Month: may 2019 – bergkamen infoblog

For the BI Pro L821n – now! their spokesman Thomas Schauerte writes the following letter to the editor. The same applies here: letters to the editor do not have to express the opinion of the editors. We reserve the right to cut it.

“If you continue to look at the L 821n realistically, then it is and remains an alternative bypass for the heavily traffic-laden passages in Oberaden and Weddinghofen. It was also identified in the Bergkamen Council in 2017 as an alternative solution to the traffic problems of both local crossings, and everyone agreed on this. The political promises of the past 40 years were implemented on June 28, 2017 by the SPD, CDU and FDP. The state of North Rhine-Westphalia, as the construction and operating cost of this road, has set the start of construction for late summer 2019 via Straßen.NRW.

On May 22, 2019, the SPD parliamentary group in Bergkamen requested a resolution to reject the L 821n in Bergkamen, the vote will be taken at the council meeting on June 6, 2019. Is the SPD being steered over the Bergkamen Greens in the background? The current daily press reports on talks between the two groups on this topic. There are allegedly no votes between the two groups. In this context, the
The regional chairwoman of the Bergkamen Greens, Rolf Humbach, reported about 3 weeks ago in the press about a "big surprise" by the SPD. What happens there? Because of the election results, the SPD is already on a joint course with the Greens?

The background to the proposed resolution is that one of the 6 demands of the council decision of June 28, 2017 has not yet been clearly confirmed by the NRW Ministry of Transport, nor by Straßen.NRW, which reports to this ministry. It is a requirement that the L 664 in Weddinghofen and Mitte, which runs between B 233 and L 654 (old B 61 Lünener Str.), Be downgraded to Kreisstraße after completion of the L 821n. This decision can only be made by the NRW Ministry of Transport in consultation with Straßen.NRW. So far, this commitment has not been made in writing and is a formal matter when considered objectively. Especially since the downgrading of the L 821 (Jahnstrasse), which is also required, results from the fact that there are not two country roads with identical names and connections being run in parallel. This would make the 2nd requirement, based on itself, to be regarded as actually meaningless.

The third requirement to start construction only when the land purchase is 100% secured is superfluous for road construction projects that are based on a planning approval decision, since the necessary land is generally available.

The fourth demand states that subsidies should be made available for the reconstruction of the roads. However, if these are no longer state roads after the downgrading to district road, the NRW state government is no longer directly responsible for the funding of these roads. Therefore, this demand for financial support is also not understandable.

The fifth request for consent to impose weight restrictions (7.5 t) on both local passages, after the redirection to the district road, is then no longer the decision of the NRW Ministry of Transport, but of the district of Unna. So this request is also directed to the wrong recipients and is therefore pointless.

The 6th request for an update of the agricultural accompanying plan (LPD) is basically only a friendly note, because the LPD is legally binding in connection with an approved plan approval decision.

The question arises, who came up with these 6 demands in mid-2017?

And here again the realistic view: For Oberaden, the L 821n results in a 100% solution, that is clearly clear. Why do you want to reject everything now? For Weddinghofen there is still no commitment to redeploy to a district road, but here too the question "Who was there first, the hen or the egg?" Let’s let the chick hatch out of the egg and please don’t smash the L 821n with the statement "Then not!".

Realistically speaking, the retrospect and outlook on the traffic in Bergkamen is as follows: Official traffic figures are increasing inexorably, no one doubts it, unless the oil on earth would have disappeared tomorrow. Even then, we would have enough alternative fuels to keep the traffic going. Because one thing is certain: as long as stones, steel and parcels cannot be sent by email, truck traffic will accompany us. Some more, some less and some quite violent, this also includes the town crossings from Oberaden and Weddinghofen.

The surrounding motorways A1, A2, A 44 have been and are being expanded into 6 lanes.
The expansion of the section of the A1 from Kamener Kreuz to Hamm / Werne to Hiltrup is expected to begin in 2023. These 31 km will mean a considerable additional alternative traffic for Bergkamen for a construction period of approx. 8 to 10 years. And even after completion of the A1, Bergkamen remains the alternative route for the traffic jam avoidance, in the not uncommon case of an A1 traffic jam event. Unfortunately, this will also happen, "Greta" and "green politics" will not be able to change that. Our neighboring town of Werne has recently prepared itself excellently with the construction of its new bypass, followed by a ring exchange by redesignating the street category with restricted passage. After the completion of the new streets, there was also the green light from Düsseldorf and also from Straßen.NRW from Bochum.

For Bergkamen it will also work the same way with the L 821n! ”

A car driver was slightly injured in a traffic accident on Friday night around 0.45 a.m. on the A 2 near Kamen.

According to the information, the 18-year-old from Castrop-Rauxel was driving his car in the middle lane towards Oberhausen. In front of the Kamener Kreuz, a deer suddenly ran from the right edge of the road onto the road. The 18-year-old moved to the left to avoid a collision with the animal. The car hit the concrete bulkhead on the left and finally landed on the roof.

