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-The educational concept of a Montessori kindergarten-

While Montessori schools are common, many people do not know that there are also numerous Montessori kindergartens. It is obvious: education for independence, enjoyment of learning and successful cooperation must begin before school starts.

But what exactly is the difference between a regular and a Montessori kindergarten?

The prepared environment

Montessori kindergartens go back to the reform educator Maria Montessori. She recognized over 100 years ago, that every child can learn and, if you only let it, also wants to learn. So it’s about creating an ideal learning environment that inspires and encourages the child. The prepared environment plays an important part in this role. It should be neat, appealing and neatly structured. In a Montessori kindergarten, the material is therefore within easy reach of the children on freely accessible, organized shelves. The child can freely decide which material to work with. It carefully takes the material off the shelf, deals with it until the end of a work step and carefully places it back on the shelf.

The child as a "builder"

Maria Montessori recognized how important a child’s initiative is for their personal development. The pedagogue gives suggestions and creates impulses, the child decides what and at what pace it learns. This is the only way to create the delightful self-absorption that Montessori calls the "polarization of attention". The materials themselves are intended to lure the children and make them curious. The educators are available at any time to answer questions.

There is therefore a lot of free work in the Montessori kindergarten instead of a fixed group time. The children are perceived in their personal interests and talents and encouraged individually.

In addition, the children are always involved in decisions and practice democratic processes early on. Of course, this does not mean that the children can decide everything and there are only chips and sweets to eat. But they learn to argue and sometimes put back when the arguments of the other side are stronger.

Montessori materials for kindergarten:

Some Montessori materials have been developed especially for the sensitive phases of preschool age. Below you will find some Examples:

• Exercises of silence:

Large wooden figure eight
Promotion of eye and hand motor skills, right-left integration and peripheral vision
About the material

• Practical exercises:

Frame with laces
With this, children learn easily and how to use laces. A high-quality frame made of beech wood with high-quality clothing (cotton).
About the material

Large Montessori annual cycle, 17 pieces
Annual carpet made of high quality material. 3.5mm thick and 124 cm in diameter. The 4 seasons are shown in green, yellow, blue and red.
About the material

shading box
Perception of color gradations, word lessons such as light / dark, lighter / darker, mood description through colors
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Montessori tower
Similar to the pink tower in the Montessori tower completely in the Montessori colors. Particularly high quality.
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