Money gifts for wedding original packaging ideas

Wedding is the most important event in everyone’s life. Nowadays, however, it has not become so important, when you can live together without being married. But wedding used to be very important for everyone involved, it was also important for business and new relationships. There weren’t that many bridal couples who really loved each other. Now, on the other hand, most people only get married out of love. There are also other reasons such as, for example, fear of loneliness, money or the desire to have children. But married doesn’t necessarily mean happy. Because if two people live happily together, what are these formalities? Still, when you have children, you have to remember that they have more inheritance rights and, in general, they will probably live easier if their parents are married. But, whether in marriage or not, you always have to love, respect, support and understand the partner because these things are not dependent on the wedding.

Tinker unusual money gifts for the wedding

Doing something with your own hands and then giving it away is considered a personal gift for which you bother given Has.

To do this, you buy a picture frame, make little hearts out of the banknotes and then put them in the frame. In between, like to glue little hearts with greetings. Afterwards you spend a lot of time folding out these hearts, but that’s the concern of the newlyweds.

"Shards bring luck"

You can give away money not only in an envelope, but also creatively. As you can see in this photo, you don’t need that much extra money. But such a gift looks more interesting.

Pack money lovingly

You can also buy such colorful bags, fold the money nicely and put them in these bags. Very simple, but still looks a lot funnier and more unusual.

Original wedding gifts with money in glasses

Another creative way to wrap money as a gift.

In a travel glass

As a small hint on the honeymoon or on the trips in general. Glass can then also be used, so you already give two necessary things.

With the signposts

The money below looks like a treasure you’ve been looking for for a long time. You can write anything you want on the signposts: nice words, greetings, countries– or city names. Between the banknotes you can also put the sheets with your wishes or praise.

Hooray just married

Or put banknotes in a mason jar with the "Hooray just married" sticker. It’s hard to count that as a homemade gift, but it is still so. It doesn’t take that much time, but with this gift you show that you are really interested in bridal couples.

Creative money gift ideas for the wedding

Tips on how to give money.

In the cigarette box

"Caution! Falling in love makes your heart pound and your pulse speed up! ”A funny way to write on the box. And of course folding money as cigarettes.

A box where money is hidden instead of chocolates. This will definitely amaze the bride and groom and the guests, because you won’t find what you expect. Everyone likes such pleasant surprises, regardless of their age and on what occasion.

Cake with the candles

A small cake or biscuit surrounded by candles wrapped in banknotes. At first glance you don’t see any money, but later you notice it and you are very happy. Of course, don’t light the candles until you’ve removed the bills.

Funny money gifts for the wedding to congratulate

These gifts have to make you laugh or at least smile, which is pretty important at the wedding.

Fill the pot with money, but also with many other things, such as, for example, sweets, greeting cards or gravel. Personal gift that can also be used later in the garden.

The chest can also be made useful. With her personal address she will always remind the newlyweds of the happy day of their life. The chest is also practical because you can also store money, jewelry or other valuable things there.

You can buy the house already finished, painted or not. Fill the inside with the money. This birdhouse is also not thrown away, but used as decoration for the room, which also creates a certain atmosphere there.

Beautifully packaged and fun wedding money gifts

Wedding is important for the bride and groom, so the gift must be very beautiful to give them joy.

Tin cans for the bridal car

So you can also give money as tin cans behind the bride’s car. This leaves no one indifferent and ensures a good atmosphere at the festival. Because such a picture has already become a symbol of the wedding, especially in the USA.

You need a tea box, Haribo mice, toads, plasticine, flowers, gravel and coal. In between you put banknotes and coins. Such an original money gift will definitely make everyone laugh and leave a pleasant impression on those who made this gift.

Personal gift, because you can have your name and wedding date engraved on it. This suitcase can later be used as a savings box, for example, for the next trip.

Make personal money gifts for wedding yourself

You almost always notice whether you have spent a lot of time on the gift. Weddings usually take place once in a lifetime and of course everyone wants to get particularly good gifts.

The special thing about it is that you fill the jar with lots of coins. You just have to see the bridal couple’s eyes at that moment, because they will be amazed at how much coins they have now and what they can do with them.

It’s a bit difficult to do, but once you’ve bought everything, all that’s left is to stick on. You put money in the envelope.

You stick all the details on the picture. Fold banknotes as wheels beforehand and you already have a nice gift that inspires for travel.

Wrapping ideas for wedding gifts

Even boring gifts can be interesting if you know how to make them beautiful.

Travel by ship

Another inspiring gift to go anywhere. In this case, you can use both vouchers and banknotes and anchor them on the card as an anchor.

That doesn’t seem to be that interesting, but mostly you don’t expect money in such boxes, but earrings, rings and the like. Very easy to design, but looks nice.

In a scrapbooking box

You can of course buy such a box, but decorating it yourself is funnier. A very tender and creative gift that is ideal for such a big day. Because what could be more tender and sweet than an eternal alliance out of love for the other that you didn’t even know many years ago.

Homemade wedding gifts on a card

A map symbolizes a trip. Honeymoon, the others that are still common in living together. But also the common journey through life, through all good and evil.

This card is good for hiding money. Also the inscription "Every journey begins with the first step" will always remind the bride and groom, if you want to do something or have something, then you have to do something for it. And of course you have to take the first step first.

For all travel enthusiasts who also have to help in their travels. Especially when it comes to honeymoons. If you know where the two would like to go, you can put tickets in there.

A different and unusual money box, but a very, very nice one. Saving money in such a money box will be a pleasure.

Cool money gifts for the wedding in the picture frame

Picture frames are a practical object where you can put just about anything in and use them as decorations.

A simple picture that says a lot. Two hearts connected by the arrow of love or two hearts that are on one line – wavelength. And of course money that is never superfluous.

Beautiful pictures always create a nice atmosphere in the room, but also in the soul, what is most important. Finding your inner peace is not so easy, but always possible if you get help. Inanimate objects can also help.

A very original picture frame, where that common Photo from the wedding would look ideal. And where there is a bank note beforehand.

Money gift for the wedding in the form of the tree

There are so-called money trees, which are actually normal plants, but can somehow lead to more money. Here is an analogy of this tree, but with real money.

With banknotes and coins

All the money has to be folded into flowers, of course, but if you feel like it, then it’s not a problem. And you put coins in the pot, which together looks very harmonious.

Magnet in the form of a tree, where you can easily stick a lot of coins, so to speak. Nice table decoration, but also a money box, if you like.

Also suitable as a decoration. Personalized by name engraving on the base. You put banknotes between the branches and the whole thing looks as if they were your own leaves of the tree. Such a gift will always remind the newlyweds of the happy wedding day.


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