The driver suffered minor injuries in the accident. An ambulance took him to a hospital for further treatment. During the accident recording and salvage work, the directional road affected had to be temporarily blocked. Then the right lane could be released again. The accident site was cleared around 2 a.m..

The police estimate the damage to property to be around 4,000 euros.

The successful TuRa water friends in the FReibad Kamen. Photo: Simone Weppler

Turans are very successful in opening their outdoor swimming competition season: 3 vintage cups, medals and personal bests at the 39th Sparkassen Swim-Open and the 21st Sparkassen-Masterspokal in Kamen

The first outdoor pool competition of the season was a complete success for the water enthusiasts Tura Bergkamen. In tolerable weather, the Turans won three best trophies of the year, many medals and personal bests.

Ann-Kathrin-Teeke (born in 2000) gold-plated all of the starts over 50m backstroke, freestyle and butterfly as well as over 100m backstroke, 200m backstroke and 100m freestyle. In addition, she secured the year’s best cup for her performance over 100m back. Viktoria Reimann (born 2004) secured a gold medal with her performances over 50m back, chest and freestyle as well as over 100m freestyle and silvered her start over 200m chest. She also got a year’s best cup. This time for the 100m freestyle course.

Piet Weppler (born 2008) won three gold medals over 50m and 100m chest and over 100m butterfly. He also silver-plated his start over 100m back. Mika Tom Krause (born 2011) was able to celebrate 3 gold medals and the vintage cup. He swam over 100m back, 50m back and 50m chest great times and also received the coveted trophy for the latter. Elias-Noel Kaminski (born in 2009) swam to victory with great bests over 50m breaststroke and 50m freestyle and was rewarded with a silver medal over 100m freestyle. Mila Fee Krause (born in 2011) won a gold medal over 100m back and 50m back and a bronze medal over 50m chest. Yannik von der Heide (born in 2009) won the 50m and 200m backstroke and was awarded gold for each and also received a silver medal for 50m freestyle. Sofia Helal (born 2010) won two gold medals each over 100m breast and 100m back .. Max Gregor Schäfer (born 2009) took 3rd place (bronze) over 50m breaststroke, 50m freestyle and 100m freestyle and won a silver medal over 50m Move. Emma Schmucker (born 2008) won a silver medal in the 400m freestyle. Lena Slaby (born 2010) won silver over 100m backstroke. Lina-Julie Bracht (born 2008) won bronze in the 400m freestyle. Lisa Marie Ebel (born 2006), David Josef Helal (born 2009) and Alicja Tomczak (born 2009) were awarded a bronze medal for their achievements over 200m locations, 50m backstroke and 50m freestyle.

Laura Cieschowitz, Thalia Simon and Janosch Sloboda swam some great personal bests this weekend and thus completed the very successful achievement Wasserfreunde. The trainers Oliver Sloboda and Christian Flüß were very satisfied.

State Secretary Wittke (2nd from left) said District Administrator Makiolla (3rd from left), WFG Managing Director Dr. Then give financial aid to Dannebom (2nd from right) and the mayors of the affected municipalities to cushion the coal phase-out. Photo: Constanze Rauert – Kreis Unna

The coal phase-out decided by the federal government also affects the district of Unna. After all, there are four hard coal power plants in Bergkamen, Lünen and Werne, two of which are still on the grid. The energy transition therefore costs jobs and economic power.

Reason enough for the district, the affected municipalities and the business development district of Unna (WFG) to push for help from the federal government. In particular, money is needed to dismantle the land as a prerequisite for other uses and thus for new economic perspectives. The grant has now been promised.

State Secretary Wittke: federal government must ensure compensation
After a meeting with district administrator Michael Makiolla, the mayors Roland Schäfer (Bergkamen), Jürgen Kleine-Fraunhofer (Lünen) as well as Lothar Christ (Werne) and WFG managing director Dr. Michael Dannebom took a position on Oliver Wittke, State Secretary at the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. "Where added value is lost through decisions by the federal government, the federal government must also for provide compensation. ”The State Secretary presses on the pace. "We don’t want to put fallow land for years, but quickly bring new life to the areas."

100 million euros flow into the circle
This will can be quantified. The nine hard coal sites in NRW are to receive one billion euros, making around 100 million euros for the three district municipalities. Before the summer break there will be a draft bill for the distribution of the more than 40 billion euros for lignite and hard coal in North Rhine-Westphalia (15 billion euros committed), Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Brandenburg. The distribution is controlled by the federal states. B. about the Ruhr Conference, for which various projects from the district of Unna have already been named.

District Administrator Makiolla: We accept the challenge
"50 hectares and 50 to 60 million euros in investment volume per power plant location", is Dr. Faust’s formula. Michael Dannebom. The business promoter and the WFG supervisory board chairman Michael Makiolla accept the challenge. Even more: the two are certain that the bottom line is that modern commercial and industrial locations with qualified jobs will be created. "We have already achieved a structural change. So we know how to do it, ”District Administrator Makiolla is confident.

The SPD local association Weddinghofen-Heil will again offer a citizen consultation hour in front of the Barbara pharmacy in Weddinghofen tomorrow, Saturday, June 1st, with the format of the "Response Bar".

