Mobile phone contract under 18: smartphone tariff for children

Mobile phone contract under 18 – cheap mobile phone contracts for young people in comparison

When is it actually possible to conclude a mobile phone contract? Are young people and children under the age of 18 entitled to a mobile phone contract through their parents? Topchecker explains various options for cell phone contracts for young people and we show you the best cell phone tariffs in our cell phone comparison.

For many young people, cell phones are part of everyday life nowadays. Before parents decide on a specific cell phone contract, there are a few things to consider. Mainly cell phone contracts for children and young people should be cheap and manageable. Favorable tariffs for this group should only be concluded if children and adolescents can consciously take on responsibility and master the use of the medium, their smartphone. As a rule, young people under the age of 18 cannot conclude a mobile phone contract without the consent of their parents. There are very favorable conditions (young people options) for young people from the age of 18 with mobile phone contracts. Some mobile operators offer special tariffs for trainees and students. These are often associated with discounts. Prepaid offers are an alternative for mobile phone contracts for young people.

A good prepaid tariff offer is one of the best options for minor smartphone owners. Adolescents can be introduced to the responsibility that comes with a mobile phone tariff. There are no high costs because there is only a certain amount of credit available that can be used up. If you are a minor and need a mobile phone contract, you should contact the parents or legal guardians directly; there are often promotions and savings offers for partner cards and family mobile phone tariffs.

Young people mobile phone tariffs: the best offers for children and teenagers

Mobile phone contract providers are always running great campaigns for young people with a new contract. Young people are usually not able to pay expensive cell phone prices and there is an option to use these offers. Anyone who pays attention to this when selecting a cell phone tariff will often find bonus promotions and cheap cell phone contracts where the budget can be relieved. Parents should also take this into account if they want to conclude an inexpensive cell phone contract for their child. There should always be asked about benefits for young people. Happiness is often present, money is saved and additional services such as data volume or telephone minutes are offered. For very young children, a cell phone tariff below EUR 10 a month with adapted conditions is a good choice.

Mobile phone contract for children: security and costs always in view

A comparison of the conditions is always worthwhile, even with the individual providers, different tariff models are available. Prepaid cards for children and adolescents are often selected. There are prepaid cards and a certain amount for the use of the cell phone. The coveted AllNet flat rates are an alternative. Before using them, however, it must be checked whether all networks can be reached free of charge without restrictions or whether SMS can be sent without additional costs. Often, toll-free numbers are blocked when using an inexpensive cell phone contract for young people, which means that there is no additional expenditure. The advantage of the prepaid mobile phone tariffs for children and adolescents lies in the inexpensive costs and the high flexibility. The availability and quality of the network operator must also be taken into account. A cheap mobile phone contract for children and adolescents should include a monthly volume for mobile internet as well as minutes and SMS. In comparison to prepaid mobile phone tariffs, there are no conflicts when using up credit. This checklist is also very helpful for parents: Is your child ready for a smartphone?? from klicksafe, with valuable tips for mobile phone use.

A cell phone contract without a long term (can be terminated monthly) is usually more expensive than a long-term contract (24 months and more), but due to the high flexibility it can be the right tariff option for children and young people. Parents can help in any case by choosing a new smartphone for those under the age of 18. It makes sense to choose a suitable model together, which child needs the very latest premium smartphone. Mobile phone tariffs with a new smartphone can also be found in our free mobile phone contract comparison. An older mobile phone model is recommended for children, then the tariffs will also be cheaper.

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