Morocco holiday in the orient, sun on the Atlantic coast in the north of Africa

Morocco holiday in the orient, sun on the Atlantic coast in the north of Africa

Experience Morocco – holidays in the Orient

Experience Morocco authentically

Morocco is located in northwestern Africa and is just 14 kilometers from Gibraltar, the gateway to Africa. The versatility of Morocco is already evident in the various excursion possibilities. In the west you will find long sandy beaches on the Atlantic Ocean, you can ride a camel through desert landscapes, stay overnight under a clear starry sky or discover forests and date oases in the High Atlas Mountains.

Experience yours Holiday in Morocco in one of the great spa hotels or in one of the 5 star luxury hotels and enjoy your holiday in a relaxed Moroccan way in a fascinating landscape.


Arrived in Morocco, expect warm temperatures. Thus, the country is good to visit all year round. The most pleasant are the spring and autumn months. The warm temperatures are suitable for outdoor activities, both in nature and in the city. If you choose a beach holiday, the time between May and October is ideal. The summers are hot and dry, so inland temperatures can rise to 50 degrees Celsius. In the coastal regions, there is always a fresh wind and temperatures can reach up to 40 ° C.


In Morocco, the ‘Land of the Sunset’, you will not be bored. In the old town of Marrakech, you can float through bustling bazaars, pass by exotic-scented spice stalls and, above all, observe people. The locals drink mint tea, read the newspaper quietly or politely greet each other with ‘Salam aleikum – aleikum salam’.

Feel the flair of the old desert town when the voices in the bazaar mingle with the honking of the cars and the muezzin calls for prayer. Every quarter of the medina is assigned to a craft. Here you will certainly find beautiful souvenirs, especially for the kitchen, such as genuine saffron threads, fresh cumin and the special oil of the argan tree, which only grows in Morocco. In the medina hide beautiful palaces and today you will find small, exquisite city hotels. The view over the rooftops of Marrakech is worthwhile.

In the evening, the Djema El Fna, the former place of the beheaded, is the meeting place of locals and tourists. Here stories are told, acrobats and fire eaters show their tricks.

Luxury holiday Morocco

Banyan Tree Tamouda Beach
The luxury hotel Banyan Tree Tamouda Beach is located on the north coast of Morocco right on the Mediterranean Sea. The large, golden sandy beach Tamouda Bay at the hotel guarantees undisturbed bathing pleasure.


In addition to Marrakech, the western harbor city of Essaouira is worth a visit. The former hippie town has its own Portuguese-Maghreb charm. The oldest and third largest city in the country is Fez. The main attraction is the oriental old town with its typical small streets and medieval buildings. Here, most drive either with the scooter or use means of transport such as donkey carts, there are no cars here. Also in Fès you can visit the souks, where you can trade.

In northern Morocco lies Meknes. Here the remains of the royal palace became UNESCO World Heritage Site explained. Between the two mountains Djebel Kalaa and Meggou lies a small, romantic town called Chefchaouen. Here are blue and white limed houses terraced on the mountain slopes. The town is best explored on foot. Take a break at one of the many cafes and enjoy the unique view over the large mosque Tarik-Ben-Ziad. Andalusian architecture can also be found in the center of the medina.

The quiet small town Sidi Ifni, The ‘Gateway to the Sahara’ is a must for beach lovers and surfers. The beach around Sidi Ifni is perfect for surfers. About 10 kilometers north is Lexira, this place is even more suitable for water sports.
The Dune chain of Erg Chegaga is up to 40 kilometers long. Scenic here it is rather barren. The dune area stands out above all by its almost orange sand. If you want to see something different from the standard desert, you’re in the right place here. Variety is taken care of, over rocks, boulders and through wadis, it goes along mountains and dunes.
The highest mountain in North Africa, Jebel Toubkal with 4,168 meters altitude invites you to hike and is especially well suited for beginners. The infrastructure is good and depending on your interests you can choose between hiking, climbing and trekking. If you want to hike in a quieter area, the surrounding, smaller mountains, such as the Ouanakrim at 4,088 meters or its neighboring mountains offer. Here you can enjoy the scenery in peace, discover lonely villages and secluded places in the region.

We would be pleased to advise you on a tour through Morocco to get to know several facets of the fascinating, oriental world or to choose the best beach for a relaxing beach holiday. Whether luxury hotel by the sea or a nice city hotel, about us you can book a cheap holiday offer. Wellness hotels, beach holidays and culture can be very well combined in Morocco. Golfers will also get their money‘s worth on the numerous golf courses in Marooko. However you imagine your Morocco holiday, we at TUI TravelStar Reisecenter Cityblick are happy to advise you and help you with your booking.

Hotel recommendation for Morocco

We will introduce the following hotels and recommend them:

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