From 10:30 a.m. to around 11:30 a.m. the council member Simone Leuthold-Haverkamp and the local director Dirk Haverkamp are available for questions and suggestions. The Response Bar is a good opportunity to talk to local politicians and to make suggestions or concerns to politicians. Interested citizens are cordially invited.

The driver of a tractor-trailer was slightly injured in a traffic accident on Wednesday at 12.45 p.m. on the A1 near Kamen.

According to initial knowledge, the 24-year-old from Augustdorf was traveling with his semitrailer on the right lane towards Bremen. Shortly before the Kamen-Zentrum junction, traffic jammed so that it had to brake to a standstill. A 38-year-old from Poland driving behind recognized this and also braked his truck. The 43-year-old from Spain following him, however, overlooked the end of the traffic jam for reasons that have not yet been clarified and hit the rear of the vehicle in front with his tractor-trailer. Due to the impact, it was pushed against the 24-year-old’s tractor-trailer.

The young driver from Augustdorf suffered minor injuries in the accident. An ambulance took him to a hospital for further treatment. The other two drivers were unharmed.

During the accident recording and salvage work, the right and middle lanes and the Kamen-Zentrum junction had to be temporarily blocked in the direction of Bremen. The mission ended at 3:40 p.m..

The police estimate the property damage to be around 20,000 euros.

BI members "L821n No!" Presented the resident application, which is supported by more than 3,000 mountain camers, to Mayor Roland Schäfer on March 21.

Now it is also official: the administration proposes to the city council in its meeting on June 6th to reject the citizens’ application against the construction of the L821n. The district of Unna as a municipal supervisory authority and the Association of Towns and Municipalities in North Rhine-Westphalia also agreed with this legal concept.

The reasoning states: "On March 21, 2019, Mr. Rolf Humbach, one of the initiators of Mayor Roland Schäfer, submitted an application for a resident. The aim of this resident application is that the city council of Bergkamen advises and decides on the following matter: "Should the L82n be built?"

After an immediate review, it can be determined that the required signature quorum has been reached. With the question presented, however, the resident application is not within the competence of the Bergkamen City Council. Since the L 821n is a state road, in the present case it is not the city of Bergkamen that is legally responsible for building the road, but the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, which makes use of the state road construction company in accordance with Section 43 (2) StrWG NRW. (…)

The initiators were advised by the administration in November 2018 as part of the consultation on a possible application for residents.

The legal view of the city of Bergkamen has now also been confirmed by the municipal supervision of the district of Unna and the city and municipal association of North Rhine-Westphalia. ”

by Andreas Milk

In September and October 2017, Bergkamener Dorothee H. (name changed) received a total of 1103 euros from the job center – money to which she was not entitled. The question in the district court in Kamen was now: Was that clear to you? The 40-year-old mother was charged with fraud.

In mid-August 2017, she started working for a temporary employment agency. The money from the job center came anyway in the following two months – without Dorothee H. reporting to the authorities. Her lawyer said his client was not deliberately cheating. Rather, she had believed that the money was an integration allowance that the job center was supposed to offer her. In the period before, different amounts had flowed to her, rent and electricity costs went directly from the job center to UKBS and GSW – in short: it was not necessarily clear on the account of the Bergkamenerin. And: the job center got the job for her from the temporary employment agency – she was allowed to assume that the job center was then informed about the actual start of work.

However: An official from the job center reported that at the end of August 2017 Dorothee H. received an invitation to an interview in early September. At the latest, it should have clicked: What else do they want from me when I have been working for a long time? Dorothee H.’s criminal record lists a suspended sentence for commercial fraud – imposed in the summer of 2017, a few weeks before the matter with the job center. The verdict now: four months in prison – without parole. The judge was convinced that Dorothee H. had "deliberately concealed" the start of work.

Live music for everyone, maritime food and drinks, competition fever and many children’s activities. City marketing is presenting this and a few more campaigns around the first weekend in June in the Bergkamen sports boat harbor at the 20th harbor festival in Marina Rünthe.

More than 20 different bands and show acts will provide a colorful program on and next to the stages. For the first time there will be a third stage in the inner courtyard of the company beta, where the big Shanty Choir Festival will take place on Hafenfest Sunday.

Well over 60 stand operators offer visitors a wide range from street food and boat equipment to tourist offers. Visitors can refresh themselves at one of the drinks cars, at the pirate or cocktail bar or in the newly furnished wine village.

City marketing supports "Luisa is here" campaign

As a special offer of help, the women and girls advice center Unna, in cooperation with the city marketing Bergkamen, is implementing the "Luisa is here" campaign at the harbor festival – a campaign that is primarily aimed at aimed at girls and women. Those who feel pressured or threatened can get help quickly and easily with the code question "Is Luisa here". Affected women and girls can address themselves to the staff of the drinks and food stands, on which the poster "Luisa is here!" The personnel is familiar with the code and can provide the appropriate support if necessary.

