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Addition to the family! Woom 4 has moved in.

Kids, how time flies … You always notice that the kids are getting bigger, right ?! Did not we just look forward to it that Anton can ride a bicycle and that the first Woom bike moved in with us? Was not that quasi yesterday? No, that was two years ago and we had it on vacation in Croatia with the camper. On the coast, he made the first speedy driving attempts and after the holiday he was already super safe. The toddler is now in school and Ida could not wait to take Anton’s blue bike. That went just as fast as the big brother. Thank the impeller. Sit down, feet on the pedals and go! Experience after 2 years Woom Just because we were still so enthusiastic about the first bike after two years, it was obvious to buy the next size again at Woom. It was never necessary to do anything on the bike except pumping up tires. The brakes are still working like the first day. Ok, it has a few …

From now on is cycled! Anton and his Woom Bike …

The Easter Bunny did it: the first bike for Anton! After a good two years ‘heavy used’ bike it really was time. Already in November we had our thoughts about which bicycles would be suitable. We looked at a lot and landed on Woom Bikes again and again. What can I say? It was the right decision! Granted, the price is around 300 euros in the upper segment for children‘s bikes. But: the overall package is correct and certainly Ida will have a lot of fun on the bike in two years, so this investment was ok for us. Our experience with the Woom Bike The main factor was the weight of the bike: 7.2 kg. Since Anton himself is more the model of slim fit, we wanted to give him a bike that weighs less than he weighs. Ok, I also admit that the design has totally touched me. What should I do, chic and functional – I can hardly do otherwise! ;-) All this would be nothing, if not the processing would be outstanding. …

Impeller and then? A Woom Bike maybe? Looking for the first bike.

There is a new equipment battle that, compared to the tour you do, if you’re expecting the first kid is of course a no brainer but still wants to be fought. It’s about a bike. The first right bike for Anton. He is now over four, the wheel is slowly becoming sure too small and also unstable at higher speeds and high placed saddle. Although I really have to say that the Puky LR1 wheel really worked. It’s going great, can be steered great and has a brake, which is important if you live mountainous or because the kids just learn with and not all shoes down … I would buy it again at any time and I’m looking forward to it the next year to lower the saddle completely so that Ida can learn to drive on it. But now the guy is too big and it’s time for a new, right wheel. A very small, so one, which is just as big as the impeller, but has pedals, makes no sense, so should one with 16 inch tires …

Where do I pack my bags and all the junk when we do not have a stroller anymore??

With one and a half and a jumping brother Ida finds it moderately interesting to have to sit in the stroller when we’re on the road. Sure, that thing is just worth gold if she or Anton are tired, but eventually the day will come when I push the empty buggy in front of me or we will not even need it anymore. I recently read an article about a young couple who did not buy a stroller when their baby was born because they would rather wear the worm. The thought is so beautiful! But only as long as the child weighs less than 10 kilos, you never have a diaper bag, which has to drink, snacks and apple, spare clothes, purse, cell phone, etc. here. I like to push! And I’d even rather pack some shopping and all the other stuff down in the basket. Therefore, the thought torments me to the day where I have to carry everything alone again – including two motzender dwarfs who do not want to run anymore. Like a vision, he dived into the thought of a car …

Again a topic in which almost everyone can have a say: bike trailer.

I am an outcast. A children’s discussion discussion escapade. I do not like discussing breastfeeding or vials, not about globules and suppositories, not about sling or baby carrier and not about vaccinations and measles parties. Let anyone do as he likes and thinks it right. These endless discussions boring me, because they usually lead to no result. That’s why I usually do not ask for big decisions when it comes to decisions. Most of the time you have a feeling anyway, obs is correct or not. And if the head says it’s ok and the stomach holds the thumb up, that’s how it should be, right? So it was on all trips and so it was when buying the bicycle trailer. We have been our Croozer for a good year now. Ronald did a lot of research, compared features and prices, and ended up with the cute little Croozer Kid for 2 kid carrier. Even though I have to admit that I like the Chariot Cougar 2 a bit better because it looks sportier. We are currently no passionate cyclists. Ronald …


Nice that you are here! We are Katja, Ronald, Anton & Ida and we like to travel.

With our first parental leave to New Zealand everything started on this blog 2011. There are now four of us and we still love to travel and be on the road. Will you come with me??

Also in the second parental leave we were on tour again: Florida, the Caribbean and Mexico were on the program.

And now there are all sorts of nice things for mobile families. Are you there??

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