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Montessori toys are a topic especially for kindergartens and similar institutions that follow the pedagogy of Maria Montessori. In primarily the child should be in his individual development be promoted and benefit from a wide range of freedom. Freelance work and other principles should ensure that the child can develop freely. The principle "help me to do it myself" is always the measure of all things.

Montessori pedagogy is therefore not about squeezing the children into a pre-defined scheme, but rather giving them the opportunity to develop freely. An adequate environment is the basis of Montessori education, so that, among other things, special toys are used. Although the children in the Montessori kindergarten should mainly play freely, toys are of course not missing here. Montessori toys are, however, something very special and meet special criteria that correspond to the implementation of Maria Montessori’s educational concept.

Toys in Montessori education

A child-friendly facility is a must in every kindergarten and is particularly taken into account in Montessori education. For example, the children should be able to carry the chairs and tables themselves. In this way, on the one hand, they receive motor support and, on the other hand, they are trained to be as independent as possible. In everyday kindergarten life, they should be able to act independently and rely on as little help as possible.

Despite all the freedoms, the children naturally receive support from the educators when needed and can also use a variety of toys. The toys in the Montessori kindergarten are selected with particular care and must meet special requirements. Maria Montessori not only developed her own pedagogy, but also her own working materials that serve to implement the pedagogical approach.

This material is the predominant Montessori toy and can be assigned to the following five learning areas:

    Exercises in daily life Language material Mathematical material Material for cosmic education Sensory material

There is a certain range in each of the categories mentioned, so that despite the strict criteria, there are many Montessori toys to choose from. These include frames with various closures, learning clocks, Montessori towers, prisms, feeling memos, annual chain, learning calendar, headstock and pearl sticks.

In addition to high-quality workmanship made from the most natural materials possible, the Montessori toys are always characterized by an educationally valuable background. According to the concept of free work, the materials should be easily accessible for children and always available. The children can freely decide what to do.

Buy Montessori material

Owners of a Montessori kindergarten and sometimes parents who want to offer their children the best possible support at home can buy Montessori material in specialist shops or online. It is important to be careful not to overdo it, because appreciation and consideration are important aspects. To promote this, an abundance of Montessori toys must be avoided. Instead, each toy should only be present once. At the same time, one should always bear in mind that Montessori toys are not just about entertaining, but rather about promoting the child.

The child should deal independently and actively with the material and thus, among other things, achieve a higher ability to concentrate. Only in this way can the child gain valuable experience and develop further. A consideration of the child’s respective stage of development is also included absolutely required. If you want to buy Montessori toys, you will find materials for all ages, which means that Montessori education can start early.


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