Friday May 31st

6.30pm – 7.30pm
Datteln-Hamm canal / dock

8th boat parade for the opening of the port festival – the ships enter the port at around 7.30 p.m. "a touch of the port birthday in Hamburg …"

7.45 p.m.
Stage Hafenplatz

Mayor and captain of the city of Bergkamen, Roland Schäfer, opens the largest family festival in all of Bergkamen.
Attention: There will be a spectacular surprise from above at the opening of the 20th harbor festival!

8 p.m. – midnight
Stage Hafenplatz

The company S & Q / Küchen Feldmann presents:
“Fabulous Music Factory” – Stars in Las Vegas
This show guarantees an energetic stage performance with a visual delight. More than 200 true-to-original costumes make this show unique and bring the biggest stars of the past five decades back on stage.
Whether Michael Jackson, Blues Brothers, ABBA, Lady Gaga, Elvis, Kiss, Elton John or AC / DC – we have them all …

Saturday June 1st

11 a.m. – 12 p.m.
Stage Hafenplatz

Children’s wind ensemble "BOBBIES"
The “Bobbies” – that is the young wind ensemble of the city music school. The ensemble formed in spring 2012 and, under the direction of Thorsten Lange-Rettich, presents atmospheric contributions for a good start to the day.

In connection:
"Symphonic Wind Orchestra BOB"
The program of the BlasOrchester Bergkamen (BOB), founded in 2010, mainly includes music from film and television. The repertoire also includes arrangements of classical music, but also original compositions for symphonic wind orchestras and solo concerts.
Thorsten Lange-Rettich is also in charge.
12 p.m. – 1.30 p.m.
Harbor master’s stage

"Maria Dinh"
The musician and guitarist, originally from Bergkamen, mainly plays cover songs from the fields of pop, charts and ballads. The 20-year-old Maria Dinh plays titles by well-known artists such as Jessie J, Glasperlenspiel, Post Malone or Justin Bieber.

1 p.m.
Turning hammer at the motorhome port / Hafenplatz stage

Starting shot for the 17th port run with the following route:
Turning hammer at the motorhome port – Hafenweg – along the Hafenmeisterbüro – further on the promenade – along the Hafenplatzbühne – destination Wendehammer (600 meters)
Award ceremony: 2:00 p.m. on the Hafenplatzbühne
A joint campaign by the Bergkamen athletics clubs and the municipal sports office.

1 p.m. – 1.30 p.m.
Stage Hafenplatz

Schreberjugend Bergkamen – "The Schrebers on a long trip"
In the meantime, the small initial group has turned into one of the largest youth organizations in the city of Bergkamen. Folklore is still on the program. For many years, however, in their own "variations" in addition to the long-standing modern and highly demanding dance program – some of it at this year’s harbor festival – you can look forward to it!

1.30pm – 2.30pm
Harbor tour with the Santa Monika III

Get on! From the Santa Monika III jetty towards the bistro Achterdeck, you can take a round trip of almost one hour on the Datteln-Hamm Canal.

Cost of tickets (sale on board):
Adults € 4.00
Children and adolescents (from 2 years) € 2.00

You will be accompanied musically by "Käpt´n Franz" with his Schifferklavier. In addition, you will receive extensive information on the trip to Marina Rünthe and Wasserstadt Aden (presented by the Bergkamen tour guide ring)

2 p.m. / 3 p.m. / 4.30 p.m. / 5.30 p.m.
Entire port area

"Sunshine Coconuts" – unique German steel drum walk act
Pure joie de vivre. This walk act sweeps along. An infectious and skipping sound:
Calypso, evergreens and Latino classics.
"Sunshine Feeling" – feel with us!

2 p.m. – 4 p.m.
Harbor master’s stage

"Joel Handley Duo" – handmade live music
Joel Handley, charismatic singer from Atlanta / Georgia and the Duisburg keyboard player Tobias Rotsch bring their favorite songs from the everlasting American song culture to the new sound.

2 p.m. – 4 p.m.
Stage courtyard beta / Hafencafé

"Sven Bergmann & Daniela Rothenburg "
Anyone who has seen and heard Daniela Rothenburg before will know that her performances are a mix of jazz and entertainment. In her charming manner, she sings and swings not only jazz songs, but also current titles from the pop, Latin and musical fields. She will be accompanied at the harbor festival by jazz pianist Sven Bergmann, who is known to the Bergkamenern through his many years of work at the music school and numerous appearances.

2 p.m. – 5 p.m.
North / Datteln-Hamm Canal

Trial offers from the Rünthe canoe club
With the support of the SV Stockum, Dept. Canoe, the Rünthe canoe club will present canoeing with touring kayak, white water boats, canoes and the dragon boat on the Datteln-Hamm Canal. Sniff in for free!

2.15 – 3.15 p.m.
Stage Hafenplatz

"Maxim Wartenberg" – the exceptional talent of children’s music comes to you!
Cheeky and happy, sometimes loud and sometimes quiet, the likeable Berlin children’s music pirate boarded the hearts of his little fans on his current tour "Rock the Flea". He rocks and swings, amuses and sweeps along. No one has addressed children like him.

