Mobile phone subscriptions for children, adolescents – students: top offers

Overview of mobile phone subscriptions for children and teenagers

Last update: January 5, 2020 – 9:19 am Author: Remo Zehnder

A nine-year-old child uses his cell phone differently than a fifteen-year-old teenager, that much is clear. Only the big question remains: Which mobile phone tariff is now the best and cheapest for young people?

We have all the information too Prepaid offers and flat rate subscriptions as well as the best tips on cell phone subscriptions for children and teenagers!

It makes sense that children have their own cell phones early on these days. Finally it conveys a feeling of security, when you know you Call home at any time can. The other question is whether it has to be a smartphone – again without a blanket answer.

Salt Basic Young as a mobile phone subscription for young people

  • Make unlimited calls to all networks
  • 5 GB surf
  • SMS / MMS: Unlimited
  • Only here: Free SIM card

Save 28% today

24.95 CHF 17.95 / month

  • Make unlimited calls to all networks
  • Surf unlimited
  • No reduction
  • SMS / MMS: Unlimited
  • 500 MB per month abroad
  • Only here: Free SIM card

Save 30% today

49.95 CHF 34.95 / month

  • Make unlimited calls to all networks
  • Surf unlimited
  • No reduction
  • SMS / MMS: Unlimited
  • NEW: Unlimited abroad
  • Only here: Free SIM card

Save 30% today

79.95 CHF 55.95 / month

Unlike Swisscom and Sunrise, Salt lays no minimum age for the use of the individual tariffs. In addition, there is a very generous interpretation of "young": Up to the age of 30 you can use subscriptions such as Salt Basic Young (CHF 24.94 / month) and thus get:

  • Unlimited calls in Switzerland
  • Unlimited SMS / MMS in Switzerland
  • 5 GB internet (4G +) in Switzerland

With this volume of data, the mobile Internet can be used relatively extensively. We would rate this tariff accordingly more for teenagers recommend, because children should usually get by with 100-500 MB.

By the way: In addition to these providers, there are of course other options! M-Budget Mini, for example, comes up with CHF 19 a month, unlimited minutes of conversation and SMS and 600 MB. at average usage is a very lucrative subscription offer for children.

Available with Salt Fiber: Benefit twice!

If you order the subscription together with Salt Fiber, you will receive an additional CHF 10 discount on Salt Fiber. Compared to Swisscom, Sunrise or UPC, you save CHF 1000 a year.

Prepaid or cheap mobile phone subscription – which is better for children’s mobile phones?

Monthly paid mobile phone subscription or a prepaid tariff where the child can use exactly what was paid in advance – which variant is better? Ultimately, the answer depends on the individual case, so that we cannot make a general recommendation. But what we can do is give you one Overview of the two variants to give!

  • Prepaid tariffs for children are the cheaper option if it is less about telephony and more about mobile data. If you make regular phone calls and surf on a moderate scale, the price differences to monthly subscriptions are minimal, since additional packages are often booked for the prepaid amount itself.
  • Mobile phone subscriptions for children are tariffs that are adapted in price and functionality to the needs of children. However, such a subscription can only be taken out independently by adults, i.e. in this case, the parents or caregivers.

Mobile phone subscriptions for children in comparison: who can do what?

The large providers Swisscom, Sunrise and Salt offer some subscriptions for young people. Are you unsure of what is important in the selection? Then in a first step you can pay attention to whether the tariff free calls to your own network supports.

In other words: If both you and your child use Sunrise, for example, you can call each other for free. But let’s see them individual offers in detail on!

Young people in particular prefer a large volume of data for photos and streaming videos

Prepaid: The Swisscom youth subscription

Our favorite at Swisscom is clearly the tariff inOne Mobile Prepaid Kids . It is an additional package for inOne Mobile Prepaid that is renewed automatically every 30 days. The main features are:

  • Free calls to 5 fixed Swisscom numbers (mobile or landline)
  • For everyone from 7-18 years
  • CHF 9.90 for 30 days

That the child at least 7 years must be old applies to all Swisscom prepaid tariffs. In the case of a cell phone subscription, the minimum age is 11 years.

Mobile phone tariffs for children at Sunrise

With this provider are especially the Freedom-Young packages interesting for children and teenagers. With Young Swiss Start, your child can use the following services:

  • Unlimited calls to Sunrise numbers
  • Unlimited SMS to 3 fixed numbers
  • Unlimited data for Whatsapp in Switzerland
  • 1.5 GB internet (4G +)
  • 20 CHF / month

Especially that unlimited WhatsApp chatting domestically we think is an interesting feature for children who already use a smartphone.

The minimum age for prepaid or subscription use is 7 years.

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