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The model agency Munich F.A. Modelcasting Agency Germany provides photo shoots by Photographers also in Munich on. At the Photo shooting a trained make-up artist and hairstylist awaits you photographer as well as a representative of Model agency F.A. Modelcasting Agency Germany. If the photo shoot is positive for you, you will receive a model sedcard and your own model website.

We are happy to help you with the application Model agencies and model portals in Munich and environment. For this you get a list of reputable ones Model Agency-Addresses. By applying to different agencies in the room Munich and nationwide you greatly increase your chances.

All Information about Test shoot in Munich can also be found on

Do you have problems with the application or questions? Please email to: [email protected]


Saturday, February 8th, 2020, 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Further information and general conditions at
Your data and application pictures will NOT be published. We only need the name and address for your internal model folder with us and for sending the pictures after the test shoot.

Gender: Man Woman
Minimum age: 6 years
Maximum age: 75 years


Sunday, February 9th, 2020, 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Further information and general conditions at
Your data and application pictures will NOT be published. We only need the name and address for your internal model folder with us and for sending the pictures after the test shoot.

Gender: Man Woman
Minimum age: 6 years
Maximum age: 75 years

When I got my appointment for the test shoot I was very excited. I couldn’t wait to go there.

Already several days before the shoot I was thinking about what to wear. When I had all my clothes together, we drove to Munich on the day of the shoot. You could find everything very well. When we entered the agency we were greeted very nicely. It wasn’t a lot going on because everyone got their appointment times so it wouldn’t get too crowded.

The staff were all very helpful and nice.

First I put on my elegant outfit and was then put on make-up. Standing in front of the camera was a bit unfamiliar, but soon a really great feeling.

I was petrified when I took the first few pictures, but the photographer always helped me when I didn’t know what to do.

I had 4 outfits and the first two I was a bit jammed but then everything went very well.

After the shoot we had a debriefing. All in all it took about 2 hours.

Then it went back home. A week later I got the letter I was looking for. It said how I can find the website with my pictures, model website, next steps in model business, other agencies and online sedcard.

Now I will edit my model website and order my own domain website address.

I hope that I can get some photoshoot appointments at the agencies of my choice.

I liked all of this very much, and I hope that I was not the last time in front of the camera.

I find it difficult to put my impressions into words and hope that I have described it well in the text.

Sincerely yours,

I’ve been told since I was 11 that I could model without problems.

As you have probably noticed, it took a little longer until I actually applied to an agency. By chance I came across the website. The whole thing looked pretty serious and so I applied to the free test shoot in Munich. On Sunday, June 30th, 2019 it was time. The place was pretty easy to find and when I got there the mood was pretty relaxed. That means the people were totally friendly and you were asked immediately upon arrival whether you would like to drink some water or coffee. This was followed by a brief overview of what was done on the day and how the steps could continue afterwards. Then the make-up artist took me under her wing and started. The initial nervousness subsided pretty soon after the first photos, the fun came by itself and I quickly slipped into the next outfit. So the time went by and before I knew it, all the pictures were already in the box.

Many thanks to the team in Munich for the great time.

My name is Andrea and I was at the photo shoot in Munich on June 2nd, 2019.
I brought my son with me for reinforcement.
I have never done this before.
I thought you never knew what was going to happen.
We were greeted warmly and offered something to drink.
The mood was funny and you started talking to the other participants.
The shoot itself was great, I was very unsure, the photographer saw it all relaxed, it became very nice photos.
Thanks to the whole team. I can only recommend the whole thing. Even if I don’t start a modeling career, the photos alone are worth it to visit this agency.

Hello everyone!

I would like to tell you something about the test shooting in Munich!

I’ve always wanted to be a model but I never knew where to take my first step, but then I came across on the Website photo agency, and was happy to have found an agency near me! I decided to log in there and go there.