3 p.m. – 4 p.m.
Harbor tour with the Santa Monika III

Get on! From the Santa Monika III jetty towards the bistro Achterdeck, you can take a round trip of almost one hour on the Datteln-Hamm Canal.

Cost of tickets (sale on board):
Adults € 4.00
Children and adolescents (from 2 years) € 2.00

You will be accompanied musically by "Käpt´n Franz" with his Schifferklavier. In addition, you will receive extensive information on the trip to Marina Rünthe and Wasserstadt Aden (presented by the Bergkamen tour guide ring)

4pm / 6pm / 7pm
Entire port area

"The Schlick-Schipper" – the smallest shanty choir in the world …
They sail hard on the wind between Heringsdorf and Haiti, Scharbeutz and Shanghai. In a wild mix of song program and comedy, the Schlick-Schipper cross over small and large stages, over piers and promenades. They are a small but fine team: Captain Kraut, Pit, the light sailor and Freddy, the fat ship’s rat.

4 p.m.

beta Eigenheim- und Grundstücksverwertungs GmbH presents:
13. "Fischerstechen" – the "ultimate" knight’s fun on water

This is a knight-style tournament, which is not staged with horses, but with boats. Armed with a blunt and well-padded tournament lance, the fishermen’s engravers stand on the tips of their boats, which are pushed towards each other by rowers. When the boats come within range of each other, the fishermen’s sticks try to push their lances from the boat into the cold water. Fun for the whole family.

Moderation: Lothar Baltrusch, antenna Unna

4 p.m. – 6 p.m.
Stage Hafenplatz

"StaxX" – Roots Rock Reggae
StaxX, with a mix of their own songs and well-known hits – transformed into reggae versions – makes you a special experience. Riddims that go in the stomach and guaranteed in the legs. StaxX is musically surprising, refreshing, danceable. The eight band members bring a passion for reggae that you can feel in every song. Big up!

4.30pm – 5.00pm
Stage courtyard beta / Hafencafé

DanceSchool NRW
Music, fitness, fun and games – that’s what the dance and fitness school, which specializes in children and teenagers, stands for. Let yourself be carried away by a colorful program of viewing and participation.

5 p.m. – 7 p.m.
Harbor master’s stage

"Doris D" – everyone can speak English
Yes! Doris D only plays German hits from today until the 1970s – and that’s exactly right! There is punk & Pop, rock & Pop, and the whole thing with two guitars, a ukulele, a cajon, incomparably much spirit and three magical voices …

5.30pm – 6.30pm
Datteln-Hamm Canal

The Sparkasse Bergkamen-Bönen presents:
Water Ski Show

The water ski club from Fuldabrück Bergshausen is pleased to be able to present a water ski show to you with rousing rhythms.
Experience acrobatic performances on the water such as lifting figures and pyramids to familiar melodies. Fast-paced, high-speed stunts provide excitement and thrills, and our moderation will charmingly guide you through the program and explain the challenges for the athletes on the water. The water ski show is an experience for young and old – be there!

5:30 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.
Stage courtyard beta / Hafencafé

"VIVIDD" – hold on tight or groove along
VIVIDD comes at 120 beats per minute! A musical journey set on rails, past changing topics that arise, come closer and disappear again. A kind of "the way is the goal", set up by drums and bass, driven by electric guitar and electric percussion. In front two extraordinary voices, the dance, funk- & Make pop classics so casual that you just get pulled along.

7 p.m.
Stage courtyard beta / Hafencafé

Beta Eigenheim- und Grundstücksverwertungs GmbH presents:
Award ceremony Fischerstechen – who is Bergkamen’s best fisherman’s engraver?
Great prizes are waiting for the winner and the other best places – of course there is also a winner’s cup!

8 p.m. – 11 p.m.
Harbor master’s stage

“The Crackerjacks” – a trio that couldn’t be crazier!
The three are masters of their craft and inspire the audience with a lot of joy and passion for the music! Songs from the areas of rock, pop, punk, rock’n’roll and classic rock are reinterpreted acoustically. The open and spontaneous nature makes every concert a very special evening. No appearance is like the next.

8 p.m. – midnight
Stage courtyard beta / Hafencafé

"DJ Stevie Hard" – mood guaranteed!

DJ Stevie Hard, who is known for numerous parties, is celebrating his 10th anniversary at the harbor festival this year. With his mix of 80s and 90s, current charts as well as hits and Mallorca hits, he again ensures an extensive party atmosphere at the mixer!

8 p.m. – midnight
Stage Hafenplatz

The GSW Kamen-Bönen-Bergkamen present:
"Burning Heart" – the top cover band!
The BergKamen "cult band with party guarantee" – with a repertoire of rock classics and catchy tunes from the past decades to the latest titles that have just started on the radio – live and unmistakable at the harbor festival!

10.45 p.m.
Hafenplatz – best view guaranteed!

The GSW Kamen-Bönen-Bergkamen present:
"Musical fireworks display"
The Datteln-Hamm Canal will look like a giant mirror to visitors when Bergkamen’s greatest musical fireworks rise to the sky – a day full of emotions and a night in a thousand fascinating colors – secure yourself a good place in time to capture the impressions.

