Mom on the go – with or without children

… with or without children. To near and far.

When you get home and your child is in the stretcher with another woman. Everyday life for many women around the world. It takes some getting used to for me.

Acclimation? Slippers? To eat healthy food? What is normal in the kindergarten in which Wutzi will go to Vienna from September will not be considered at all in the kindergarten in Peru. We still decided to send him there.

Are you looking for a destination in the city of Lima with 10 million inhabitants for small children? Found! The zoo in the San Miguel district is definitely at the top of the list. A great change on every Peru trip.

… and for the first time two nights away from the children (1 and 3). I will have three full days for my work and for myself. I will Children don’t miss terribly? Will i be able to sleep The farewell is really difficult. I almost stay at home.

Especially with small children, a ten-hour journey from Lima to Trujillo by night bus on South American roads is more pleasant (and cheaper) than by car.

Thanks to various mobile phone apps such as Uber, Cabify, Beat and Co., taxi driving in Lima is a safe and convenient way of getting around. Hoppalas can still happen. From driver flirting attempts to entering the wrong home address in the app settings.

In the south of Lima there are some villages with weekend and holiday homes that the Limeños (read: Limenjos) use in the summer months. The houses are empty in winter. We’re going anyway …

What do I give my 1-year-old when I travel if I don’t get (good) fresh milk? Thanks to a preliminary test at home in Austria, I know, that with the HiPP KOMBIOTIK children’s milk we are well prepared for the journey.

A day trip with the extended family. At last out of the city – and up a hill. The Lomas de Lúcumo near Pachacamác are perfect for a two-and-a-half hour hike and can easily be done with small children with the right equipment.

First three hours from Vienna to Madrid, then 12 hours to Lima in Peru. How do you do that with two toddlers? In the end: surprisingly good!

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