More protection for female rohingya refugees

More protection for female rohingya refugees

According to Oxfam, the female Rohingya refugees are massively threatened by health problems and abuse – one in three feel unsafe. That is why Oxfam is now calling for more aid; specifically for women.

That is why it is necessary to target aid to women and girls in the camps in Bangladesh, the aid organization demanded in Berlin on Monday. They suffer greatly from the hygienic conditions in the overcrowded camps and are defenceless against sexual violence, it said. "The rapid pace at which the Rohingya refugee crisis developed led to many emergency facilities being installed in a hurry and the specific needs of women not being taken into account," Oxfam expert Dorothy Sang said.

Almost a year ago, more than 700.000 Rohingya from Myanmar to neighboring Bangladesh to escape military persecution. In their predominantly Buddhist homeland, they are not recognized as a minority and have been systematically oppressed for years. Refugees live mostly in precarious conditions in camps in the border town of Cox's Bazar.

Every third woman feels insecure

Oxfam surveyed the female members of 482 households for the study. According to the survey, more than a third of women said they felt unsafe or uncomfortable fetching water or using toilets and showers. Many sanitary facilities would have neither roof nor lockable doors. This increased the risk of harassment and sexual abuse. Hundreds of cases of gender-based violence are reported every week, he said. One in six families in refugee camps is headed by single mothers whose husbands are missing or dead, he said.

Many female refugees said they ate and drank little to reduce the need to go to the toilet. Or they defecate near their huts and tents, which promotes disease outbreaks, she said. Half of the women and three-quarters of the adolescent girls also said they did not have the sanitary items they needed during their menstrual periods.

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