Sunday June 2nd

10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
North / Datteln-Hamm Canal

The company POCO presents:
Bergkamener Dragon Boat Cup – the competition for corporate and hobby teams
Dynamism, fun and 100% entertainment value – the sporty and playful showdown in this fascinating sport will inspire you and arouse impressive emotions.

11 a.m. – 12 p.m.
Stage Hafenplatz

"Well invested" – ecumenical harbor church service
For the first time, an ecumenical service is taking place at the harbor festival, which is being prepared and organized by the Friedenskirche, the Martin Luther congregation and the Bergkamen pastoral group.
The service is under the theme “Well spent. Ecumenical Harbor Service ”and invites you to rest and reflect and to celebrate your faith. The service will be accompanied musically by a project choir under the direction of Cornelia Fork and Andreas Rinke.

11 a.m. – 5.30 p.m.
Stage courtyard beta / Hafencafé

The Westfälische Anzeiger presents the big Shanty Choir Festival!
We can welcome the following choirs in Bergkamen this year:

Shanty Chor MK Kamen / Bergkamen
under the direction of Horst Wozny
Musical director: Rolf Krämer

Shanty Choir "Loot Gulls"
under the direction of Lothar Kache
Musical director: Jutta Westkämper

Shanty choir "Romantik Sailors Iserlohn"
under the direction of Bodo Scheuch
Musical director: Bodo Scheuch

Shanty Chor Marine Kameraden Bocholt 2014 e.V..
under the direction of Helmut Kampshoff
Musical director: Charly Hebing

Shanty Chor Disturbing Wind NL
Directed by Jan Koers
Musical directors: Peter Kuier and Herrmann Huls

Moderation: Rolf Pause

Grand finale of all shanty choirs at 5:00 p.m. (please highlight)

We have been taking care of the international maritime song in Bergkamen for years – since then, shanties that have been handed down from the time of the sailing ship, but also modern seafaring songs, are heard at the harbor festival every year. Annual choirs from all parts of Germany and abroad take part in the large Bergkamen Shanty Choir Festival. Just celebrate and sway along!

12 p.m. – 2 p.m.
Harbor master’s stage

"Marc Summer Trio" – three friends play their favorite songs
Twice thinning, once thick hair, two guitars, three voices, good mood and handmade music for every occasion. Acoustic, no frills and just next to the usual charts. Great entertainment where you can even chat. Simply “Marc Summer Trio”!

1 p.m. – 2 p.m.
Stage Hafenplatz

"The Pia-Nino-Band" – children’s music to rock with
The winners of several children’s song prizes delight all young and old with their show. Happy, modern music with funny and cheeky lyrics bring the likeable musicians on stage with a lot of wit and charm. The Pia-Nino-Band presents itself from the first to the last minute always surprising, musically diverse and refreshing.

1.30pm – 2.30pm
Harbor tour with the Santa Monika III

Get on! From the Santa Monika III jetty towards the bistro Achterdeck, you can take a round trip of almost one hour on the Datteln-Hamm Canal.

Cost of tickets (sale on board):
Adults € 4.00
Children and adolescents (from 2 years) € 2.00

You will be accompanied musically by "Käpt´n Franz" with his Schifferklavier. In addition, you will receive extensive information on the trip to Marina Rünthe and Wasserstadt Aden (presented by the Bergkamen tour guide ring)

2 p.m. / 4 p.m. / 5 p.m.
Entire port area

"The Schlick-Schipper" – the smallest shanty choir in the world …
They sail hard on the wind between Heringsdorf and Haiti, Scharbeutz and Shanghai. In a wild mix of song program and comedy, the Schlick-Schipper cross over small and large stages, over piers and promenades. They are a small but fine team: Captain Kraut, Pit, the light sailor and Freddy, the fat ship’s rat.

2 p.m. / 3 p.m. / 4.30 p.m. / 5.30 p.m.
Entire port area

"Sunshine Coconuts" – unique German steel drum walk act
Pure joie de vivre. This walk act sweeps along. An infectious, skipping sound:
Calypso, evergreens and Latino classics. "Sunshine Feeling" – feel with us!

2.15 – 2.30 p.m.
Harbor master’s stage

DanceSchool NRW
Music, fitness, fun and games – that’s what the dance and fitness school, which specializes in children and teenagers, stands for. Let yourself be carried away by a colorful program of viewing and participation.

2.30pm – 5.00pm
Stage Hafenplatz

"Strawberry Shake" – shake, twist & Rock and roll
Do you like the songs of the 50s and 60s? Do you like to dance rock ‘n’ roll, boogie woogie or twist? Do you love German hits? Then you are exactly right here!
Polyphonic chants, lively choreographies, short stories from life and costume changes make this journey through time into the economic miracle years a unique experience.

3 p.m.

The Sparkasse Bergkamen-Bönen presents:
"Flying Dutchman" – the most original competition of the whole festival

In the usual manner, different teams will compete against each other in their self-made, buoyant companions on the canal. Best entertainment and lots of fun are guaranteed! Not the fastest, but the most original vehicle wins here – your applause decides! All vehicles that are powered by muscle or wind power and can move at least one person on the canal are permitted.

