Mission Statement – vamv-bundesverband e

Mission Statement - vamv-bundesverband e

We stand for an open and solidary society, in which human rights are indivisible as well as diverse and self-determined lifestyles.

We wish a good life for all parents and children

For the VAMV the term includes "family" any form of cohabitation of adults with children. The life reality of families has changed dramatically in recent decades. More and more parents educate their children alone, without these social changes reflected in a fairer family policy. Single parents are structurally disadvantaged and, despite their high level of employment, are at greater risk of poverty. This is also an expression and consequence of the discrimination of women and parents in our society. The VAMV is committed to a good life for all parents and their children, regardless of the family form.

We actively represent the interests of single parents

The VAMV Federal Association influences advice and opinions on politics and legislation. With his public relations he points out the special situation of single parents and their children. He represents the interests of families in cooperation with other nationwide institutions and associations. He calls for the recognition and appreciation of single parent families as an equal family form and appropriate social framework conditions. The everyday experience of our members and our technical expertise interlock in the VAMV. This and our decades of political interest work make us a competent partner for all questions that concern single parents.

The VAMV is bound neither denominational nor party political.

We want equal opportunities for all children

All single mothers and fathers must have the opportunity to earn a decent income for themselves and their children through gainful employment.

equal opportunity
Every child is worth the same. Together with other organizations, the VAMV is committed to basic child protection. A basic child protection equal to the subsistence level of children would immediately lift the many poverty-stricken children out of poverty.

Parental care
Right of access and custody must be based on the best interests of the child. The VAMV promotes responsible common parenting after separation and divorce.

tax justice
The VAMV demands individual taxation and no taxation on the way of life, such as the splitting of spouses. Lawmakers still favor marriage through tax incentives, while single parents are disadvantaged.

The VAMV demands free, high-quality and needs-based childcare. This is a prerequisite for reconciling family and work.

Family also means spending time together. The VAMV demands to strengthen the working-time sovereignty of employees, to orient themselves on a “short” full-time and to allow more time for the family besides the occupation.

Many single parent problems still go back to a traditional division of labor that they had previously lived as a couple family. Most mothers bear the financial risks of separation, and fathers are more concerned about the difficulty of maintaining a relationship with the child. The VAMV stands for a family policy model according to which parents can care for the family at the same time and be able to pursue their employment – both women and men.

We are near you or organize a contact point with your help

In the VAMV single parents are organized. These and the full-time employees guarantee a high degree of professionalism. Local associations and contact points offer the opportunity to exchange experiences and to support each other. They offer help for self-help. Some local associations and most national associations provide professional advice on separation and divorce.

The staff helps to set up a local association or a contact point.

Model project childcare

model project "Supplementary child care, emergency care and counseling for one-parent families in Germany"

Between 2014 and 2017, the VAMV has with the model project "Supplementary child care, emergency care and advice for single-parent families" supported at three locations single parent. The evaluation shows that closing childcare gaps increases chances of employment and can increase income.
The VAMV demands to close childcare gaps throughout Germany by supplementing childcare and strengthening working time sovereignty. He has published political recommendations for action.

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