When I was there I was received very nicely and then styled for the shooting &# 128129; ‍♀️ After a short time the shoot started &# 128248; you get great instructions from the photographer how to stand, which pose to take, or what facial expression! But the most important thing was to have fun! I had a lot of fun because everyone was nice and I love to pose in front of the camera !

After the shooting there was a small meeting with the photographer, it is said whether you are suitable for the "model business". Everyone is very nice and the studio is also quite big, you feel like a model when you walk in&# 128521; after about 1 week the whole pictures are sent (which is pretty quick!) and you can finally start living with your model.

I can only recommend this agency because everyone is very loving, the photographer takes great photos and it is a lot of fun to pose there

My test shoot with Marcus Hanke in Munich on March 30th, 2019

My name is Mandy Klösel, I’m 33 years old and this was my first professional test shoot. I became aware of the photo agency on the Internet and I immediately felt addressed. I was repeatedly asked from the environment to try it out as a photo model. I love to make myself beautiful, put on make-up, wear chic outfits and slip into different roles. I am very enthusiastic about sports, my appearance is very important to me, I take great care of myself and I find it great to express my personality in photos. I also enjoy trying out different poses. After an hour’s drive I had arrived in Munich with Marcus and his team. At the beginning I was very shy and a bit excited, but the team welcomed me very friendly and the excitement soon subsided. I immediately went into the hands of the make-up artist Lissy who immediately started to style me. For me that was a completely new feeling of not having to do my make-up and hairdressing. But it felt very good and I felt totally comfortable thanks to the soothing way of Lissy. I had four different outfits with me and off I went, the initial nervousness quickly evaporated. The photographer was very friendly and I quickly realized that I had a lot of fun presenting myself in front of the camera and moving, playing with the lens, so to speak. After the first photos of the first outfit I got feedback and compliments and I was very happy that maybe there were some hidden qualities for modeling in me. Outdoor shots followed and at the end I got the assessment from Marcus Hanke and the further procedure was explained to me in detail. I already had my photos at home a week later and now I hope that an agency will give me the opportunity to continue pursuing my goal. Many thanks to Marcus Hanke and his team.

Hello my love,

I was able to experience a test shoot at the photo agency in Munich. Thanks to the nice memories, you could always look forward to the day a little more. It was a really nice day. I was warmly welcomed in Munich and immediately after I arrived I was offered something to drink. After a short wait I was made up for my shoot. The natural look underlined my appearance. With my hairstyle I was allowed to talk to myself. For my type, a voluminous hairstyle was the best fit. The stylist gave me great advice on a theme hairstyle. The result was really impressive. After my styling, I was photographed with my 4 outfits. The photographer and I were also on the same wavelength. With the help of the assistant, I always had perfect ideas for posing, because she was always by my side if I couldn’t think of a pose. We changed the location to match my outfits. For example, for my autumn poncho we went outside. Through active communication with the photographer, great shots came out. I can only recommend everyone to try it. This is the perfect entry into the model business. Thanks to the great team from the photo agency in Munich, the day will be unforgettable.

Greetings your Selina

to the Sedcard from Jonathan

Hello my love,

I’m Jonathan, 17 years old and discovered my interest in modeling. I am very sporty, humorous and I love to ride a motorcycle.
On Sunday June 10th, 2018 I had my first shoot at the "Photo Agency" in Munich.
At the beginning I was a bit nervous while I was being styled, but that quickly subsided, because everyone was very nice, I assume everyone is nervous at the beginning, It went really well because I felt very comfortable.
For the shoot, you could choose 4 outfits, which you had best tried on at home beforehand or which you are traveling with privately.
I still didn’t know how to do the poses, but then I became more independent and it was more and more fun. The photographer took a few pictures per outfit and of course also helped with the poses.
After the shoot all the details about modeling were told again in an extra room and I was very well informed about everything and understood everything.
The shoot lasted almost 2 hours in total and it was really worth it because there were a lot of nice pictures.
So if you feel like doing a test shoot, you should take the chance to realize your dream as a model. It is worth it in any way.


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