3 p.m. – 4 p.m.
Harbor tour with the Santa Monika III

Get on! From the Santa Monika III jetty towards the bistro Achterdeck, you can take a round trip of almost one hour on the Datteln-Hamm Canal.

Cost of tickets (sale on board):
Adults € 4.00
Children and adolescents (from 2 years) € 2.00

You will be accompanied musically by "Käpt´n Franz" with his Schifferklavier. In addition, you will receive extensive information on the trip to Marina Rünthe and Wasserstadt Aden (presented by the Bergkamen tour guide ring)

3 p.m. – 6 p.m.
Harbor master’s stage

"The Poor Boys & Girls ”- handmade music close to the audience
The own sound of the musicians from Germany and Ireland is unmistakable: exclusively with acoustic instruments such as guitar, Accordion, bass and percussion as well as polyphonic vocals are interpreted rock and pop classics of the past 50 years – from the Beatles and CCR to Ronan Keating and Robbie Williams. One or the other “rocked” shanty sneaks into the musical pirate program.

5 p.m.
Stage Hafenplatz

The Sparkasse Bergkamen-Bönen presents:
Award ceremony Flying Dutchman
The big winner’s cup will be handed over to the winning team! Each participant also receives team an entry bonus. Applaud the winners …

5:30 p.m.
Stage Hafenplatz

The company POCO presents:
Dragon Boat Cup award ceremony – now the mood is on …!
The winners of the gold and silver groups will be honored – who will raise the challenge cup of the city of Bergkamen this year??

Saturday June 1st and Sunday June 2nd

11 a.m. – approx. 6 p.m.
Wohnmobilhafen / Children’s Paradise

GSW actions in the big circus tent
 Creative workshop – here children decorate and design colorful turntables
 Turntable juggling workshop
 makeup artist

Creative offers and hands-on games with Nicole´s Kinderparty®
 Glitter tattoos
 face painting
 Toddler area with various toys
Mach Participation games with great prices
 Design t-shirts and “pirate knives”

Bouncy castle XXL pirate ship
 Over 13 meters long – you can jump, climb, slide and run around. A journey of discovery for all children! Great fun factor!

Quadro bungee trampoline (for a fee)
 The trampoline enables four jumpers to make spectacular jumps up to 9 m high. Not extreme, but pure fun sport.

Movement course of the DanceSchool NRW
 Jumping, crawling, climbing and more is required to master this movement course. At the end of the course there is a wheel of fortune with great prizes.

Monkey Island game trail
 Many different activities such as a large water slide, a 12-meter obstacle course or the bumper car invite you to participate.

11 a.m. – 6 p.m.
beta parking

Pirate’s nest with great treasure hunt

Attention kids – a big treasure hunt across the entire harbor festival area is waiting for you! Participate and find the treasure of the marina.

– Participation tickets are available free of charge in the Bergkamen city information tent –

After a successful treasure hunt, you can still take part in a raffle:
1st prize: Voucher for a birthday party with 10 children in Monkey Island
2nd prize: voucher for a family RuhrTopCard (3 cards)
3rd price: Day trip of your choice for 2 people with the children’s and youth office
4-10th Price: Money cards for Bergkamen leisure facilities

Young and old can be carried away into the world of pirates. But caution is advised – the rulers of the sea also lurk in Marina Rünthe.
Also worth seeing: a pirate bar with cool drinks for young and old! Pure relaxation in a pirate chillout with palm trees, deckchairs and hammocks – or just try out the pirate games.

Harbor galley
Harbourmaster Place

Attention food fans: This year’s harbor festival once again offers its own small street food market with the “harbor galley”. Various food trucks with culinary delights create a special atmosphere on the Hafenmeisterplatz in addition to the large sun sail. In addition to a great stage program, deckchairs and a cocktail or two invite you to enjoy and linger.

Here is an excerpt from the menu:

Dream California Dreaming with burritos, quesadillas and smash burgers
-Food fritz with pulled por burgers, currywurst, dumplings and more
 Mojo with bubble waffles and frozen yogurth
 Wrap Attack with various wraps and sweet potato fries
 and more …

Experience Flyboard live

Fastened to a board with two bindings, the diverted water pressure of a jet ski lets you rise vertically out of the water.
Check out this trend sport from the harbor promenade or become a high-flyer and try it yourself. For 30 euros per person, you can complete your first flight attempts on the flyboard within 20 minutes.
Wetsuit, life jacket and helmet are provided – please bring your bathing suit and towel.

Secure your place with a pre-registration ([email protected]), as only a limited number of participants is possible.

Paid action on the channel:

 THW – ferry trips: € 0.50 / person (children up to 12 years free)

You can park your car at various points in the port area.
The bicycle parking spaces at the harbor entrance (Adam Kühlerbau driveway) are marked and staffed.

