast that is served on such occasions. No salmon, no caviar and no Russian eggs. Before the press spokesman could clarify the questions, Donald Trump appeared and called through the entire hall: "I am vegan, I love animals". The press spokesman said that one wanted to wait until after the election so as not to scare conservative regular voters. Trump, however, announced major cuts in American food culture. In addition to a meat tax, the milk price is also to be raised significantly. The new President of the United States ended its first official appearance in what may soon be historical words "Yes ve gan" -dpa-

Harry Potter Volume 8 for the end of the year JK Rowling announced in an exclusive interview yesterday that the 8th volume of the famous Harry Potter series should be released before the end of the year. Die-hard Potter fans will know: At the end of the 7th book, Voldemort is destroyed, Harry married to Ginny (they have 3 children) and Ron to Hermione (2 children). Determine the ideal world and happy ending the last Pages. That is supposed to change now. "Neither me nor my readers liked the idea that there was nothing new to learn from Harry Potter. That’s why there is a sequel now." Whether the sequel directly follows the other volumes or the "later years" of Harry Potter is not yet known. "In any case, there are many surprises – good and bad, and a reunion with the Dursleys", Rowling continues. We are all very excited and look forward to the continuation!


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