Travel with the Verkehrsgesellschaft des Kreises Unna mbH (VKU) to the harbor festival at a special fare of € 1.00 (only valid in the Bergkamen urban area on Saturday & Sunday)

You can obtain timetable information in printed form in the back of this program booklet or by telephone from the service center:
0 800 3/50 40 30 (free electronic information)
0 180 6/50 40 30 (personal information; per connection € 0.20 / mobile max. € 0.60)

Friday 7 p.m. – 1.30 a.m.
Saturday 11 a.m. – 1.30 a.m.
Sunday 11 a.m. – 9 p.m.

Travel to the port and back every 15 minutes from the following stops:

!New: stop at Marktplatz Oberaden!
Fritz Fritz-Husemann-Straße stop
(The stop is at the intersection Fritz-Husemann-Straße / Albert-Schweitzer-Straße / Gartensiedlung)
Parking: “Schulzentrum am Friedrichsberg”
 Justus-von-Liebig-Straße stop
(Recycling center – before that also parking)

Fare: € 1.00 per person and trip

With the passenger ship “Santa Monika III” from the Lünen Prussian port to Marina Rünthe:

Outward journey from Lünen: Saturday: 12 p.m. and 6 p.m.
Sunday: 12 p.m.
Return from Rünthe: Saturday: 4.30 p.m.
Sunday: 4.30 p.m.

There and back Return trip: € 10.00 / adult
€ 5.00 / youth
Children up to 12 years free

Ticket sales:
Preußenhafen Lünen – Your contact person is harbor master Heinz Haak
St. Monika III "" – ticket sales directly on the ship

Marked parking spaces are available in the harbor for people with disabilities. Please note: Admission to Hafenweg is only permitted with a severely disabled ID (characteristics AG and BL).

SPD parliamentary group leader Bernd Schäfer

Will Bergkamen now proclaim the climate emergency for itself? On April 11, the General and Finance Committee, with a large majority, rejected any citizens’ suggestions. Michael Stasch, the submitter of the application, now asked again with a comprehensive statement. On June 6, the Main and Finance Committee should revisit this topic.

The administration proposes, with the same reason, to reject the citizens’ suggestion again. The Bergkamen climate protection concept is much more comprehensive than the declaration of a climate emergency, as has already been done in a number of cities.

Now after the European elections, the SPD parliamentary group does not want to follow the administration’s recommendation again. She requested that the treatment of the citizens’ suggestion be removed from the agenda on June 6. "On Tuesday we will call for the item on the agenda to be withdrawn and will encourage a more specific examination of the term" climatic emergency for mountain climbs ". We expect the administration to prepare a detailed template for one of the upcoming meetings, which explains how the term “climate emergency” is defined. At the same time, we are assuming that the administration will present a concrete concept with measures that – in addition to the previous climate protection efforts – can directly contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, ”declared fraction leader Bernd Schäfer and spokesman for the SPD in the Committee on the Environment, Building on Wednesday and traffic Uwe Reichelt.

The statement by the SPD parliamentary group also states: “It is important to us that the term“ climate emergency ”does not act as an empty phrase. Rather, we would like to have it filled with specific content for Bergkamen, which may well go beyond the content of the climate protection concept for the city of Bergkamen that was adopted in February 2019. The concept already contains 27 concrete measures in the fields of mobility, planning, building, renovation, renewable energies, economy and city administration, in-house operations and local politics. In four public workshops, numerous citizens and all the political groups represented in the City Council of Bergkamen participated in the preparation of the climate protection concept.

We do not see a contradiction to the rejection of a citizens’ suggestion from March 2019 to declare the climate emergency. The integrated climate protection concept for the city of Bergkamen, which was already adopted in February, is far more specific than the very general citizens’ suggestion to "support the proclamation of the climate emergency". In this context, too, we have already referred to the current and specifically available integrated climate protection concept for the city of Bergkamen.

Obviously, the measures taken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions worldwide have so far failed to show the necessary success.

It should therefore be checked promptly which specific measures in Bergkamen – beyond the previous climate protection efforts – can directly contribute to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. "

by Andreas Milk

A mug of cappuccino can be an instrument of action. Bergkamener Magda L. (38, name changed) stood before the Kamen district court because of dangerous bodily harm. On the morning of October 11, 2018, she met a friend, Rosa F. (35), in the kiosk on the Bergkamen town market. To put it mildly, the two women don’t value each other very much. Suddenly anyway, Rosa F. had the contents of Magda L.’s cappuccino mug on her neck. Because this content was hot and Rosa F. had first-degree scalds, Magda L was now charged with "guilty of teaching a harmful substance".

Magda L. admitted the hot encounter. But: it was an accident. Rosa F. bumped her with her bag at the kiosk entrance. In doing so, she had just lost her mug from violence. "I also got something myself." The representative of the public prosecutor requested acquittal.

The judge, however, was convinced of Magda L.’s guilt – and intent. The sentence was 1500 euros fine. Most important point of the reasoning: Without Magda L.’s intent, the cappuccino could not have reached Rosa F.’s shoulder height – especially since the victim of the coffee attack is still around 12 centimeters taller than the spouse. She wants to contest the judgment. So it is quite possible that the judiciary will continue to deal with the two. L. about F .: "She’s constantly dragging me to court."


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